Hemorrhoid Treatment

Recommended candles for hemorrhoids

In medicinal treatment of inflamed hemorrhoids, the most popular means are local products. First of all, it's candles for hemorrhoids. They are effective, easy to use, directly affect the area of ​​the lesion, thereby achieving the maximum therapeutic effect of

.Quickly absorbed through the mucous membrane, they help to eliminate itching, burning, pain, stop bleeding, thawing thrombi.

Rectal candles from hemorrhoids( also called suppositories) have different composition, effect and duration of use, which allows them to be used at different stages of the disease, thereby increasing the effectiveness of treatment.

What is the convenience of hemorrhoid treatment with candles?

  • Impact directly on the ignited knot. The relief comes immediately after the candle is dissolved, and it is not necessary to wait until the drug comes into the bloodstream and will cause a source of pain, as in the case of pills for hemorrhoids.
  • Candles can be purchased at any pharmacy, they are sold without prescriptions and have an affordable price.
  • Convenience of use. To enter the anal opening does not require any special knowledge, so this remedy can treat hemorrhoids at home.
  • There is no contraindication for this form of medication. Candle treatment can be done for patients of any age and gender.
  • It will be worth remembering the harm of self-treatment, as there are some contraindications. For example, some drugs can not be used with poor blood clotting or predisposition to thrombosis. Candles for hemorrhoids during pregnancy can also be used by not all. Therefore, treatment should begin with a visit to a doctor who treats inflamed hemorrhoids.

    How to choose effective candles for hemorrhoids

    First, the doctor must take into account the symptoms of the disease and determine its stage, and then determine which group of drugs is best suited:

  • For pain and spasms appointed analgesics and antispasmodics( novocaine, lidocaine, benzocaine, anestezin)
  • To stop bleeding, use hemostatics( sodium alginate, vikazol)
  • To reduce inflammation, use anti-inflammatory or hormonal candles( prednisolone, hydrocortisone)
  • To improve the tonus fromDin and strengthen the walls of veins or designate venoprotektorы venohtonyky( chestnut extract, hlyvonol)
  • To combat thrombosis using anticoagulants, under which there is blood thinners and removes congestion in the veins.
  • How to properly apply anti-hemorrhoid scars

    To prevent the drug from getting rid of its therapeutic properties, it should be stored in a cold place, for example in a refrigerator. This is due to the fact that the components of its composition begin to split at ambient temperatures equal to the temperature of the human body. Recommended candles for hemorrhoids

    In addition, use a lightweight, lightly cooled candle so that it does not melt during the input process.

    Input rule:

  • It is best to conduct the procedure after visiting the toilet.
  • For the slightest penetration of the drug into the rectum, it should be left sideways.
  • Get a candle from the packaging and, without holding it long in your hands, so it does not start to melt, start typing.
  • For this purpose, loosen the buttocks slightly and push the candle through the sphincter, but so that it does not fall into the rectum. To prevent reverse exit, you can hold it with a napkin.
  • To prevent leakage it is recommended to lie on the stomach, hold in this position for about half an hour.
  • For ease of administration and avoidance of pain it is recommended to smear the tip of a candle with vaseline or baby cream. After the procedure, small leaks are allowed, since the suppository is based on paraffin or vaseline, which are not absorbed into the rectum.

    Best Candles for

    Hemorrhoid Mostly, proctologists appoint the following drugs:

  • Candles from hemorrhoids Relief containing shark liver oil. Recommended candles for hemorrhoids After its application, pain is eliminated, bleeding and wounds heal, removes inflammation. Relief suppositories come in three names:
    • Relief
    • Relief advance( used for severe pain)
    • Relief ultra( for more effective treatment of inflammation, wound healing and drying)
  • Natasild Heartburn Candles. Recommended candles for hemorrhoids Another one on a natural basis, the active ingredient of which is an extract from sea-bog algae. The drug has a pronounced anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, reparative effect. His application softens most of the symptoms when bleeding hemorrhoids, have a chronic nature, proctosigmoiditis and chronic anal fissures. Proctologists, choosing candles for hemorrhoids for pregnant women or giving birth to women, often stop at Natalsides.
  • Candles with Propolis. Recommended candles for hemorrhoids They are very popular for the treatment of various diseases of the rectum. The drug reduces pain, itching and burning in the anus, improves blood circulation, gives antibacterial and spasticity, which is especially important in the presence of cracks in the rectum. However, the use of candles with propolis from hemorrhoids can not be made to patients who have an allergy to bee products, since inflammation of the mucosa may occur with subsequent swelling, which leads to stagnation of blood and progression of pathology.
  • Candles with ichthyol. Recommended candles for hemorrhoids This antimicrobial drug makes sense to use only in the early stages of development of hemorrhoids, as it is in this case that there is a rapid removal of inflammation and pain. Ichthyol candles have pronounced disinfectant, anti-edema and anti-inflammatory properties, contribute to the healing of cracks in the anus.
  • Candles with belladonna. Recommended candles for hemorrhoids The drug is a good therapeutic and pain reliever, which is why the extract of belladonna can be found in many suppositories. However, with a large number of positive properties of the drug, it also has many side effects:
    • Drowsiness
    • Headache
    • Loss of taste
    • Mouthwash
    • Nerve
    • Anxiety
    • Sleep disorder
    • Speech disorder
  • Swallowtail candles from hemorrhoids. Recommended candles for hemorrhoids Suppository data is known for its anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects. Due to the contents of the abseil of a whole set of trace elements, vitamins, fatty acids and biological substances, active regeneration of damaged tissues, eliminates itching and burning. Especially effective candles with sea buckthorn from hemorrhoids at the initial stages of development of the disease and for the treatment of cracks in the rectum. Another plus of the suppository data is their safety for use during pregnancy and breast feeding baby
  • candles with calendula. Recommended candles for hemorrhoids The action of the drug is based on the anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties of calendula, which allows you to effectively fight hemorrhoids in the initial stages of the disease. Since calendula is harmless and non-toxic, its use is allowed during the entire period of pregnancy and with further GV.
  • Procto-Gluchenol. Recommended candles for hemorrhoids These are pain relievers for hemorrhoids, since they contain lidocaine( anesthetic) and tribandide( lowering capillary permeability, improving microcirculation in the rectum and removing inflammation).Removal of pain occurs within 1.5 hours after the application of the drug. Medications can be prescribed in childhood and during the first trimester of pregnancy, with allergic reactions to the components of the drug, with caution - in the pathology of the kidneys and liver.
  • Ketonal. Recommended candles for hemorrhoids This is another very effective candle for hemorrhoids used as a pain reliever, mainly with severe pain, because their long-term use is not recommended due to the large number of side effects and a number of contraindications.
  • Gamamelis. Recommended candles for hemorrhoids These homeopathic candles from hemorrhoids, made on the basis of the extract of the coronetum of hamamelis Virginia, are very effective means for strengthening the walls of the vessels, removing edema and inflammation. The use of the drug is permitted only at the appointment of a physician, since there are restrictions on treatment( for example, during pregnancy and lactation).In addition, the use of Gamamelis in the limitation of the hemorrhoids and the intolerance of individual components is prohibited.
  • Candles for Hemorrhoids and Phytomax Fractures. Recommended candles for hemorrhoids In addition, the drug effectively treats proctitis, various forms of tumors and malignant formations. Due to its flavonoids, polysaccharides, tannins, trace elements, as well as celandine extract, the drug effectively eliminates pain, reduces inflammation and edema, has a moderate anesthetic and sedative effect. Phytomax activates local immunity with a plant stimulant, and a natural immunomodulator helps the body to fight the disease on its own.
  • Suppositories with adrenaline. Recommended candles for hemorrhoids Under its vasoconstrictor action, spasm of hemorrhoidal veins occurs and blood coagulation increases. However, it should be noted that candles for hemorrhoids with adrenaline-based bleeding should be used with caution in patients who have high blood pressure and in the elderly.
  • Ice Candles. They are prepared on their own. For this, broths of medicinal herbs( nettle, calendula, chamomile or wood) are poured into pre-prepared mugs and frozen in a refrigerator. After freezing, the suppositories are injected into the anus for 30 seconds( before treatment) and during the week the procedure time is adjusted to 1 minute. In this way, narrowing of the blood vessels and normal blood circulation are restored. Contraindications for use are diseases of the genitourinary system.