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Plaque from umbilical hernia( porofix) for newborns

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Among the parents of infants, the patch from the umbilical hernia for the newborn "Porofix" is particularly popular. As you know, when a child finds some sort of

pathology, mom and dad begin to experience very much, even regardless of how serious a diagnosis is. For example, if doctors identify a baby in the presence of umbilical hernia, do not worry, since it is being treated. It is not even necessary to resort to surgical intervention for this purpose. In our time, there are very effective, but at the same time the most safe means for the treatment of these pathologies. They are devoid of side effects and quickly bring about the health of even the smallest patients.

Treatment for newborns is usually a very challenging task. Kids are contraindicated for most medicines. But when it comes to umbilical hernia, everything is very simple. Despite the fact that this pathology is quite common and is often diagnosed in small patients, doctors recommend that parents not experience this. If the umbilical hernia is diagnosed in a newborn, prescribe the use of a special patch. He has a lot of advantages and is a means of a new generation. The most popular in this plan is the "Porofix" patch. It is prescribed not only for the treatment of already existing hernia in small patients, but also as a prevention.


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1 Major Causes of

Disease Causes of this pathology may be different. The umbilical hernia itself looks like a protrusion, which is formed in the region of the umbilical ring. If you click on a problem area, then the finger will go deep into the abdominal cavity, even when the pressure is not pressed. A similar phenomenon is not uncommon for newborn babies. Doctors have already identified a risk group for children who may have a similar problem.

Just so the umbilical hernia can not appear. This is always provoked by provoking factors. The main reasons why a newborn may develop a hernia in the navel region is the premature infancy of the child. Most babies who were born earlier receive a diagnosis of umbilical hernia. It also focuses on factors that may affect the development of such an illness, including birth defects in the anterior abdominal wall, weak muscles or connective tissues in this area, as well as the presence of rickets. Poor heredity can also play its role in the formation of umbilical hernia.

But not only pathologies and congenital factors can cause the development of a similar problem. Sometimes babies show hernia not just after birth, but somewhat later, and they are affected by such processes as severe crying, coughing and colic. That is, when a small child has to stomach the abdomen for a long time, this can lead to a weakening of the connective tissue that flows into the umbilical hernia.

If you look at medical statistics, it becomes clear that congenital or acquired hernia in small patients is a quite common occurrence. In most cases, surgeons try not to appoint an operation, as often the pathology passes by itself. Nevertheless, in order to reduce the risk of complications and accelerate the recovery of a small patient, prescribe the use of a special supplemented patch "Porofix".In addition, therapeutic massage procedures, gymnastics and simple strengthening agents, which do not harm the child, are most often used.

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Plaque from umbilical hernia( porofix) for newborns

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2 Features Features


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This tool appeared not so long ago, but very quickly became popular. The fact is that specialists and parents of sick children immediately noted the high level of effectiveness of such a remedy. Currently, Porofix is ​​considered to be the safest, most modern and effective means to eliminate the symptoms of umbilical hernia in newborns.

Plaque from umbilical hernia( porofix) for newborns

The development of a plaster, which has been actively appointed by Russian doctors for several years, was carried out by specialists from Germany and Austria. The idea is owned by Lohman & Rausher. Specialists of this center managed to create an effective supportive tool, which is not harder to use than conventional plasterboard.

Feature of this product is not only its appearance, but also the materials used for manufacturing. At the basis of a plaster only high-quality and hypoallergenic materials are used. The remedy has undergone all necessary research and tests, so parents can not experience the fact that the plaster causes an allergic reaction or irritation of the tender skin of the baby.

By itself, the adhesive plaster is different in shape. One adaptation consists of two parts, which perfectly support the navel in the position, as foreseen by nature. Both parts are fastened to the skin of the child as a strap that fixes and supports the umbilical ring. The plaster is glued very well, as it has a beautiful adhesive foundation. It is absolutely safe for the child's body and does not cause allergies.

Plaque from umbilical hernia( porofix) for newborns

3 Instructions for using


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"Porofix" has a special design that keeps internal organs where they should be. Over time, when the child's body becomes strong enough, the hernia will manage, and the muscles will support everything in the right position. The plaster allows to minimize pressure on the umbilical ring, which accelerates the process of getting rid of pathology. The muscles of the abdominal press begin to strengthen together with how the baby grows. Until a certain age, he will not remain from hernia and trace. But a positive effect can only be achieved if you complete the entire course of treatment.

There is nothing complicated in using the plaster supports. Specialists recommend starting treatment immediately, as soon as the problem is diagnosed by a doctor. If you start using Porofix even at the initial stage of the development of umbilical hernia, getting rid of the problem can be quick and easy. You can find out the length of the course of treatment with a doctor.

Plaque from umbilical hernia( porofix) for newborns

Use the plaster to be strictly instructed. It should only be applied to a well-cleaned skin. To do this, use wet wipes with an antibacterial effect. Then it is necessary to wait for the skin to dry, and then place two parts of the patch "Porofix" on both sides of the navel. The distance between the elements should not be more than 4 cm.

Before attaching the support to the patch, it is necessary to squeeze the hernia a little, so that the inwards get into place, and then immediately fix everything. For this, one side of the product moves to the second and is tightened like a strap.

It is very important to carry out this procedure correctly so that the child does not have discomfort. Of course, a newborn baby will not say that he is disturbed, but parents will note the increased capriciousness of the child.

Wear one supports a patch can day. It is advisable to change it in the evening after carrying out hygienic procedures. It is not only convenient and painless, since in warm water the patch can be removed very easily. After the baby is immersed in warm water, the edges of the product themselves will be glued. In the future, it will not be difficult to remove the plaster completely.

After "Porofix" is loosened from the child's body, it is necessary to treat the skin at the place of his stay with a baby cream with dexpanthenol. Then it is necessary to wait for a complete drying of the skin and it is possible to glued a new patch.

4 How long does the treatment last?

Here everything depends on the complexity of the disease. About how long it will be necessary to use a patch "Porofix", can tell a pediatrician. The minimum course is 10 days, but in the most difficult situations, the duration of treatment can reach 1 month.

Considering the fact that it is possible to purchase plaster patches, it is allowed to wear one and the same element for up to 3 days. But all this time he should not be in contact with water. The price of one patch "Porofix" is about 200 rubles. Use of the device is possible only at the appointment of a doctor.