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Nutrition with acute hemorrhoids

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Nutrition with acute hemorrhoids

For a long time, hemorrhoids can hardly be manifested, "sleep" in the chronic stage, but it happens that this stage becomes acute.

Then there is a need for prompt treatment or even surgery. This stage of hemorrhoids, as acute, should be treated in the complex. In this case, the food should be special. A patient may be only certain foods, and alcohol should be completely abandoned throughout hemorrhoids treatment.

Signs of exacerbation of

A severe form of hemorrhoids develops on a chronic background of the disease. Stagnant phenomena in the blood of the bodies located in the walls of the rectum, gradually form hemorrhoids, which causes painful sensations, bleeding and a lot of other unpleasant sensations.

Blood stagnation with hemorrhoids can also lead to the formation of blood clots. When the nodes thromb, the chronic course of hemorrhoids becomes acute.

The nutrition of tissues in this case turns out to be broken, and this can be the reason for the nondestruction of the nodes. The whole process is accompanied by severe pain, which complicates defecation and can make it almost impossible. For this reason, the patient needs to eat food, which promotes light and systematic defecation, abandon alcohol and try to guard against viruses and infections.

How to treat?

First of all, hemorrhoids are treated conservatively: the inflammation is removed, the stool is normalized. If exacerbations occur frequently, an operation is assigned. Postoperative recovery - a long and difficult period, provides proper nutrition, lying regimen, the use of any alcohol is categorically contraindicated.

Nutrition in the treatment of

Nutrition with acute hemorrhoids

The goal of proper nutrition in acute hemorrhoids is to reduce the volume of feces, make them more fluid, which will have a gentle effect on the intestines and reduce irritation in hemorrhoids.

General recommendations

  • Food should be necessarily non-greasy, but rather liquid, but it also contains a lot of calories, so as not to weaken the whole body once again.
  • There is a person can often but slowly. Up to 6 times a day in small portions. It is best to eat every three hours. In this version, the stomach will not be overloaded, but also a sense of hunger, too, will not occur.
  • To make feces better liquefied, you need to drink at least 2 liters of water a day. You can consult a doctor, and include in your diet low salinity mineral water.
  • At night, a patient with hemorrhoids can drink infusions of herbs that have a calming and mild effect. Very good for this are suitable grass such as hay, coriander, croissant, sweet.
  • To eat when hemorrhoids are required by the mode, setting certain hours. This will help to adjust the body to ensure that the etching is correct and cleaning is done regularly.
  • Eliminate alcohol in any form.
  • Bakery products are better excluded from the diet. But if you really want, then it's a good idea to give the black bread to the coarse grinding flour.
  • To prepare the cereal, groats should be taken in a dark color. It may be lean, pearl barley, buckwheat or ocher. You can not eat manna porridge and rice. To cook porridge should be on the water.
  • In the case of vegetables, then prefer beets, squash, carrots, cauliflower or broccoli, cucumbers. Potatoes do not have to be that starch contained in it can cause constipation.
  • Fruits: bananas and apples, eat some berries of prunes and dried apricots daily, fresh and fresh apricots.
  • Cellulose is a good guarantee of a good chair. However, the constipation must first be cured, and then put on fiber. Otherwise, you will get constipated with fiber. Cellulose is found in vegetables and fruits, in oatmeal and wheat bran, in the seeds of a plantain. Eat one third of a glass of celery or a dessert spoon of seeds a day.
  • When exacerbation of hemorrhoids is especially useful bran, which can be added to the dish or eat on their own. Remember - 60 grams of bran make up about 80% of daily fiber. This is enough to normalize digestion and emptying.
  • Alcohol is strictly forbidden!

You can not eat

Nutrition with acute hemorrhoids

You will have to refuse to use concentrated soups, mushroom broths, fatty meat. Contraindicated all kinds of smoked foods, canned food, spicy foods, sweets and sour foods, you will have to refuse to drink alcohol. You can not drink sugary soda. Why are these products contraindicated in hemorrhoids? Such nutrition causes irritation of the intestine, leads to strong peristalsis and to the accumulation of gases. As a result of the vein of the rectum is expanding, and the disease may become aggravated even more.

It is undesirable to have rice and manna porridge in case of hemorrhoids. It is worthwhile to exclude any pasta - it's hard food. Mashed potatoes and milk are not recommended. This food is very heavy and quite greasy. You can not eat radish and turnips, which lead to the formation of gases in the intestine. You should completely exclude from the diet those foods in which chocolate is added, since it is very fat and is a heavy food for the intestine, besides, it has an irritating effect, you can not drink jelly, coffee, cocoa, strong tea. It is best to drink infusion of herbs or plain water.

Traditional Medicine Tips

Prepare a special decoction of herbs. Take a table spoon of crushed dry roots of valerian, croissant and grass. Put them in a thermos and pour a glass of boiling water, after an hour the broth is ready. Take half a cup before bedtime. This decoction gives a laxative effect, improves the function of the intestine, cleanses from the slags, normalizes the stool.

For nutrition of a patient with hemorrhoids, nutritional broths of dietary meat should be included. For a variety, the patient may have an egg in the morning, cooked in a whip or cook an omelet.

What to eat after surgery?

Nutrition with acute hemorrhoids

Despite successful conservative treatment, hemorrhoids may become aggravated. To understand this simply, acute hemorrhoids is sharp and unexpectedly intensified by pain and the development of inflammatory processes. For the removal of inflammation conservative treatment is prescribed, after which the nodes are removed surgically.

The first day after the operation, it is better not to eat the patient at all. On the second day it is allowed to eat broth, boiled egg and porridge in water. Then, low-fat cooked meat and fish can be added to the food. On the fourth day, the patient can eat boiled vegetables. Two weeks later the fruits are freshly sliced ​​without seeds. From alcohol, of course, have to refuse.

Why do raw fruits and vegetables can be consumed for up to two weeks after surgery? The fact is that solid food can damage the fresh postoperative scar mechanically. Also during the first month you can not eat any sharp dishes, refuse to use all kinds of seasonings and spices, which lead to irritation of the gastrointestinal tract. The diet should be dietary. The patient can eat only low-fat, rather liquid food without unnecessary stimuli.

What are the basic dietary principles for hemorrhoids?

  • Balance and Maximum Diversity.
  • Eat only a little after 2.5 hours.
  • Discard these types of foods that may become the root cause of inappropriate bowel movements and lead to constipation, disorders, or flatulence.

Eat right and you will avoid many problems!

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