Hemorrhoid Treatment

Ways to get rid of hemorrhoids

People have long discovered the mechanism for the appearance of hemorrhoids - all the troubles due to the modern way of life, which sharply limits the number of active movements.

For the first time in dealing with the pathology, people immediately have to wonder how to get rid of the cones and whether it can do this one

once and for all.


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  • 2 How to Get Rid of
  • 3 How to Cope With Older Hemorrhoids

Symptoms and Causes of

Ways to get rid of hemorrhoids Before you get rid of hemorrhoids, you need to not only recognize it for symptoms, but also understand the reasons for which it generally appears,to avoid recurrence.

The following factors can be attributed to the causes:

  • plays a decisive role in a sedentary way of life, due to which, in a small pelvis, blood can not circulate properly and, as a result, accumulates with subsequent redeployment of venous plexuses;
  • plays a major role in the formation of cones in stomach stagnation in the intestine, that is, constipation, due to which veins can also be squeezed, which leads to circulatory pathological changes;
  • is important and nutrition, which not only leads to constipation, but also because of the composition of the food intake can affect the mucous membrane of the large intestine;
  • is of great importance to women in pregnancy and childbirth, and in men with difficult work involving the manual handling of heavy objects.

Ways to get rid of hemorrhoids

Dizziness when trying to go to the toilet

Know about the symptoms of hemorrhoids is also important, as well as its causes, in order to suspect the disease in a timely manner and seek medical advice. It is worth paying attention to the following manifestations:

  • pain when attempting to go to the toilet or with prolonged stay in a standing or lying position;
  • itchy or burning sensation in the area close to the anus;
  • the appearance of mucous or bloody discharge when attempting to go to the toilet.

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How to get rid of

If hemorrhoid has been caught early, then you can get rid of cones without using any radical remedies:

  • to get rid of the cones will help to thoroughly hygiene the area around the anus, especially after each walk to the toilet, as well as usevarious medical oils, which can be lubricated nodes;
  • will get rid of hemorrhoids faster if it is timely to start local therapy with ointments and rectal suppositories that the patient has to pick up with his or her treating physician;
  • to cope with the pathology will also help the correct drinking regime, which will positively affect the consistency of feces and facilitate the act of defecation;Ways to get rid of hemorrhoids
  • will also have to change the approach to eating if you want to get rid of hemorrhoids rather quickly: it is recommended to consume a large amount of fiber, get rid of fast food in the diet, prefer vegetables and fruits;
  • can take warm, but not hot baths with a solution of English salt or decoction of camomile, and also arrange the area around the anus of contrasting shower, which stimulates the processes of blood circulation;
  • If it is necessary to get rid of exacerbation or stop bleeding in the shortest time, it is recommended to make lotions with ice water or ice suppositories, which will reduce the size of the cones, remove the pain and help stop the blood;
  • can not be forgotten about an important element in the treatment of hemorrhoids - physical activity, without which to get rid of the problem in a short time and forever still will not work: patients are advised half an hour walking, as well as an individual complex of exercises in each individual case can be offered.

    Ways to get rid of hemorrhoids

    Walking Walking at Any Age

Timely start of local use and lifestyle changes will help you quickly get rid of your pathology and reduce your risk of relapse.

How to cope with old hemorrhoid

Do you have hemorrhoids?

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Getting rid of the old hemorrhoids is much more difficult than coping with the newly emerging pathology, and it's necessary to remember that once again postpone a visit to the doctor about the unpleasant sensations in the back passage.

Firstly, for a complete relief from the old hemorrhoids, you will first have to deal with the treatment of anal fissures, which necessarily accompany this ailment.

Secondly, they will most likely accept the fact that without radical methods of treatment will not be able to do. This is due to the fact that in the later stages of hemorrhoid nodes can no longer take the normal position themselves.

To get rid of old hemorrhoids can be mainly only surgical techniques that can be minimally invasive and common.

If a person really wants to get rid of hemorrhoids, he should remember that self-treatment is contraindicated, and seek medical advice. Thus, it will be possible to avoid unforeseen and unpleasant complications, which can lead to running hemorrhoids.