What rabbits eat and what this food is good for


  • Green feeds
  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Strips
  • Mineral and vitamin supplements
  • Meat
  • Nursing trap

What rabbits eat and what this food is good for In a daily diet, animals must have all the necessary substances for him: fats, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. In order for your

pupils to receive a full meal, you need to know what the rabbits eat, and what this food is good for animals.

Green feeds

What rabbits eat and what this food is good for The best for rabbits with green meals is herbaceous grass with the addition of legumes. Animals eat well alfalfa, wood, plantain, dandelion, pyri, espaces. With great desire to eat clover. However, abundant feeding with this grass has a negative effect on the reproductive function of females.

Especially useful for alfalfa rabbits. The rich chemical composition makes it a convenient component for the preparation of feed mixtures. Also nutritious soybean, rich in proteins and fats. A grasshopper of wood, wormwood and milky, which is also eagerly eating, has a beneficial effect on the digestive function of animals.

Depending on what grass your rabbits eat, you can regulate the consumption of fat, carbohydrates, fiber and protein.

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But in addition to useful plants, there are a number of herbs dangerous for animals that eat them. Prohibited are: yellow, celandine, fool, cherry, belladonna, vetiver, whitish poisonous, and others. The toxic substances contained in these herbs can lead to the death of rabbits.

Fruits and Vegetables

What rabbits eat and what this food is good for With regard to vegetables and fruits in the diet, there are also authorized and prohibited products. If your rabbit eats carrots, beets, broccoli, boiled potatoes, cucumbers, cauliflower, apples and celery, then it significantly increases the intake of nutrients in the body. It is unacceptable to eat beans, cabbage, raw potatoes, rhubarb, and fruit stones.

Many beginners' rabbits are wondering if they are eating pumpkin rabbits. Experts in one voice argue that this vegetable is not only recommended, but also obligatory in the rabbit diet. It is possible to give it to animals both in raw and in boiled form. With great pleasure they eat and pumpkin mashed potatoes, which can be the basis of some feeds. To prepare it, pumpkin is cooked in small pieces, then carefully stuffed.


What rabbits eat and what this food is good for Regardless of what your rabbits eat, home pets need branch feed. It not only enriches their body with beneficial substances and vitamins, but also helps to avoid germination of cells by animals. For teeth to stand, rabbits need wood, so the branches will be very to the point.

Some believe that if a rabbit eats carrots and other solid vegetables, then he will not gnaw the cage. This idea is wrong. The density of these products is not enough for normal tooth decay.

Animals eat well the branches of raspberry, apple, willow, maple, acacia, birch, poplar, walnut and mountain ash. But the real delicacy for them is the vine of grapes. It contains a number of vitamins and a sufficient amount of moisture, which is extremely important for the physical development of pupils.

Young shoots of trees can be given in fresh and dried form. For prolonged storage, they are bundled in brooms and dried in a warm, cozy place. So they keep their natural smell, color and taste until next spring. Also, in the winter period, the shoots of coniferous trees are considered very valuable. They are an excellent source of carotene and essential vitamins such as B, C and E.

But you need to know what branches can be given to rabbits, and which is not worth it. The shoots of such shrubs are not suitable for feeding pupils, such as mowe, elder and wolf lychee. Being poisonous, they can be harmful to animals. And in the branches of the stone fruit trees there is a large amount of hydrochloric acid. And if your rabbit eats cherries, cherries, plums, apricots or peaches, then unwanted processes will occur in his body.

Mineral and Vitamin Supplements

What rabbits eat and what this food is good for Even the most complete nutrition does not always provide the rabbits with the necessary vitamins and minerals. Therefore, the owner must enter in the diet of the pupil special supplements.

  • The source of calcium is chalk and bone meal.
  • Cooking salt enriches the body of the pet's body with sodium.
  • Beer yeast is rich in vitamins B, amino acids, iron, cobalt, copper, phosphorus, zinc, and provitamin D2.

All this can be given to rabbits separately, but it is easier to buy a special vitamin-mineral supplement, in which all the elements are perfectly balanced. Suck it in the feed needs depending on what and how much your rabbits eat per day.


What rabbits eat and what this food is good for Among the experts, there are often discussions about whether meat and fish are eaten by domestic rabbits, and so they are needed for healthy eating. Of course, substances contained in animal food, need rabbits. But if your puppy flatly refuses from the proposed piece of chopping or fish fillet, do not worry. Protein, phosphorus, calcium and fats are found in other foods, for example, in vegetables and various supplements.

Nurse eats

Experienced livestock maintains that rabbits sometimes eat their own litter. Moreover, night soft feces are even useful. It contains a large number of substances suitable for digestion( trace elements, vitamins, riboflavin, folic and pantothenic acid).

Daytime curry( hard peas) is a product of recycling. It contains slag, which does not contain anything useful. If you notice that rabbits eat feces "peas", it means they lack food or vitamins. Look at the quality and quantity of feed your pet has consumed, and check the content of the necessary vitamins in it.

Proper nutrition is an important moment in the cultivation and breeding of animals. If you will carefully monitor what your pupils are eating, they will intensively grow and quickly gain weight.