How to quickly learn a poem by heart

All students, as well as parents, are well acquainted with the situation when a school or kindergarten is urgently asked to study a poem. The reaction of the child, as a rule, to such requirements is negative. Why wonder, because this is an unusual type of information that needs to be downloaded into the head, and the young brain,

, does not have the habit of this kind of cognition, is protected from unnecessary stress.

Often, adults need such skills: in a conference report, in greetings for relatives, colleagues, or just in communicating with someone, because poetry can decorate the language so much.

Consider some tips and techniques that will help you quickly learn any verse for both children and adults.


1. How to learn
2. How to teach poetry with a small child
3. How to quickly study the poem for adolescents
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Instructions for learning

There are several techniques and techniques that will help to remember the poem faster. If you follow her, then you can learn even the most complex and badly memorized text in just an hour.

  • First, should read the verse 2-3 times aloud .
  • While reading, should mentally imagine the images described in the verses, to try to build a picture of these associations. At least this picture will remain in the head.
  • Now you can go to remember the words - slowly rewriting the verse, try to grab the form of words, times.
  • A good way to memorize the handwriting - the motor memory is connected. At the same time, needs to speak the words aloud to connect these two types of information in the head.
  • For further study, use only the sheet of paper to which the verse has been rewritten. Splashing on small parts of the - for example, on one step, read them several times, and then, without looking at the paper, repeat the memory. Next, go to the next line, and then - be sure to repeat the lines studied together aloud. So continue until you can play a cycle of 4-8 lines. Then you can proceed to the next block of lines.
  • It happens that some moments can not be memorized - most often on the joints of the blocks. Nothing is wrong, can make the a cheat tag on a separate sheet or hand and peek at it if it crashes. But in the end it is desirable to refuse the crib, it just takes a while.
  • For more information on the methods and features of childhood development, see here: How to develop a child's memory for 5 years: the methods and features of

    How to quickly learn a poem by heart This instruction is very effective, with the help of any person without special training may in an hourstudy a few pages of text.

    By the way, it is best to teach the verse in the evening, before going to sleep. After reading and trying to repeat the memory in the evening, leave the poem alone until the morning. Overnight, it will "fit" in the head and in the morning you will be surprised yourself how easily you can play it in memory.

    How to teach poetry with a small child

    If the child is not in a mood, you must first calm him. Stick with vigilance, for example, with the words: "Well, we will not learn the verse. Let me read it to you, and you will repeat for me. "

    Read in a hurry, one step up. Then the child does not feel a heavy load, and it will be easier for him to repeat.

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    In the process of reading it turns out what expressions and words are unknown to the child - he will confuse these words, hang on, or completely skip. We need to explain meaningfully these words, give examples, then the kid will remember them more quickly. How to quickly learn a poem by heart

    When the unknown words are explained, start learning. Do not hurry, first let the child be able to say the first step without stopping, then move on to the second. Then pronounce the two together, and so on until you get the verse altogether.

    If nothing comes out, that child resists, there is one more way. Why is it so easy to remember ads or words of popular songs? Because they repeat the same phrases many times. Use this, proclaim the verse in front of the child, repeat it three times, and then repeat the rows separately. It is important to keep an intonation, read with an expression, trying to convey the mood of the author.

    Use the rhythm of the composition - emphasize it, connect the rhythmic movements, for example, steps, head swing, swing by hands.

    You can play a sketch with toys - let, for example, the doll arranges a presentation for others and reads a poem, and then each toy repeats a couple of lines behind it.

    Involve the child in the game, use different voices for different toys, turn on fantasy. Or take the ball and throw it to each other.

    First, you say the line - throw the ball to the child, and he must repeat, and throw him back. Then, each time throwing the ball, you pronounce the words - the one who gets the ball, says the next word. How to quickly learn a poem by heart
    Will also help drawing - with the child, make one or several pictures of what is going on in the verse.

    During the game, time passes unnoticed, and the poem will be easily remembered. But do not try to study it in one day, for young children, the recommended amount is no more than two lines per day. Let it go a week - it's a normal term.

    Encourage your children to read verses from birth - periodically read them funny verses, excitement. The child's memory will absorb this type of information, and it will be easy to accept new poems.

    How to quickly study a poem for adolescents

    When reading a poem, catch the images, associations. Imagine situations described in the work. Rewrite the verse on paper, and teach it on it. Clarify the meaning of unfamiliar words and expressions that are hard to remember. Break the blocks of the verse into smaller ones.

    Nanize the learned lines - remember the new line, repeat the entire block. Find the link between strings. Even if the poem does not have a specific plot, in the ordering of the lines surely the author laid a certain meaning, which if desired can be captured.

    Be sure to read aloud. Use the rhythm of the warehouse, the so-called meter. Speak rhythmically, emphasize its movements, for example, by steps or gestures. How to quickly learn a poem by heart
    Use different intonations. For example, one time tell a whisper, then sing, then say solemnly as a festive greeting. In general, the whole range of emotions that you can portray is suitable. You can record a recitation verse on a voice recorder, listen to it several times, and then try to repeat it.

    Difficult to remember in verse? Retell in prose, remembering first the plot and structure. Understand the story and feel it. Learn quickly, but do not hurry. Avoid nervousness and irritation.

    Instead of concluding

    How to quickly learn a poem by heart It is desirable to teach a poem within 2 days minimum.

    On the first day of - before you go to bed, give him 20 minutes. In the dream it will be digested ", and it will be better in memory.

    The next day, needs to spend more time - about an hour.

    It is very good to study the poetry and the morning, since the very morning it is possible to consolidate what was taught the day before.

    By the way, about the dream. If you do not regularly fall out, then any information will be remembered worse. That is why children have to sleep 9-10 hours a day, and adolescents are not less than 8. As for adults, 6-7 hours are required for a good rest.