All about ears: how many decorative rabbits live and how to care for them right?

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When a cute ear creature appears in the house, first, what are the owners concerned about - how many decorative rabbits live and what needs to be done to keep the communication going

is as long as possible.

All about ears: how many decorative rabbits live and how to care for them right?

Studies have shown that, on average, rabbits live 5-7 years, but there are long-lived people, whose age reaches 10-12 years.

Unambiguously answer the question of how old the decorative rabbits live, it's difficult. Many years of observation have shown that on average 5-7 years, however, known long-lived people, whose age reaches 10-12 years. One of the main factors influencing the longevity is the breed of the animal. Those rocks, the exterior of which involves standing ears, live for about 5 years. In the proverbial species, this figure is higher and reaches 7 years. In addition, sterilized individuals live longer, because their body does not undergo such loads as pregnancy, childbirth and feeding offspring.

Factors Affecting Lifetime

Many factors affect the life span of dwarf breeds of rabbits. First of all, it is the health of parents, since various diseases are passed on to descendants.

All about ears: how many decorative rabbits live and how to care for them right?

Pyramid Feeding Decorative Rabbits.

When kept at home, it is necessary to constantly monitor the health of the animal, prevent it from staying in a cold room and during. When communicating with an animal, it is necessary to treat it with delicacy, so as not to let go and not to injure. Diseases and injuries significantly reduce his life. In the event of such troubles, you should immediately contact a veterinarian.

Do not scare the rabbit with sharp sounds or movements, and leave it with children unattended. If he is constantly in a state of stress, then this will not prolong his life.

In order for a pet's pupil to live long and well, he needs to provide him with a balanced and balanced diet. Decorative rabbits require more delicate care, not like their usual counterparts, and an incorrect diet may spoil their digestive system. In the menu of such rabbits should always be fresh vegetables, fruits, various herbs, as well as mineral supplements.

The livelihood of a home-grown person will depend on how many years he will be able to please his owners with his presence. Rabbits are mobile, active and energetic creatures, so you can not keep them in cells at all times. Every day at least for an hour it is necessary to let out in the expanses of the room to walk, having previously removed the objects that he can snap. Ideally, walks will be held twice a day. If you do not adhere to this rule, then the rabbit will eventually lose interest in life and begin to fade. Problems with the stomach will start from lack of movement, overweight will appear, which will subsequently negatively affect the condition of the liver and heart.

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containment rules To make the animal feel comfortable and comfortable in the house, it is necessary to create normal conditions for its living.

All about ears: how many decorative rabbits live and how to care for them right?

A rabbit house should stand in a quiet, sheltered, drain and cold corner. Make the feeder heavy so that the rabbit turns it over.

Regardless of the rabbit breed, the cage should have a length of at least 70 cm. Rabbits grow up very quickly, so it's best to buy a cage "to grow."The grown pet should have the ability to freely pull up the entire length and get up on the hind legs. In addition, in the cage should be free to accommodate a house, a tray, a nursery for hay and a drinker. The bottom of the cage should cover the bedding of pressed sawdust or hay at a height of about 3 cm. Change it must be at least twice a week. The pallet is better to choose plastic. The net for rabbit legs is not suitable.

The house should stand in a quiet, sheltered, sheltered and cold corner. It is better to choose a feeder so heavy that the rabbit can not turn it over. The best option will be its suspension version.

Animals should have free access to water. It is very convenient to use an automatic drink with a ball specially adapted for rodents. To save space, it can be attached to the rods of the cell.

Rabbit badly suffers from strangulation, direct sunlight and overheating. They are sensitive to high humidity, drafts and dampness. The best they feel at a temperature of 18-20 degrees of heat.


It is necessary to constantly monitor the condition of the pet's wool. Long-tailed rocks require periodic scrubbing to avoid the appearance of dummies. As far as cleaning the wool, animals perfectly deal with it themselves. Therefore, it is possible to bathe the pet only in case of acute necessity and use special shampoo for this purpose.

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Useful Tips

The peak activity of these animals occurs at night. By the evening they are hiding in their house and they should not be disturbed better. When letting a rabbit walk around the room, keep the doors and windows closed. It will save it from the drafts and will not allow you to escape.

All about ears: how many decorative rabbits live and how to care for them right?

Long-tailed breeds of rabbits require regular scrubbing to prevent the appearance of rattles.

Do not settle in one cage of two males. When they grow up, they will begin to figure out the relationships in the fights. But the females, when the size of the cells allow, perfectly coexist with each other, especially if they grew together. Better if it will be individuals with one litter. If from different, then it is necessary to find out if they can live together, not later than 10 weeks after their appearance. But in this case, it will be necessary to closely monitor their behavior.

Females and males stay well in the same cage. But if the animals are not sterilized, they will constantly bring offspring. This can seriously undermine the health of the females.

It should be noted some features of the digestive system of dwarf rabbits. This is very important for the organization of proper nutrition. Because they have a very high digestive rate, they eat up to 30 times a day, and young people are twice as likely. Therefore, the food they have to be constantly. The basis of the diet - hay. If dry hay does not cause a special appetite, then it can be slightly moistened in salted water. An adult rabbit needs to be provided daily with branches of trees so that he has the opportunity to eat bark and leaves. In the summer, be sure to provide the animal with fresh grass, but when harvesting it is necessary to be careful not to accidentally pick up poisonous plants.

You can supplement the diet with cereals: oats, barley, legumes, pre-soaked them or cooked. Diversify the menu can be cooked or raw vegetables. When choosing mineral additives it is better to stop on the back flour or pressed chalk. It is strictly forbidden to give something to the rabbits sweet, sharp and salty.


Compliance with the simple rules of keeping at home enhances the chances of a dream to live a long and happy life.