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Frequent bites in a child 3,4,5,6 years after eating

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What should I do if there is a baby banging? With the advent of a child, young parents have a lot of questions regarding the care of the baby and his health. Often the usual

physiological processes in the baby's body frighten them. One of these processes is banging. It often occurs due to the baby getting into the stomach, which occurs when eating.


  • 1 Main Causes of
  • 2 Illness in Newborn
  • 3 Illness Symptoms
  • 4 Dangerous Conditions
  • 5 Bloating in Children After 3 Years
  • 6 Methods of Treatment of

1 Main Causes of

Bleeding in a child can be both physiological and pathological. In toddlers, this process is normal, so it should not cause concern to parents. In older children, bloating arises due to the following factors:

  • conversation during meals;
  • severe overeating;
  • unbalanced food;
  • movable games after eating;
  • nicotine poisoning( occurs if there is a smoker in the family);
  • is a tense atmosphere when eating.

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Frequent bites in a child 3,4,5,6 years after eating

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Of course, a baby's buckling does not always have a physiological character, sometimes it can be triggered by serious pathological illnesses:

  • gastritis;
  • hepatitis;
  • pancreatitis;
  • dysbiosis;
  • cholecystitis;
  • Stomach Disorders.

Typically, such illnesses are accompanied by nausea, stomach pain, bowel disorder, and abdominal distension. Therefore, if you have such symptoms, you should contact a specialist.

Banding is not a major cause for concern, unless accompanied by other manifestations associated with the disease. Sometimes biting can cause discomfort in a child; in this case, physiological factors that affect its appearance should be avoided. This will help reduce its frequency, and after a while it will completely stop disturbing the baby.

Frequent bites in a child 3,4,5,6 years after eating

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2 A newborn's ailment


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Every young mother is worried about her child, so she is paying attention to everything that happens to her. Breastfeeding is the first thing a young mother can scare, since such a manifestation can be encountered from the first days of a baby's life. The bustle of the baby itself is a normal occurrence after eating. This happens due to the weak nervous system and the peculiarities of the structure of the baby's digestion( the food returns to the outside).Most often young mothers are afraid that the carapace is hungry, and feed it more often. Such overeating of a child causes a reverse process - extra food is pushed out.

Frequent bites in a child 3,4,5,6 years after eating

In some children, the detachment causes malaise and tears, a condition associated with throwing gastric juice into the esophagus. Completely eliminate such a process is not always possible, but you should try to at least prevent it. This will help the baby feeding schedule. It is best to feed a baby often in even portions.

On the basis of all this, one can conclude that the bloat in the newborn is a common process in its development. Therefore, you should not be bothered at once when faced with such a problem.



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Unfortunately, only babies up to one year may find this phenomenon quite normal. After a year, frequent bloating in children, above all, will occur due to unbalanced nutrition or disease of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract. Of course, the most dangerous is the bloating caused by the diseases. In order to determine what the most frequent banding is associated with, it is necessary to deal with its manifestations.

If a baby has a frequent air rash that does not have specific stomach odors, this condition indicates a possible condition, such as pneumostasis in the stomach. This happens as a result of the penetration of air into the stomach, and then its empty ripening. This condition can also be said of the diseases of the oral cavity or nasal breathing disorder. However, if this condition does not cause the child an unpleasant sensation, it does not have an unpleasant odor, it can be of neurotic origin and called aerography. This syndrome requires urgent medical attention because it is pathological.

Frequent bites in a child 3,4,5,6 years after eating

A bite that has a smell of rotten eggs, often occurs through the decomposition of proteins, accompanied by various chemical reactions. Such a scent is a frequent symptom of such diseases:

  • is a disturbance of the intestinal microflora;
  • malignancy in the gastrointestinal tract;
  • inflammatory processes in the stomach;
  • gastritis.

If the "rotten eggs" bite occurs immediately after eating, it often indicates high content of sulfur-containing products in the stomach, such as herbs, vegetables and protein foods. Such a disorder is often accompanied by severe diarrhea and occurs due to the disturbed balance of the intestinal microflora. In infants, too often, such malaise can occur, it is connected, first of all, with the immaturity of the baby's internal organs. And may be accompanied by pain, nausea or a runny stool.

Sour bloat in a baby can indicate many dangerous diseases, so it requires diagnosis. When such a process occurs immediately after eating, it indicates an incomplete closure of the valve that separates the gut from the esophagus. Breeding occurs 30 minutes after meals, indicating insufficient number of enzymes, which leads to the fermentation process in the stomach. And if acid sneezing occurs after 2 hours, then most likely this condition is associated with gastritis. To find out the exact diagnosis, you need to complete the diagnosis.

4 Dangerous conditions for

Diseases are inherently dangerous, especially when combined with other symptoms that indicate a particular illness. Such dangerous baby's body can usually be caused by complications of serious illness.

Among them, it is possible to determine a rupture accompanied by severe vomiting and high body temperature. Bleeding and vomiting are pathological symptoms that require urgent medical attention. The manifestation of a vagina with vomiting may be due to ulceration, and therefore requires urgent diagnosis. Sometimes vomiting is accompanied by an acidic smell, which indicates the formation of adhesions and cicatricial processes in the stomach of a baby.

Frequent bites in a child 3,4,5,6 years after eating

The blister, which manifests itself in the child with the temperature, first of all, indicates pathological processes in the body. If such anomaly is accompanied by diarrhea and severe nausea, it can be said to be poisoning or infection in the body. These conditions are very dangerous for the child and require urgent medical intervention. Therefore, having detected a baby fever with temperature or vomiting should call a doctor who after diagnosis will appoint a proper medical treatment to improve the general condition of the baby.

5 Bloating in children after 3 years of

Why is a baby 3 years old banging? Such a question can often be heard from caring parents. And it is not for nothing, because it can signal about various diseases. If for a niece a busting is the norm, then in three years this condition may indicate a disease of digestive tract, especially when the child feels bad. Of course, there is a likelihood that post-mealburn is triggered by other factors, which include:

  • increased saliva secretion;
  • conversation for lunch;
  • chronic undead;
  • lesions of ENT organs;
  • palatine tonsils are enlarged.

Frequent bites in a child 3,4,5,6 years after eating

A baby's bite after eating may also be physiological in nature, so if it does not happen so often, the physiological factors of the occurrence should be eliminated and it will cease at all. Well, and if it occurs frequently and accompanied by symptoms, then it is necessary to turn to the gastroenterologist, who will conduct a diagnosis and on its basis appoint a treatment, taking into account the age of the child.

In no case can you treat the baby yourself, without consulting a doctor, especially with the help of folk methods and drugs.

Because such actions can lead to negative consequences for the baby, which complicate the course of the disease.

Frequent bites in a child 3,4,5,6 years after eating

6 Treatment Methods

In all children, the treatment of bloating begins with a diagnosis that helps determine the causes of this malaise. With all this kids, regardless of the diagnosis, appoint a diet. Such dietary diet involves the elimination of harmful products and carbonated drinks, while the portion should be small enough.

When diagnosis is performed and the cause of this condition is determined, treatment is based on the recommendations of the physician. If the process of rupture was caused by diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, then the gastroenterologist will offer a course of treatment, which will improve the child's condition in a short time.

In the absence of serious pathologies, the doctor will give the necessary recommendations that will help the child to avoid this condition. Well, of course, do not forget about the prevention of this ailment in the child, among which:

  • thorough chewing of food;
  • outdoors before eating;
  • refusal to use products containing air( carbonated drinks, cocktails);
  • eating healthy food;
  • is a calm atmosphere when eating.

With proper prevention, the baby's bloating will appear less frequently. At the same time, it is necessary for the whole family to adhere to these rules, so that the child has the support. This will help the child to cope with the problem and lead a healthy lifestyle. And the main thing is that with the help of such simple prophylactic methods and recommendations of the doctor the busting will soon stop disturbing the baby.