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Svitova syndrome - causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, photos

The syndrome is a rather rare( or rarely diagnosed) disease classified as a group of neutrophilic dermatoses. The disease is characterized by a wave-like course. The syndrome of Svita manifests itself in the appearance of papules or plaques of bright red color, febrile

condition, joint pain, neutrophilic leukocytosis.


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Causes of

Wound Syndrome causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, photos

disease Female women 30-50 years of age suffer from this disease more often than men.

The causes causing the syndrome of the City have so far not been detected. However, in most cases, Svit's disease develops against hematologic malignant pathologies.

Non-oncology syndrome is often diagnosed in women of the age group of 30-50 years. Men suffer about three times less often, and representatives of a strong sex are ill in the elderly - after 60.

A much less frequent syndrome of Svit develops against the background of diseases of the organs of the GI tract and the respiratory system. Cases of Svit's disease development have been noted after the introduction of some groups of medicines. A similar reaction can be given by antibiotics, iodine and bromine preparations.

Clinical picture of

Several weeks before the appearance of rashes characteristic of the Sweet's disease, the general symptoms common to the intestinal infection or flu appear in the patient. Patients complain of digestive disorders, general weakness, fatigue, palpitations, and joint pain and muscle pain. The temperature can rise to 40 degrees.

Then there is a rash on the skin. The rash is localized with Svet's syndrome on the limbs, neck, face. Rash on the trunk is usually absent, however, cases were reported where the rash completely covered the whole body.

Rashes in the Sweat disease are papules or nodules, the color of the rash - violet-red. Neoplasms grow rapidly and merge into plaques that can reach a diameter of 5 cm or more. Blisters have an irregular, often chimerical form, the borders are clearly expressed.

The skin is swollen in rash areas, so plaques often look like bubbles, but they have a dense structure. Such rashes are called pseudo-occupyes. On the affected skin, you can notice the areas of necrosis, as well as the crust and wet erosion.

If a patient with Svit's syndrome has leukocytosis, rash is manifested by these bubbles, and not by pseudo-injections. With this form of disease, the focus of the lesion on the skin looks like gangrene pyoderma. The rash is quite painful when pressed. It can be both single elements and plural ones. They are distributed randomly.

Wound Syndrome causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, photos

Patients with Svyt's syndrome have a fever.

In most people with Sweet's syndrome, general state impairment is observed: fever, joint pain, general malaise. Some patients are drawn into the process of the eye, they develop conjunctivitis or episcleritis.

For Svet's disease, the phenomenon of pancreas is characteristic, that is, new rashes appear on the site of the microtrauma of the skin, for example, after injection.

If the patient does not receive treatment, the symptoms of Sweet's disease continue to increase for several weeks, then the affected skin gradually heals. The duration of the disease period is 3-9 weeks.

The syndrome of Svyt is susceptible to recurrence, recurrence of the disease is recorded in half of the patients. In this case, the skin is affected in the same places as in the first manifestation of the disease.

Diagnostic Methods

Diagnosis of Syndrome The illusions usually cause serious difficulties, as they are relatively uncommon and practitioners practically do not have to deal with them.

The diagnosis is based on the study of the clinical picture and the conduct of histological studies of skin biopsies taken from the site of the defeat.

During the study, it is possible to note the pronounced edema of the upper layers of the dermis, the presence of infiltration from neutrophils.

Basic diagnostic criteria:

  • Sudden onset of a characteristic rash.
  • The presence of dermal infiltration, consisting of neutrophilic granulocytes. At the same time signs of leukocytoclastic vasculitis are absent.

Additional criteria are:

  • A hotbed or a previously infectious disease.
  • Neutrophilic Leukocytosis.
  • Arthralgia( joint pain without tissue deformation), eye damage.
  • A positive result in a panteric test( new rash develops at the injection site).
  • Complete lack of improvement in the treatment of antibiotics and noticeable effect in the use of corticosteroids.

In order to have a diagnosis diagnosed - a syndrome in the City, it is necessary that he be present with both main features and any two of the list of additional symptoms.

Patients suspected of having Svyat syndrome should be referred for consultation to the oncologist, as this disease is often a secondary sign of oncology.

Treatment for

Wound Syndrome causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, photos

Pregnozolone is commonly used for treatment.

Success in the treatment of Sweet's disease largely depends on the success of the treatment of the underlying disease, which has become the cause of the syndrome.

Corticosteroids, usually Prednisolone, are used to treat Syndrome. The drug is prescribed in tablets, the use of injections is excluded. Treatment lasts for at least 3 weeks.

When feverish, antipyretics are used. In the severe course of Svyat syndrome Dapson, Cyclosporine, Indomethacin and potassium iodide are prescribed.

Locally lubricated rashes use greasy creams or suspensions( shampoos) containing corticosteroids.

Treatment of folk remedies

For the treatment of syndrome in the world, the remedies recommended by folk medicine can also be used.

As skin manifestations in Swat disease form swelling, it is recommended to use infusions, prepared leaves of cranberries, flour, mulberry, hawthorn and chestnut flowers to eliminate swelling. Infusions can be cooked from any of the listed plants or from their mixture. To prepare a healing infusion you need to take a spoon of grass or a mixture of herbs and a glass of water. Insist the drug is better in the thermos. Cooked infusion strain and drink throughout the day.

In order to reduce the intensity of the inflammatory process in the Svit's disease, it is recommended to apply a goat's goat's bark, birch leaf, tulip flowers and elderberry black, burdock roots and peanuts. Infusions are prepared according to the scheme described above.

Local for withdrawal with syndrome Sweats of inflammation can be used compresses of raw red beet. Root must be cleaned and grated on small grater. The mass is applied to gauze, applied to the affected skin, covered on top with a film and a fixation with an elastic or ordinary bandage. Similarly, you can prepare a compress of aloe leaf.

Prophylaxis and prognosis of

Sicklevel disease prevention There is no need for a souta, since until now, mechanisms for the development of this disease are not well understood.

Prognosis in a suicidal idiopathic form( not related to the underlying disease) is favorable. If the Svit's disease arose against a background of a cancer or other major disease, the outlook for recovery depends on the success of the treatment of an associated illness. In the absence of remission of the underlying disease, recurrence of the syndrome Svita will be observed.


Wound Syndrome causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, photos Wound Syndrome causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, photos Wound Syndrome causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, photos Wound Syndrome causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, photos