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Red small rash on the body of an adult itch

A rash on the body is an alarm signal that indicates the presence of an orphan in the body. The skin condition can say a lot about human health. Many pathological changes, infections and inflammatory processes are manifested in skin rashes. This symptom almost always alerts you to the development of a serious illness. However, there are cases where rashes do not pose any danger and may appear as a reaction to small stimuli. In any case, the advice of a specialist will not be superfluous. The doctor will be able to find out the cause of the problem and timely address its elimination. Rash may not be the main symptom, but only one of the manifestations of a much more dangerous disease.


  • 1 Types of rashes
  • 2 Etiology of the disease
  • 3 Provocative factors
  • 4 Infectious nature of the disease
  • 5 Non-infectious diseases
  • 6 Diagnosis and therapeutic measures

1 Types of rashes

There are many different types of acne. They differ in color, shape, size, localization, etc. For each disease and violation, one particular species is characteristic. To distinguish them quite simply at the initial inspection, since the difference is visible to the naked eye. Depending on the external signs, the doctor concludes that there are possible violations and assigns additional diagnostic procedures.

Red small rash on the body of an adult itch

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In modern medicine, the following main types of rash on the body are distinguished:

  • spots;
  • blisters;
  • abscesses;
  • bubbles;
  • erythema;
  • purple;
  • nodes;
  • nodes.

Blemishes, as a rule, do not rise above the surface of the skin. They come in different colors. Depending on the reasons that triggered their appearance, the spots are white, red and brown. They can take up as a small area, and cover most of the body. If there are red, white or brown spots, you should urgently seek medical advice to find out the causes of their occurrence.

Blisters are small in size, but they can be many on a small area of ​​the skin. They are dense and rough to the touch. Usually they do not bring pain and discomfort. However, one should not hope that this symptom just appeared and will soon disappear.

Pruritus are filled areas of the epidermis with inflamed areas. Such rash on the body of an adult may indicate serious illness, and in the adolescence, thus, a common acne rash appears. The second name of this type of rash is a pustule.

Bubbles are cavities filled with clear fluid. They are small in diameter and raised above the skin. To find out why this rash appeared, you need to conduct additional examinations and pass certain tests.

Erythema is presented as a skin of a bright red color that rises above the skin. Most often appears on the cheeks, rarely covering the entire body. To find out the cause of the appearance of erythema, you need to talk to your doctor.

Purpura is subcutaneous and skin hemorrhage. As a rule, the affected areas do not rise above the epidermis and have a red hue. There are many reasons for their appearance, and only the doctor can find out.

Nodes are more nodes. Both species rises above the skin, change color and shape. This manifestation requires immediate diagnosis and adequate treatment.

2 Etiology of the disease

Both the child and adult human rash does not appear just like that. There is always some provocative factor. The main task of the doctor - to find out this factor before the start of treatment. Typically, skin rashes are one of the manifestations or side effects of a more serious disorder in the body. At the first symptoms you must urgently go to the hospital. Self-treatment is also not to be dealt with, this can lead to an intensification of the process.

Red small rash on the body of an adult itch

The most common and common causes of acne are allergic reactions to the body, infectious processes, and lowering of the body's defenses. In order for the rash to disappear, it is necessary to remove the provocative factor. This means that in addition to external manifestations, it is necessary to treat infections and allergies from the inside. Strengthening immunity also means a lot.

For some time the nature of the rash may change. Primary rash is pronounced, but the skin does not fall under the influence of pathological processes. Rash appearing later is called secondary. In this case, the surface of the epidermis can be significantly altered. There is a chance of scarring and scarring.

In addition, if you do not treat acne for a long time, then there are petioles, eczema, cracks in the skin. After the next period of exacerbation, the peeling process always begins. To prevent this, you should contact your doctor as soon as possible, who will determine the cause of the violation and prescribe the correct course of therapy.

3 Contributing Factors

Red pimples may appear for various reasons. Most often they provoke banal allergy. Already after a couple of hours after contact with the allergen, small rashes begin to form on the body, which can be terribly itchy, smoke, and sometimes even ill.

Red small rash on the body of an adult itch

A feeding mother should be particularly attentive to her diet, as certain foods provoke allergic rashes in the baby. When the diet of a child begins to gradually introduce normal products, you need to monitor its response to the body. If it turns out that there is an allergy to a baby food, then it's enough just to exclude this product. There is no definite treatment for an allergy.

Red rash can be a consequence of syphilis, infectious diseases, fungal infections. As a rule, with such violations the rash always itches and achieves. In secondary syphilis, patches, peals, nodules are formed. It delivers a lot of inconvenience and unpleasant sensations. In such a case, urgent medical treatment should be sought.

Red rash always speaks of acute pathological changes in the skin, so treatment should be started on time. In order to avoid negative effects in the form of scars, eczema and even loss of limbs, it is advisable to consult a doctor at the first alarming manifestations and complaints about the appearance of rashes.

4 Infectious Disease

If the rash on the body itches, achieves, causes a lot of unpleasant sensations, it may indicate an infection in the body. The most common infections that provoke skin rash include the following diseases:

  • syphilis;
  • lichen;
  • warts;
  • contagious mollusc;
  • herpes;
  • rubrophytic;
  • spinal warts;
  • pumice stone.

Syphilis - one of the most dangerous infectious diseases, is transmitted, mainly by sexual contact. For the secondary stage, there are bright red spots all over the body. At first they do not bring discomfort, and in a few months can go by themselves. However, shortly there will be a small rash, localized on the back, in the groin, under the mammary glands.

Lichen is a fungal skin disease. May show up completely differently. On the patient's body there are brown spots, red pimples, and scales. The skin begins to peel off, itchy pain accompanies the rash of this kind.

Red small rash on the body of an adult itch

Warts are formed on the hands and feet. They are solid, gray, in the form of papules. The surface of warts is rough. They may appear both in singular and in numerous rashes.

Contagious molluscs are manifested with transparent, smooth capsules filled with a clear serous fluid. When pressed, this fluid is poured out, and the area of ​​the puncture remains squeezed in a pink or gray color.

Herpes is mainly localized on the face of the skin. Appear small white bubbles that gradually become cloudy. Later, crust forms, which subsequently disappears. Cirks of dark brown color.

Rubrophytica - the most common fungal disease of the skin of the foot. Manifested in rashes on the skin between fingers. In the absence of therapy, the rash covers all the skin of the foot. It starts peeling, an unpleasant smell turns out from the feet.

Acute condylomas are formed on the genital organs. The appearance of this rash resembles warts, but over time it can acquire a persistent red hue. The rash can grow and form a reminiscent of cauliflower. The

pumice triggers the growth of single or multiple bubbles on the back. After a couple of days the bubbles burst, and the skin changes its color on the spot. The affected area resembles a scar, but is not it.

5 Non-infectious diseases

Body rash is not only an infectious nature. Some illnesses that are not related to infections provoke pathological changes in the skin, resulting in a variety of rashes on the body. Doctors called the cause of the rash such non-infectious diseases:

  • red lupus;
  • seborrheic dermatitis;
  • Acne Rash;
  • melanoma;
  • urticaria;
  • psoriasis;
  • Hobble.

Lupus is an acute rheumatic disease. Spots in lupus have intense pink color. Inflammation is most often localized in the open areas of the body: face, neck, hands. Sometimes the rash on the perenissa resembles a butterfly that opened its wings. After a certain amount of time, the spots are converted into coarse plaques, peeling begins.

Red small rash on the body of an adult itch

Seborrheic dermatitis affects places with the highest number of sebaceous glands. There are patches and papules that are yellowish-pink in color. Over time, inflammation can provoke cracks, peeling. The affected skin is sore and itchy.

Acne rash is characteristic of adolescence. It manifests itself in puddles, which are on the face, neck, back, chest. Rarely touched hands, legs and stomach.

Melanoma is a skin cancer. Its main symptom is a slight elevation on the skin a few millimeters in size. The ascension has a brown color, possibly the presence of pink, red, purple inclusions.

Cranberry is a relatively serious illness. It is called one of manifestations of allergy. Appear with small red pimples, which are very angry and aching. The temperature may rise.

Psoriasis provokes the formation of pink or bright red papules. At first, it may be single elements. Later they increase and merge into a solid blanket covered with silvery scales. The patient initially does not feel discomfort, but then the tumors begin to terribly itch and cause unbearable pain. Get rid of psoriasis forever, but you can ease the manifestation of symptoms.

Hemorrhage is a form of dermatitis. Her appearance provokes abundant sweating. In the groin, between the buttocks, large areas of redness, edema or rash of acne, which are sore and severely itchy, are formed in the axillary region.

6 Diagnosis and therapeutic measures

Treatment of rash is an individual process. It takes time and effort of the doctor and the patient. It is impossible to cure pimples without knowing the reason for their occurrence. Eliminating symptoms does not mean eliminating the disease.

Red small rash on the body of an adult itch

To get rid of unpleasant sensations as quickly as possible, you should contact a dermatologist. He will assign additional examinations or direct the patient to another doctor if the cause of the rashes will be specific.

The success of any therapy depends on the mood of the patient and his desire to heal.

There is no definite scheme of treatment of rash, and it can not be, because in each individual case a special approach is needed.

It depends on which illness is triggered by the appearance of acne.

There are cases when skin diseases develop simply from a decrease in immunity. In this case, no drugs will be needed. Enough will be full sleep, good nutrition, daily walks, sports and abandoning bad habits.

If the cause lies much deeper, then the doctor prescribes different medications, physiological procedures and multivitamin complexes. The treatment scheme in each individual situation is selected individually.