How to organize the keeping of rabbits in the street in winter

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  • Winter rabbits accommodation
  • Winter rabbits feeding
  • Winter rabbits hygiene
  • Winter rabbit breeding

Rabbits require special care, especially during the winter. You need to know a few basic rules that will prevent the

from unnecessary worries, and keeping the rabbits outdoors in the winter in this case will not be a global problem.

How to organize the keeping of rabbits in the street in winter

The rabbits are negatively affected by drafts that increase the humidity or the dryness of the air.

There are not many rules( and they are quite simple) that help them keep their rabbits in winter in comfort. So, here are four main whales:

  • Accommodation.
  • Nutrition.
  • Hygiene.
  • Reproduction.
  • Rabbit stay in winter

    How to organize the keeping of rabbits in the street in winter

    Cage for rabbits by Mikhailov.

    These animals are negatively affected by changes in temperature in the negative side, strong drafts that increase the humidity or the dryness of air. Therefore, when keeping rabbits in winter it should be foreseen. In nature, rabbits are experiencing cold in warm holes.

    Wintering for rabbits will make it much easier to keep them in closed facilities, where the room heating will be arranged.

    However, it should be borne in mind that it is not always possible to have a closed breeder. Most cells are located on the street under the canopy. For this type of maintenance of rabbits in winter it is imperative to warm the floor of the cage. To do this, you need to put on the bottom of the cell cages and lay a dense layer of hay on them. The walls and ceilings of the cell are usually covered with veneers, and small air openings must be made to ventilate the air, which will also cause light to enter. Additional insulation of cells from above and from the sides. It is recommended to make a glazed window for more comfortable stay of animals in cages. Sunlight is beneficial to rabbits. It is not necessary to include additional lighting at night. Suffice it to recall the habitat of rabbits is not in the home, but in nature. They live in nooks and do not sleep at night. In order to prevent diseases and reduce the mortality of rabbits in winter, it is better not to locate cells in the open.

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    Feeding rabbits in winter

    How to organize the keeping of rabbits in the street in winter

    Feeder and rabbit feeder scheme.

    What to Feed Rabbits? This is a real ritual for lovers, and professionals do not pose any problems. The management of rabbits in winter and spring must necessarily be full and diverse. They should receive enough vitamins and minerals. However, during this period, due to poor diet, rabbits are forced to use different fodder and hay, the grass for which it is better to wash the rinse before drying and drying. But there is a lot of supplements that contain vitamins and minerals, which completely cope with their task.

    What more to feed rabbits? Of course, in addition to fodder and hay, it is necessary to include in the menu of their pets and roots( potatoes, carrots, beets), and grain( barley, oats, etc.).Thanks to such a diet it is always noted increase in weight and improve the quality of furs of animals. Constantly you need to maintain a water balance, so you should ensure that the feeder has always been fresh, clean and frozen water.

    In winter, with a severe drop in temperature, food and water in feeders and feeders will freeze, to prevent this it is necessary to use special devices that will heat food and water to the desired temperature.

    Carrollers need to keep in mind the basic safety rules. When using electrical appliances that are capable of quickly heating the feeder, you must take care of the correct and reliable connection of the ground and isolation so as not to endanger the life and health of rabbits and their offspring. It is best to use plastic utensils for watering, because the plastic does not have the ability to cool off as quickly as the metal, and does not let electricity. The volume should be calculated based on the number of animals in the rabbit. As for a device capable of warming up water in the winter, it is best to use an electric strain( it is installed in a container with water and secured at a safe distance from the animals).


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    Hygiene for Rabbits during the Winter

    Rabbits are animals that are very demanding for air purity, habitat, nutrition, etc. Cells that contain rabbits in the winter, need to be cleaned regularly, peasants should be well ventilated. Carbon dioxide, ammonia, dust and fluff are harmful factors, the increase in the content of which is categorically impossible to admit. It is necessary to clean the drinking water, feeders and cells. The cells should always have a so-called sheet of fresh and clean hay. Unlike other pets, rabbits do not suffer from overcrowding. In no case can you put the food on the floor of the cage, only in the feeder. Remains of food should be removed from the feeder before the next feeding.

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    Content Reproduction of rabbits in winter

    How to organize the keeping of rabbits in the street in winter

    Reproduction pattern of rabbits.

    Many rabbits are afraid not only to increase the population of rabbits in the winter, but also to leave them for the winter, which causes them to destroy the whole family. However, it has been proven that the winter fodder is considered the most durable. After the passage, usually the female transplanted into a more spacious cage, which can be divided into two parts: the first one is a matrix, qualitatively insulated and carefully filled with hay( approximate size of the stomach is 50x50x60 cm), the second - for walking and feeding.

    Sina needs to be stuffed a lot so that the female could subsequently make a so-called mink there. Thanks to the winter turtles it is possible to more evenly divide the biological potential of females, and to facilitate its physical condition and improve health in general. Compacted shoots exhaust the body of the female. Rarer sporles also have a beneficial effect on the rabbit, their health and growth, due to the increased suction period. Winter rabbits are usually distinguished by sound health, they are more tempered with respect to the environment and to various diseases. They also have markedly higher quality skins. However, there is such a feature among rabbits - a decrease in biological activity in the winter, so that it is necessary to apply additional efforts so that the rabbits get harvested, but this is worth it - a marked increase in the return on the farm.


    Based on the foregoing, one can safely conclude that the content of rabbits in the street in the winter is not something supernatural. On the contrary, with their proper retention, it has a lot of positive moments, and also bring additional benefits and profits.