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Sore intestines during pregnancy: what to do?

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During the baby's bearing, the body of a woman is completely rebuilt and adapts to the new condition. And if the intestines hurt during pregnancy, before you make a conclusion,

is best visited by a doctor and make sure that abdominal pain does not cause pathological changes. As the causes of this state a lot, and not all of them are related to pregnancy.


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  • 2 phenomenon Problem variants and ways to solve them
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  • 4 Infectious pathology
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prevention measures 1 Causes of the

phenomenon Pain in the gut during pregnancy is not always related to the disease. Physiological changes often cause discomfort in this organ. Sometimes a woman can not always determine what she has stomach ache, so it's best to turn to a doctor, as there may be a risk of abortion.

Abdominal pain can be divided into 2 types:

  • Obstetric pain. The causes of this condition include: a possible risk of miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, placental abnormalities.
  • Non-obstetric pain, their causes: problems with digestion, stretching muscle connections on the abdomen, displacement of the abdominal cavity, surgical pathology, for example, if the bowel is rolled up, etc.
  • Directly pain in the intestine occurs through hormonal perestroika inan organism of a woman, therefore, intestinal pains are accompanied by flatulence, constipation, dysbiosis, etc. To complications can be attributed to intestinal obstruction, appendicitis, pancreatitis. Pain in the intestine may develop due to the administration of some medications that are prescribed for another occasion.

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    2 Problems and ways to solve them


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    Constipation during pregnancy can not be underestimated and try to get rid of them yourself. Since otherwise, the inevitable formation of hemorrhoids. If the course of treatment has been passed, but gas formation and constipation do not stop disturbing you, and the stomach continues to get sick, then seek medical help again. In severe cases, the doctor will prescribe laxatives and rectal candles.

    Another common problem during pregnancy is dysbiosis and frequent diarrhea. This will help probiotics, which also should appoint a doctor. But for proper nutrition, you have to keep track of yourself.

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    Sore intestines during pregnancy: what to do?

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    3 Early digestion in the first trimester


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    In early childhood, a woman can complain about pain in the intestine. In most cases, this is normal. This is due, first of all, to the changing diet of the future mother. Toxemia contributes to this, a woman always needs something extraordinary, and sometimes even exotic. Representatives of the beautiful sex are salted, which does not have a better effect on digestion. Some pregnant women prefer to have sweets, flour products, etc.

    All this negatively affects the process of digestion of food, and it is necessary to have a cellulose that the digestive process contributes to intestinal peristalsis. And what is produced in large quantities progesterone weakens intestinal muscles. All this leads to constipation, bloating, fermentation processes.

    Treatment involves correction of nutrition. First of all, it is fresh fruits and vegetables, greens. The daily rate of protein and fat should be evenly distributed. If you are prone to constipation, suppose taking some soft laxatives, such as Dyufalak.

    Sore intestines during pregnancy: what to do?

    4 Infectious Disease

    If bowel pain is accompanied by diarrhea and fever, then most likely it is a viral or bacterial infection. This condition is dangerous for a pregnant woman, especially in the first trimester. If you have the first symptoms, it is recommended to seek medical help.

    It is very difficult to carry out treatment during this period, as most medications can not be taken. Therefore, it is recommended to drink more fluid. In the presence of vomiting, which is common in intestinal infections, it is necessary to dilute the rehydration composition, that is, the drug Regidron, in the extreme case, to make a salt solution alone. Acceptance of sorbents is assumed, in this case, Polisorb, Enterosgel or activated charcoal are assigned. When bacterial infection requires antimicrobial therapy, it can only be prescribed by the doctor, based on many factors, antibiotics can be appointed Enterofuril, Stopdiar. The next step in the treatment is compliance with the diet.

    Sore intestines during pregnancy: what to do?

    5 What are the colics?

    Pulses are spastic abdominal pains associated with bloating of the large intestine and the tension of its muscles. They develop on the background of running gastritis, poor digestion and peristalsis, processes of fermentation in the intestines.

    Sore intestines during pregnancy: what to do?

    During pregnancy, colic can be observed during migration of the egg into the uterine cavity. So, after 1 week after conception, a woman may feel this condition. Another cause of intestinal colic is the hormonal reorganization of the body.

    As the fetus grows, such troubles will be felt.

    But there are a number of symptoms when you need to urgently seek a doctor and even hospitalize a patient. This is a long-lasting pain, like a sheep's feces, a refusal of food, and others. With weak colic it is possible to use the drug Espumisan, it is not forbidden during pregnancy and is prescribed even to the smallest patients.

    If, before pregnancy in the body of a woman began to grow any tumors, then against the backdrop of hormonal adjustment, they can increase. Such tumors in the intestine will discomfort the expectant mother. That is why it is important to have a thorough diagnosis of pain in the intestines.

    Sore intestines during pregnancy: what to do?

    But during pregnancy doctors try to refrain from cardiac medical measures. After all, it can damage the fetus. If you interfere with the work of the intestine or anus, then the uterine tone will increase, which will endanger the risk of abortion.

    6 Preventive Measures

    In order to prevent intestinal pain during pregnancy, some rules need to be observed. First of all, it is necessary not only to eat properly, but also to follow the mode of eating during the day. For women in a position it is recommended to eat small portions, but often, up to 5-6 times a day. Remember also that you should stop eating a few hours before bedtime. We will have to abandon the harmful products - it is smoked, salty, spicy foods, fried foods. The intestines do not like different sandwiches, snacks and fast food. Intestinal motility can break coffee and carbonated drinks.

    But to increase the drinking regime is recommended. But if you have fast swelling, it is best to consult with your doctor about this. The use of the following products to improve the functioning of the intestines during pregnancy will have a beneficial effect on digestion:

    • beet dishes;
    • carrot;
    • prunes and dried apricots, all dried fruit;
    • sour-milk products with the addition of bifidobacteria.

    Not only nutrition can normalize the bowel's activity, it is recommended to light physical activity. Take outdoor walks. Heavy lifting is prohibited. The doctor may recommend a pregnancy.

    If the pain is dull and weak, then you can put a warm towel on the stomach. Dry heat will help get rid of discomfort. But if the pain is acute, then refrain from warming up the abdomen, it can only be harmed. Remember that any abdominal pain during pregnancy can hide a lot of reasons, so as not to jealogue and not risk your health, ask your doctor for help on time.