2017 Year

New Niva 4 × 4 in 2017.Characteristic. Cost. Photo

New Niva 4x4 in 2017.Characteristic. Cost. Photo

Information on the development of a new SUV project is currently available. Nova Niva 4x4 in 2017 will eventually be realized on the Russian car market. Today work on its development continues. The main design solutions have already been made, so the production of the

of the new model is moving fast.
At the dealerships, a new Niva will be available at the beginning of 2018.The cost of this model will be equal to the cost of the current Lada 4x4.

However, the new model will be significantly different from today's version. As for the platform on which Niva 4x4 is created, the information is not yet disclosed.

There are rumors that the platform can be taken from Chevrolet Niva.

Overview of the new Nivi 4x4.

Let's consider what is a characteristic of the new Niva in 2017.

Photo of the new Niva 4x4.
New Niva 4x4 in 2017.Characteristic. Cost. Photo

Car Dimensions.
The new car model will be available in a three-door and five-door variant. As for the size, the car will increase in height, width and length. The wheelbase will be 100 mm more compared to the previous model.

Internal changes.
According to the latest data, it became known that the new Niva 4x4 will acquire air conditioning and electric mirrors. In addition, this model will include seat heating, and also the appearance of the central console will change.

New Niva 4x4 in 2017.Characteristic. Cost. Photo

Technical Specification.
The main update in 2017 is an advanced engine. Engine volume will be 1.7 liters. Its power will be increased by several dozen horsepower, but no exact information yet. There are also rumors that the number of valves will increase to 16. At the moment, developers carry out various tests to improve the engine. The dynamics of the unit will increase significantly, and fuel consumption will be much less.

All these innovations will be implemented gradually, without stopping the production process. It remains only to hope that all these innovations will not affect the price of the new model of Niva.

The cost of the new Niva 4x4.

Currently, Niva 4x4 refers to the most banal and simple off-road car in Russian automotive industry. The average price for it is about 360 thousand rubles.

As for the new generation, the risk will be the same - keeping the price of the car in this segment. The main criterion that affects the modernization of the car was defined as the demand for an all-terrain model. One can only wish success to the domestic manufacturer and wait until 2017, when the new Niva 4x4 will appear on the Russian car market.