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Childbirth in dogs: signs of what to feed, preparation and arrangement, breach

Childbirth in dogs: signs of what to feed, preparation and arrangement, gap

Dogs are a happy and responsible event for the host pet.
To this important point, you need to prepare in advance and have some knowledge to recognize the time when sorts start.

  • Animal preparation and arrangement
  • Funds required for delivery
  • Symptoms indicating the birth of the
  • Assistance to the dog during labor
  • Cord burst after birth of the pupil
  • Useful video on the subject
  • The course of the
  • sequential period The first moments of the newborn puppies
  • Postpartum care for a bitch
  • The nature of postpartum secretion in dogs
  • Nutrition of a newly-born mother-dog after childbirth
  • Rules of walking in the postpartum state of

Beingyou need even if you do not intend to take delivery on your own, because there may be situations in which you will have to do everything yourself. For example: if you will not be able to seek help from a specialist or when the birth will begin prematurely.
This article will provide information that will help you to be calm, and will give you the opportunity to help sucks give birth to healthy puppys.

Although it is believed that dogs can successfully give birth without third-party help, this is not quite the case. Usually help is needed, especially dogs of dwarf and giant breeds. In the days when the puppies should be born, try not to leave your favorite for a long period of time one. If there is such an opportunity, it is desirable to provide more careful care for the bitch and the puppies during the first seven days after delivery.

It should be understood that genera for the dog's body is a very stressful situation. Therefore, at least for some time before and after childbirth, a friendly setting at home should be created so that there are no additional stressful situations for the animal.

Preparation and arrangement of places for animals

The breeding period for puppies ranges from 59 to 63 days. Get ready for future generations in advance, a few weeks before this important day. It is necessary to agree with the doctor, because his presence is necessary, especially in the first birth or lack of experience of the owner.

8-10 days before childbirth must be equipped with a place where the bitch will suck. Early preparation is needed to get used to a new place. The best option is the use of a playpen or a box of a fairly large size. This place should not be located during or on the cold floor.

You can take delivery at the covered bedclothes or sofa. In this case, contact with carpets and palaces should be avoided( it is better to remove them at all), because the future process will be rather "dirty".
Childbirth in dogs: signs of what to feed, preparation and arrangement, gap
It is also necessary to equip the place where the bitch and newborn puppies will be. The best option is to use a playpen or part of the room that needs to be arranged so that puppies can not get out of there. You need to avoid overcooling the mother and offspring, for this purpose you can use an infrared lamp or put a warmer over the nest. But note that it is necessary to avoid overheating the dog( since it can cause the onset of bleeding) and puppys( the best temperature for them during the first ten days +28, in the future it should be smoothly reduced).

Funds needed for taking birth

When taking birth, you need to handle your hands and put on unnecessary clothing that you can then dispose of.

The basic condition is the presence of the so-called "set of obstetrician" that contains:

  • bed linen and sheet;
  • warmer;
  • box for puppies;
  • capacity for used materials;
  • thermometer;
  • tray;
  • sterilized scissors, tweezers;
  • syringes;
  • bandaging material( wool, napkins, diapers)
  • disinfected threads;
  • notebook, which should contain the veterinary service number and pen;
  • watches;
  • weights;
  • colored threads for puppies;
  • alcohol;
  • 5% glucose ampoule solution;
  • 10% Synthomytic Ointment;
  • hydrogen peroxide and green light;
  • trammel.

In the case of preterm labor and the absence of a physician, you need to have the following injectable drugs: calcium gluconate, oxytocin, dicidin, analgin, no-spray, diphenhydramine, physiological solution, dexamethasone, vitamin B12.

A day before childbirth it is necessary to carry out the treatment of the abdomen and external genital organs of the female, cut off before this wool. If a longhair breed, the wool can be linked with erasers. For several breeds of dogs it may be necessary to cut off the "mustache" and "beard", since they prevent the snack's snack.

Symptoms testifying to the onset of

Births Signs of childbirth in a dog appear in three stages:

  • Preparation. During this period, the disclosure of the birth canals and body settings for the appearance of puppys. About the approach of the moment of the xx can indicate a change in the horse's hide, it becomes restless, fussing, rubbing the bedding paws, hard breathing. There are occasions when she tries to find a place for solitude. A bitch can not sit in place, may ask for the street, but after the exit quickly returns. Lack of appetite may appear, or vice versa. When such manifestations occur, the dog needs to be supported: to have a good luck, to talk with her, to calm down. The listed changes arise as a result of an increase in intracranial pressure.
  • Childbirth in dogs: signs of what to feed, preparation and arrangement, gap

    Although in this period uterine contractions are not yet visible, but the dog is already beginning to feel it. Along with the given symptoms, there are other, physiological. They are manifested by the fact that 3-4 days before childbirth there is sagging abdomen of the animal. When looking at a dog at the same time and from the top and back, it seems sluggish, and on the sides there are hungry pits. In primitive dogs, these signs do not always appear.

    Signs that will also indicate a rapid onset of labor is considered to be a decrease in body temperature to 37.5 - 37? C( with normal values ​​of 38-39? C) and a sharp fading of puppies in the abdomen. About genera that will begin in a few hours, indicate: softening the loop and the appearance of gray adhesive secretions of thick consistency.

    There is a change in the general condition of the dog, fever, tachycardia and accelerated breathing. The listed symptoms indicate that the labor process has begun.

    Remember! Normally, the stage of preparation for delivery lasts from 4 hours to 1 day. If this term is exceeded, you need to quickly consult a specialist.

  • Birth defects. During this period, attempts are joined to the clashes. At this moment, you can easily track the contractions of the uterus, placing your hand on the abdomen in the dog. It will be felt at first tightening, and then relaxing the uterus. In most cases, the birth of puppies occurs in a lying position, but there is an exception when the dogs give birth standing.
  • Birth of puppies and allocation of litter. The birth of puppies is preceded by the departure of amniotic fluid. To understand this process, you need to know that the entire period of development in the maternal womb of the puppy is located in a shell that consists of two layers.
  • A fluid-filled bubble provides a fence of the embryo from external harassment and cramping. This bubble is broken at the initial stage of labor, the fluid, which should be followed, is washed by the birth canal.

    Pay attention! The rupture of the external bubble occurs independently or with the help of the animal itself. Before it breaks, it can be displayed several times from the loop, and then disappear. You do not need to tangle it with the bubble in which the puppy is, and never violate its integrity on its own.

    To determine when a puppy is born, it is necessary to test the dog's perineum above the loop. When the aqueous bubble is released, this place is mild, and when the baby is out, it is solid. After the rupture of the external bubble has occurred, within 3 hours should appear on the first puppy. If from the beginning of the brew was 3.5 hours, and the puppy has not yet appeared, you must immediately call the veterinarian. After all, without providing qualified help you can lose a dog and have not yet been born offspring.

    Providing assistance to the dog during childbirth

    At the end of this period, the females have time to rest and get together. After all, the most responsible moment is ahead - the birth of offspring. The most difficult step for an animal is pushing the puppy's shoulders through the pelvis, after which its light appearance to the world takes place. Do not be afraid if the puppies are born in the anterior or posterior lining. The newborn puppy is located in the amniotic membrane, which must be severed quickly, so that the baby begins to breathe independently. The common judgment is that females themselves violate the integrity of this shell, but this is not necessarily the case. There are also cases when the amniotic membrane is damaged during childbirth.

    In the absence of any abnormalities, the newborn baby begins to breathe immediately after the burst of the bladder. In the first few seconds, breathing is frequent, but it quickly returns to normal. Care must be taken when a puppy tries to breathe in his mouth or does not breathe at all, and when his birth occurs without a bubble or if it contains a liquid of green color. In this case, it is necessary to clean the respiratory tract from the fluid to provide access to oxygen.

    Cord Breap After Birth

    Puppies After breaking the integrity of the amniocentrum, a cord should be carried out. Dog breeders often argue about whether the dog needs to be helped, or she must complete this mission on her own. If the dog is not the firstborn, then she hugs the umbilical cord itself. Here, there is only the need to ensure that it does not pull it at the same time, because such an action can lead to a hunch in a zucchika. Help may require dogs of dwarf and round-headed breeds, as well as those who have bad teeth. To control the need for inexperienced animals, because during the process of rupture of the shell or overstretching the umbilical cord may damage the puppies.

    If necessary, an independent branch of the umbilical cord is necessary for "kneading" movements, to push blood to the puppy. Then capture the umbilical cord at a distance of 2-3 cm from the abdomen and 2-3 cm from this place. The hand holding the umbilical cord in the pupils must be carried out by pulling the movement, while the umbilical cord is easily torn. This method is superior to the cutting that does not lead to the development of bleeding.

    If the umbilical cord is cut and the appearance of blood is present, then it is necessary to tie the umbilical cord prepared in advance with a thread.

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    The course of the

    sequential sequence If the childbirth proceeds without complications, the placenta( the litter) goes out after the appearance of the puppy. There are cases when the outburst of litter occurs to the next baby. With special care it is necessary to ensure that the number of born puppies coincides with the number of isolated sequences.

    Because a portion of the uterus in the uterus can lead to the development of an inflammatory process in it that presents a deadly danger to the dog. To ease the count, the allocated sepals can be defined in a separate capacity. After all, there are cases when a bitch is eating part of the litter, this situation is not terrible, but it can complicate the count. If there is a suspicion that all dogs have not been isolated from the dog, they should seek medical advice.

    The period of birth of the puppies and allocation of the placenta is very "dirty".Therefore, it is impossible that the newly-baked mother was in the mud, it is necessary to replace the litter after each birth of the litter.

    The first moments of newborn puppies

    The birth of puppies occurs at intervals of 15-30 minutes.

    When taking birth, you need to record the following:

    • weight and puppy birth date;
    • sequences of appearance;
    • field;
    • color;
    • other features of the appearance.

    Each puppy pours out a bitch after birth. Then they find the way to the nipple, but this is not all kids, so they need to help them. Appendices to the nipples lead to the acceleration of labor and contributes to the best reduction of the uterus.

    Another positive side of the fast-paced application is that colostrum, getting into the baby's body, stimulates the bowel's activity.

    Childbirth in dogs: signs of what to feed, preparation and arrangement, gap

    Postpartum care for a bitch

    Since childbirth is a complicated and difficult process that deprives the dog of forces, in the first hours after them, she needs to have a restful rest. She should be in the heat and not be subjected to stressful situations. It is not recommended to show puppies to strangers for two weeks. If a bitch suspects that her cubs are in danger, she will try to hide them, which can cause injuries to their children.

    The nature of postpartum secretion in dogs

    The norm is considered to be blood-mucous secretions, which eventually become colorless. If the allocation is too abundant or their character changed, they became green with an unpleasant smell, and even against the background of temperature rise, it is necessary to instantly find the time and way to seek help.

    Eating a newly-born mother-dog after childbirth

    Now let's talk about how to feed a dog after childbirth. After childbirth it is necessary to achieve restoration of water balance, for this purpose the dog drinks warm tea with an admixture of glucose and milk.

    Probably after diarrhea the dog develops diarrhea, in which case activated charcoal is used. But better of course when the body feeds dogs will not get any drugs, because they also fall into the milk, adversely affecting the puppies.

    In the first few days after birth, the dog should have dairy products. Subsequently, enter the meat broth and meat in the cured form. It is prohibited to feed the dog with raw meat and very high calorie meals, as this may serve as a reason for the development of a mastitis. If the dog's feed was made by feed, it is necessary to pick up a specially designed feed for lactating dogs.

    Postpartum walking rules

    Everyone knows that dogs are extremely caring about their cubs, so walking a bitch in the first days after childbirth will not be possible for a long time, because it will break through to them. The length of the walk should be 10-15 minutes, up to four times a day. Its duration increases with time.

    It is necessary to walk a bitch, because it helps in the allocation of milk and helps to restore the form. After completing the walk, the dog's nipples need to be washed and dried with a towel. And only then let's go to the puppies. To protect the mammary glands from contamination, drooping, insect bites and injuries, you can wear a special dog on the dog before going for a walk.

    As a result, having such information, you will easily be able to cope with future loved ones and provide the best level of care for her and her offspring.