Kalanchoe Degremona: home care

For most people, the Kalanchoe plant is only decorative. But all representatives of this type also have therapeutic properties. This is especially expressed in Kalanchoe Degremon, which will be discussed today.


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Kalanchoe Degremona is a perennial succulent plant that belongs to the fatty family. The homeland of this "home doctor" is a tropical belt - the territories of Asia, South Africa and the island of Madagascar.

Kalanchoe Degremona: home care

Kalanchoe Degremona is a plant that has the appearance of a standing bush. It can reach 50-70 cm in height. The bush has a thick and thick stem. When growing at home, the plant needs a support for the stem. Gray-green fleshy leaves grow on the stalk. If compared with Kalanchoe Pyraste, then the leaf sheet in Degremon has a darker color. Leaves of a triangular flower. At the edges of the leaf plate there are numerous breeding buds, from which the "babies" develop. These are tiny plants with small leaves and roots. With their help, at home, flower reproduction occurs.

This plant is often grown at home, as it has a beautiful flowering, as well as pronounced medicinal properties. They can be compared with Kalanchoe Piryaste by force.

This is an unpretentious flower, which care is quite simple. If home care is appropriate for a plant, it will bloom with pink or red inflorescences. Degremona blooms in the winter. Flowers are located on long pedicels.

Growth and care

Kalanchoe Degremona: home care

Kalanchoe Degremona is part of a group of unpretentious indoor flowers, which can be taken care of by anyone, even a beginner gardener. In essence, care here is reduced to the following aspects:

  • irrigation. In the summer, the plant should be plentifully watered, but in the winter, watering requires a moderate. Excessive soil moisture should be avoided, as it can lead to the appearance of insect pests and fungi;
  • lighting. For normal growth and flowering, Kalanchoe Degremon needs bright light, but direct sunlight on the pot should be avoided. Such care is necessary for the plant to begin to bloom;
  • clipping. Is carried out in order to stimulate the flowering. Pruning is done after the end of the flowering period. In addition, it can help you get a new planting material for breeding.

In the wild, the flower grows on sandy soils. When growing a plant at home, it is necessary to take loose soil, which is well aerated. To grow Kalanchoe Degremona should be in the earth mix, which consists of overhang and leaf soil, as well as sand. All these components of the earth mix are mixed in a ratio of 1: 1: 1.It is allowed to add a small amount of coarse sand, as well as peat.

To make the flower feel comfortable, the pot may have small dimensions, but with a compulsory good drainage. In addition, spring care involves pinching. This is done to increase branching. As a result of pinching out a neat indoor plant.

In the summer, experts recommend placing a pot in the open air. In general Kalanchoe Degremon has a resistance to a variety of diseases and pests. But if the wrong care( especially adversely affected by excessive watering), the flower can suffer from shields, aphids, and gray mold.

The multiplication of

Kalanchoe Degremona: home care

Kalanchoe Degremona in a home environment can be multiplied in several ways. Its reproduction is as follows:

  • "children".This is the easiest way to reproduce, since it does not require time and effort. New plants, falling from the edges of the leaves, already have roots, and therefore their rooting is very fast. Compared to Kalanchoe Piraste, Degremona forms a large number of "children";
  • with stem leaves. This method is used less than two others. Performed by analogy with the cutoff method, but requires more time;
  • cuttings. Reproduction of stem-cuttings takes second place, after "children".

The flower replication of cuttings at home is carried out in two ways: the

  • is an instrumental way. With the help of an acute knife / blade, cutting the tops of a healthy stem is performed;
  • manual way. In this case, the fingers need to be neatly separated in the bottom of the leaf side spit.

It is worth noting that some cuttings may already have air rims. Their rooting will happen very easily and quickly. They can be planted on a pot - a permanent place of growth. But if they are not, then the stalk should remove the lower leaves and leave for one day to dry the cut. Then the appendix must be placed in a moist substrate or sand / peat at a depth of 3-5 cm. In this case, the temporary capacity should be used.

Care for rooted sprouts is the same as for an adult flower. The only thing you need to know is the soil around the seedling should be sealed. Using any breeding method from the above, you will receive a new plant without any problems.

Video «Flower of Life - Kalanchoe»

The healing properties of

Kalanchoe Degremona are both a decorative and a medicinal plant. She, in her medicinal properties, is comparable to Kalanchoe Pyraste. But the fact that Degremona possesses obvious therapeutic properties has become known recently. Freshly squeezed juice from the leaves of the plant allows you to successfully fight non-life in children and adults. At the same time, if you greet a letter to the patient for sore throat, his condition will also improve. There is evidence that this flower helps with attacks of bronchial asthma( it is necessary to chew a leaf).

Kalanchoe Degremona: home care

The beneficial properties of this varieties of Kalanchoe are due to the juice components contained in the meaty leaves. The composition of the juice includes:

  • flavonides;
  • tannins;
  • polysaccharides;
  • organic acids and enzymes;
  • macro - and trace elements: magnesium, copper, aluminum, iron, calcium, manganese;
  • Vitamin C.

For medicinal purposes, juice which has been prepared from leaves and stems of a flower should be used. Its curative properties of cooked juice is stored within one week. In order for it to be stored for a longer period of time, juice must be sterilized. Sterilization is carried out according to the following scheme:

  • leaves of the plant are crushed and squeezed by the juice extracted from them;
  • then juice obtained can withstand 24-48 hours at a temperature of 4-10 ° C;The
  • then needs to be strain and bottled. At the same time, the bottles themselves should also be well sterilized.

Kalanchoe Degremona: home care

In this form, juice retains its therapeutic properties within one year if the bottles are stored at a temperature of 8-10 ° С.If you want to get juice that has an antiviral and antibacterial activity, fresh cut leaves are recommended to stand in a cool and dark place for one week.

The juice that has been sterilized and filtered, and also placed in a refrigerator, can be used during the year as an external means. The prepared juice can be used for the treatment of a wide range of diseases by the above-described methods:

  • bedsores, fistulae;
  • trophic ulcer of the leg;
  • as a therapy for purulent infections( abscesses, abscesses, boils and infected wounds);
  • in dentistry: treating itching of the gums, their bleeding, and periodontal disease;
  • dermatitis. Very often, the juice of this plant is used to eliminate the negative effect of exposure to the skin of various irritants, including allergens. It facilitates a skin trial, reduces redness and swelling of the skin.

Kalanchoe Degremona: home care

In addition, the juice of this variety of Kalanchoe has pronounced healing and anti-inflammatory effects. For the treatment of various diseases, there are different recipes, the component of which will be the juice of this houseplant. In this case, the flower juice can be used both internally and as an external means.

But it should be remembered that the treatment of serious diseases with the help of folk medicine and Kalanchoe juice of this variety should be conducted after consultation with the doctor.

Thus, the Kalanchoe variety Degremona is a useful and beautiful indoor plant, whose care at home is very simple and does not require a lot of time and effort. In this case, you get a flower that can help you with certain diseases. As you can see, the benefit of this plant is very roller. In addition, it is also a beautiful decorative flower.

Video "Growing Kalanchoe of the Home"

To grow this beautiful plant on your windowsill, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the video material outlined below. This will help you avoid popular mistakes and errors.