Headache and ears: causes and treatment by home remedies

There are cases when the state of health is normal, but headache begins and, at the same time, causes ears. Such manifestations may be frequent or rare. What can this be? Usually the eardrum is a sign of high blood pressure.

Headache and ears: causes and treatment by home remedies

So if you have

starts to lay your ears, try to rest, make a break in work, it is better to lie down. If possible, measure the pressure and take the pill if it is heavily raised.


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Causes of Ear and Headache

It should be understood that a sharp increase in pressure is very dangerous to the body and even lead to a stroke. Therefore, after such a symptom, be sure to consult a doctor.

The main reason, as already mentioned, is the increased pressure. Nausea, a sharp throbbing pain in the temples, a fly or an asterisk before the eyes may also appear. Not very often, but it is possible, a sensation of pain in the heart, but it will take place within half an hour.

Immediately you can simply not understand that you have increased pressure and all the symptoms of it. If the symptoms appear with a certain sequence and this is repeated several times a week, be sure to go to the doctor. Try to describe in detail the attack on the attack. To establish the exact diagnosis, it is necessary to undergo a survey and be sure to carry out measurements of pressure several times a day.

One of the reasons can be called overcurrent and over-voltage. Such a reaction can occur if you work for ten or twelve hours a day. Do not get worn out, spend a lot of time at the computer, the job involves sitting for a long time at the desk in the office, eating in a dry soap. In this case, the general state of health deteriorates, the body becomes depleted, blood circulation is disturbed and there is a headache and can lay ears.

Any stress can cause a headache attack, in this situation the body tries to protect itself, it occurs at a subconscious level, and a person can not affect the event. Therefore, you need to learn how to properly and quickly relieve stress.

For various colds, headache can occur and can cause ears. Especially if this is due to ear diseases. These include otitis media.

Ears can also be placed after a shower or a swimming pool. Water falls into the ears and remains inside them, because the structure of the ear is rather complicated. In this connection, you will feel licking, worsen hearing, and headache may appear.

If you can not get rid of yourself, you should consult your doctor. Because prolonged stay can lead to the onset of inflammation and other complications.

How to cure eardrum?

Headache and ears: causes and treatment by home remedies Everything will depend on the cause of the headache and the ears. If it is determined that you have increased pressure, be sure to try to stabilize it.

Medicines are used for this, but only after the appointment of a physician. At the same time it is necessary to rest, even sleep and headache and eardrum must pass.

If you are hypertensive then you need to take medications regularly. When the ears are laid, the body gives you a signal that the pressure has risen and you need to take the necessary steps to stabilize it.

In the event of a headache, eardrum through fatigue, you must rest, get away from everyday problems. Ideal in this situation, let even short-term leave. Duration of rest can be three days or two weeks.

It is imperative to have a good night's sleep, to walk in the fresh air, to see your diet. The food should be balanced and be sure to eat vegetables, fruits, greens. You will feel when the body is restored. Try to get as much positive emotions as possible in this period.

When catarrhal diseases are concerned, the root cause must be treated. Perhaps post-treatment mortality and headaches can still persist, but within a few days they will pass.

If you still have not done this, you should contact your doctor and go through a re-examination. The situation may be this - the disease did not cure completely or the diagnosis was not entirely correct, there may be complications after the disease.

Water in the ears can provoke inflammation and lead to complications. So be sure to remove it from the ear bowl. Try to do it yourself lean head to shoulder with the water where the water hit. You can jump a bit, then it should be relaxed and the ear delayed. If this does not work, be sure to contact the hospital.

Treatment of the epidermal edema by means of folk remedies

The most important thing to know is the case, in which case you can do without medications. Such methods can help during pregnancy or children.

- At the formation of a sulfuric tube try to clean the ear using hydrogen peroxide. To do this, you need to use special ears to moisten with peroxide. To clean the ear carefully, so as not to damage the tympanic membrane. You can dip an ear with peroxide, and then clean it;

- If the cause of the stiffness of the ear is a pressure drop, you can use a regular chewing gum. With this increase the salivation, it is necessary to begin to swallow more often and the anterior pressure can decrease;

- if you have nothing at hand, try to just start breathing your mouth, nose can close, and then after a few exhalations sharply exhale through the nose. It may become a bit painful, but it will have to put off your ears and relieve pressure;

- if you have an unusual subject in your ear, you should dip the ear with warm vegetable oil, then rinse with warm water, a little tufts, and the ear has to be cleaned. In this case, the head should be inclined so that the ear that you cleaned was above.

You can use the seeds of anise and rosehip oil to remove the inflammatory process. You need to cook the tincture and then bury your ear at night.

Propolis tincture with the addition of sunflower oil from it, you can do ear compresses, you can keep for about a day and periodically change.

In folk medicine, horseradish juice and tampons of honey are used, at night you can close the ear with a leaf of horseradish. In any case, visit your doctor for advice. The doctor should review and diagnose.

Headache can cause eardrum and vice versa. In such a situation, it is very important to determine the reason for the correct assistance.

  • hanging pressure;
  • overfill;
  • inflammatory processes;
  • Cold Disease;
  • water and foreign objects in the ears.

These are the main reasons for treating them with medicinal products and folk remedies. But we recommend visiting a doctor and undergo a survey. Medicines should be taken only at the appointment of a doctor, especially from the pressure. The doctor will pick you the most appropriate.