Tea Tree Oil From Acne: How to Apply, Reviews and Results

Tea Tree Oil From Acne: How to Apply, Reviews and Results How often have we heard about tea tree oil, about its magic properties and qualities! But it's time to learn more about it because it's worth a drug that really has a number of advantages over others.

A little history of

The tea tree belongs to the family of myrtle. Meet its

can be found in Malaysia and Australia. From ancient times, the aborigines of these places extracted from the trees butter, applying it in many spheres of life. But the popularity and true recognition of tea tree oil was not so long ago. The name of the tree was determined by the behavior of Cook, who brewed tea from his leaves.

The most important plus and the healing quality of this oil is the amazing ability to remove microbes five times better than ethyl alcohol and 8 times more efficient carbolic acid. Such oil is used in the fight against skin and respiratory diseases, for the treatment of wounds, and even for the treatment of female illnesses. But we will talk about how to use tea tree oil from acne.

For a long time, cosmetologists and dermatologists use this oil to fight problem skin. Oil effectively removes inflammation and cleanses the skin from harmful bacteria and microbes, which contributes to the disappearance of acne. It contains substances of terpenes, which have such a beneficial effect on the skin. Due to the excessive activity of these substances, tea tree oil is most often used in conjunction with other oils or cosmetics.

Tea Tree Oil Recipes

It's easiest to try the strength of the beneficial ingredients of oil by buying some cosmetic product containing it. Now it will not be difficult to find such, because many famous companies produce series based on this oil. Such preparations are directed on struggle against problematic and oily skin.

If you prefer to make medicines yourself, then the following recipes are for you.

  • Porous tapping agent: lightly warm 100 grams of water and add 12 drops of tea tree oil. Wash your face as usual and wipe it with this solution.
  • Use of tea tree oil from acne. You will need: 1 drop of birch oil and 1 drop of lavender oil, 3 drops of tea tree oil. Add these ingredients in 1 tablespoon of cream, mix and apply to the face in the form of a mask. Instead of cream, honey or white wine will fit.
  • For face treatment at bedtime, you can prepare the following mixture: 2 tablespoons kefir mixed with 4 drops of our miracle oil. Please note that this lotion requires flushing.
  • And another very popular and effective recipe for wrinkling skin. You will need 15 drops of tea tree oil, 25 ml of decoction of sage and 60 ml of pink water. All components can be found at any pharmacy. All mix and wipe this face lotion after your daily cleansing. Do the procedure before bedtime, do not rinse.
  • Tea Tree Oil From Acne: How to Apply, Reviews and Results

    The basic principle of home-made skin cleansing with the use of tea tree oil from acne is in the right proportions. Remember: 1 drop of oil is diluted in 10 grams of base. Knowing this, you can safely add oil to your face with a cream or cleansing gel. And for local use, this miracle oil is used in a simple way: it is applied to the problem areas. Oil performs its functions: kills pathogenic microbes and bacteria in the field of inflammation.

    The tea tree oil is truly a great preparation, which has a natural origin and possesses unique qualities to fight many diseases and disorders. Check yourself, you will not be disappointed, since you will get maximum effect for a minimum amount of time and money.