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Clothes for dogs with their own hands: patterns, small, knit, working

Clothes for dogs with their own hands: patterns, small, knit, working

Every owner of his dog cares about her health. But not all breeds of dogs have dense, warm wool, which can warm up. Therefore, for four-petals decided to buy warm clothes. Animals also want to be protected from the cold.

  • Insulate your pet
  • Waterproof, demi-season clothes - the right choice
  • Summer clothes - care for our pets
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  • Therapeutic and protective - health care
  • Working clothes or dogs in service
  • Decorative or change the image of

Now therea large number of types of dog clothing, ranging from work to festive. For every taste, color and event. The function of clothes is not only warm, but also decorate. Let's talk about clothes for dogs with our own hands.

Insulate your pet

This type is designed to protect against frost, moisture and wind. The closer winter is, the more serious you need to think about warming your pet. It is worth thinking that your little decorative dog is already at + 10 ° C, it will be acutely feel chill and maybe get sick.

To avoid such incidents, insulate our pupils. Short-haired and smooth-haired large and medium-sized dogs already feel the cooling near the end of the fall. But it is not necessary to postpone the warming of a pet until the first snow falls. When the temperature is below zero or even lower, dogs of any breed need immediate warming with winter clothes.

If the temperature drops below -15, it is not recommended to go for long walks with your pets without a warmed overalls. This can lead to mild frostbite. Only rocks with very thick hair can withstand cold weather. These are breeds like the Caucasian Shepherd, Siberian Husky, etc.

It is known that the most sensitive places are the reproductive system and the kidneys. Thus, the area of ​​the waist must be in the warmth. Insulated dog clothing - that's what you need. Usually it is made of such material, through which does not penetrate the moisture and frost. And the presence of a warm substrate from sintepon does not make it warm to go beyond the boundaries or other warm clothes.

Clothes for dogs with their own hands: patterns, small, knit, working

Waterproof, demi-season clothes - the right choice for the

Dogs also need clothing that protects from cold moisture and warms up in the spring and autumn, when it's cool, dripping rain, whether it's wet snow or fog. Comfort in any weather - that's what matters. And most importantly, wearing clothes solves the problem of contamination of their wool, now you will not have to waste time and choose to pick up small rubbish from the street.

The dog will be protected from dirt, dust, splashes and debris. Since autumn clothes must repel the moisture, the demi season will be light and easy to use, and most importantly lightweight and without a substrate. In most cases, the material used is a pattern of plasterboard.

Summer clothing - care for our pupils

Even in the summer, animals need protection, and some even in the warmth. Basically, warming them in the autumn and winter, and in the summer it protects against moisture and insects. Another problem of long-haired dogs is solved: rapeseed, dummies. They are scouring in the past.

Now you can enjoy a walk and fresh air, not thinking that then you will have to waste time choosing a rafter's wool, etc. As a animal sweater and a comboson must be necessarily made of fleece or withNatural dense fabric that does not cause irritation on your pet's skin. The most popular was autumn and summer and autumn knitted clothes for dogs with their own hands.

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Therapeutic and protective - health care

This type of clothing is allocated to a separate group. In another way, "veterinary pointer".These are unique gowns, very small with neat passages for the legs and the tail. Possible clasp on the length of the body of the pet on the buttons, velcro, lightning. It is used for medical purposes, in treatment, in the postoperative period.

Cowons protect the stomach, the sides and back, especially after some time after the stitches, when it is necessary to fix the body of the dog. Very comfortable postenka, since one can safely walk with a pet after the operation and do not worry that the infection is infected or dispersed seams. It should be worn even if the dog begins to lick the seams, it can accidentally break the stitch, which will lead to unforeseen consequences. To prevent this happening, you need to carefully monitor the post-operative period for your pet.

There are also medical posters and overalls for nursing "mothers".About the chen are convenient, as they support the mammary glands, prevent their feces, protect against external influences.

Clothes for dogs with their own hands: patterns, small, knit, working

Working clothes or dogs in service

This is one of the types of ammunition. It is mainly intended for animal breeds. There are many different types of clothing: bullet-proof, overalls with pockets, food and water. Applied in police practice, and overalls with a large number of pockets designed for rescue dogs.

In pockets there are stores of food, water, first aid. Often, animals from the police dress in a special form of color hacks - a distinctive feature of service dogs will clearly be seen that this dog is in work. There are still ammunition for hunting and riding dogs. In the North, wearing waistcoats, so they can carry small loads.

Decorative or change the image of

Animals need not only to protect, heal, but also to decorate. Often you can see little dogs, decorated in dress, skirts, blouses. Decorative clothing is relevant for any breed and size of the dog.

Beautiful clothes will emphasize the elegance, gracefulness or attitude of your pet. You can see at exhibitions, in promo-photoshops, etc. A large selection of clothes models. Not only overalls and medical posters, but also skirts, tuxedos, dresses, hats.

The form of clothing for small dogs with your own hands:
Clothes for dogs with their own hands: patterns, small, knit, working
It does not matter what you would like to buy for a pet, you must necessarily observe a few items when choosing clothes:

  • Quality. The material from which the thing is made must necessarily be durable and environmentally friendly. It is necessary to check all: seams, logical design. In that case, if the clothes will be uncomfortable, it can insolate the skin, which will bring great inconvenience to your dog. Clothing is simply obliged to dress and take off easily. When purchasing, check fasteners, buttons, zippers, Velcro - everything should be in perfect condition.
  • Convenience. Any clothes should not compress an animal. It is not necessary to buy a thing of size closely, if necessary, take on a larger size, so that the clothes do not shake the movements. Comfort is important for your pet. Significant parts - cuffs and neck, pay special attention to them so that they are not tight or very wide. Everything should be in the least. After all, if the holes are too wide, rain or snow may fall.
  • Decorative redundancy. They have nothing to do with it. No rhinestones, tricks, thorns. Looks awful and alyapist, and can also hurt a dog or, worse, be eaten by your pet.
  • So take care of your pet's health, and in return, he will give you warmth and affection.