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Fosprenil for cats: reviews, instructions for use, contraindications - Morkoto about cats and cats

Have you heard that pines are very useful to cats? We suspect that it is unlikely. Indeed, pines and pine needles are not useful.

It is this substance( polyphenol phosphate salt) that is the basis of the formula Fosprenil for cats and due to it the drug has an antiviral effect, and



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  • Advantages and disadvantages
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Instructions for use

Let's look at the effects of Fosprenil for cats:

  • Enhances infectious resistance;
  • Positive effect on liver function;
  • Deletes toxins from the body;
  • Promotes the correct development of cats and cats;
  • Works as anti-inflammatory;
  • Enhances Immune Response to Vaccines.

Fosprenil for cats: reviews, instructions for use, contraindications - Morkoto about cats and cats
Veterinarians recommend Fosplenil if diagnosed as:

  • viral enteritis;
  • infectious peritonitis;
  • rhinotracheitis;
  • panleucopenia;
  • chin.

Please note!

Fosprenil is a good preventive drug, but it's about it.

Dosage for

For cats owners it is worth paying attention to the following packaging of Fosprenila, 2, 5, 10, 50, 100 ml. The vials with the preparation are transparent, the same means are colorless or slightly yellowish.

  • How to use Fosprenil as a prophylaxis( for example, before an exhibition)?
  • Immunomodulator will be affected if it is entered the first time in two days before the exhibition, then a day before it. The recommended prophylactic dose is 0.05 ml per kg body weight of the cat. The third entry should be made by returning home.

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  • How to get into a situation where your animal was in contact with the patient?
  • Use Fosplenil once in a prophylactic dose of 0.05 ml per kg body weight of the cat.

  • Vaccination Fosprenil, as we wrote above, increases the effect of vaccines and helps to form prolonged immunity.

    Developers are advised to take Fosprenil injection at the same time as a vaccine at a dose of 0.05 ml per kg of the pet's weight.


    When vaccinated, Fosprenil is stabbed with a separate syringe and is not the point at which the vaccine was administered.

  • Treatment of
  • By itself, a means during the period of illness is unlikely to occur. It is prescribed together with drugs such as Gamavit, Roncoleukin, and the like.

    The therapeutic dose for adult animals is 0.2 ml / kg( once) and 0.6-0.8 ml / kg( daily).

    For kittens a single dose of 0.3 ml / kg and daily 0.9-1.2 ml / kg

    The advantages and disadvantages of Fospensil for cats

    We did not find obvious deficiencies in the drug, but a lot of advantages.

    Contains Fosprenil with ease of administration - it can be stabbed intramuscularly, subcutaneously, intravenously or by digestion.

    They can wash their eyes and nose a sick cat.

    And most importantly, Fosplenil is not a foreign body of cats, because its active ingredient is similar to polyphenylphosphates in animal cells.


    And yet the drug is safe and has no contraindications and this is also a big plus.

    Side Effects

    Manufacturers warn that side effects are possible. It is:

    • A slight increase in body temperature;
    • Short-term fatigue;
    • General anxiety;
    • Changing the Heart Rhythm.

    BUT! These syndromes are listed once, they pass quickly.

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    Reviews of the preparation Fosprenil for cats

    Olga: "The cat has somehow become bad. She lost interest in the games, her appetite disappeared, she began to sneeze, her saliva flowed, and in my mouth I noticed some wounds. They called the veterinarian home, it turned out that my kid was calcium. Having prescribed the intramuscular administration of Fosprenila, they also rinsed the nose. A week later, the cat was healthy, Fopprenil certainly helped us! "

    Tamara: "I bought my Mathilde, the Don Sphinx, into a breeder who sold a kitten before he was vaccinated. And the breeder told me on the eve of the vaccination inoculate Fopprenil. Matilda has had an immunization normally, a bit lethargic, but it was expected, now the cat is healthy and happy with life. "

    Makar: "I have an adult cat, he is 4 years old. Paying attention to the fact that the cat began to thaw their eyes, they were reddened and tearful. Having examined the cat, he found that enlarged lymph nodes. He did not panic and decided to pierce Foppraven according to the scheme. It took 4 days to go to all the symptoms of malaise. Great medicines! ยป

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    The office of the manufacturer Micro-plus CJSC is located in Moscow, but it is possible to buy a drug in Kiev and in Minsk.

    In Ukraine, the price per bottle of 10 ml is 77 UAH, and the cost of 50 ml of the bottle - 350 UAH.

    In Russia, 200 rubles and 880 rubles respectively.

    On the official website of the manufacturer of the preparation you can read more:



    • Gamavit;
    • Maxydine.


    Never give the cat this drug at the same time as:

    • Steroid anti-inflammatory drugs;
    • Glucocorticoid hormones( eg, dexazone, hydrocortisone).