What remarkable Russian ermine rabbits?

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  • Benefits of the Russian ermine rabbit
  • How to contain Russian ermine rabbits?
  • Selection for breeding rabbits

The Russian ermine rabbit has been named due to high-quality fur resembling the fur of such a small predator, the

as an ermine. In fact, this breed has a lot of other names, including American, African, Chinese, etc. There is no consensus on the origin of this breed of rabbits at present, but it is believed that in Russia, the first representatives of this breed were imported from the UK in about 20years of the last century.

What remarkable Russian ermine rabbits?

The hordes of rabbits are named after the furs of ermine-like fur.

Many researchers from this breed believe that its first representatives were withdrawn by the Himalayan peoples. Further, the breed has spread throughout the world, but these data are also not reliably verified. By way of selection in the Russian variant of the breed appeared more dense fur, which made this breed very popular. In addition, the Russian ermine rabbit in the selection process was significantly added in weight, which also gave him popularity among breeders. It is believed that Russian ermine rabbits are relatives of another popular breed - silvery rabbits.

The advantages of the Russian ermine rabbit

A distinctive feature of Russian ermine rabbits is their wool from which you can easily learn this breed. Almost all animal body is covered with white hair and only the tail, muzzle, ears and lower parts of the paws are dark brown color. In addition, in some varieties of Russian ermine rabbits, the skin may have a blue tint, and the dark fur parts are almost black. The wool is elastic, dense, has a characteristic luster and is characterized by a high density of undercoat. At 1 cm2 of skin there are about 21 thousand hair, as well as 90 thousand feathered hair. A large amount of undercoat completely changes the angle of inclination of the entire wool, making the animals look like plush toys.

The body of Russian erminal rabbits has a jagged, dense constitution and a proportional structure.

What remarkable Russian ermine rabbits?

The size of a rabbit does not exceed 50 centimeters in length.

The head of the rabbits of this breed has a rounded shape and is relatively small, and the ears are always straight. The length of the body of these animals can reach from 38 to 52 sm. The feet of the rabbits are thick, straight and strong. Healthy females have an elastic stomach and have 8 nipples. Rabbits of this breed are highly fertile and can bring up 8 rabbits in one litter. As a rule, all rabbits survive and grow quickly, which is explained by the good health inherent in these rabbits. Krolenya at birth have an absolutely white skin, which darkens as they grow older and molt at about 7-8 months of age.

The average weight of Russian ostrich breed rabbits' carcasses is 3.8 kg, but under certain conditions individuals can reach around 5 kg. The male breeders are always considerably larger than females. Russian ermine rabbits are distinguished by excellent health, endurance and unpretentious care. They can be breeding in any climatic zone. In addition, some breeders spend their crossing with a larger breed of rabbits, for example, with a white giant. This allows to significantly increase the gain of the resulting offspring, but with this cross-breeding somewhat negatively affects the quality of fur. Only in some cases it is possible to remove the offspring of the mare, which differ not only by a large pile but also by qualitative fur.

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How to contain Russian ermine rabbits?

What remarkable Russian ermine rabbits?

Food for a rabbit should be rich in vitamins.

Despite the fact that the Russian ermine-based breed of rabbits differs from the point of view of content, there are still certain requirements for the care of them. First of all, for breeding and keeping rabbits of this breed, it is necessary to prepare cells in advance, the size of which must be not less than 60x60 cm. In the spring-summer period, you can put cages with rabbits out into the street, but it's necessary to place them in a shaded position. In the cold season, they should be kept in a room with a temperature regime of 10 to 25 0ะก.The length of the light day in the premises for the maintenance of Russian ermine rabbits should be not less than 12 hours. As a litter in cells you can use hay or rub.

In order for the rabbits to gain normal weight while remaining healthy, special attention should be paid to their nutrition. Their diet should include feed that can fill the need for animals in the following substances:

  • fats;
  • B vitamins;
  • minerals;
  • carbohydrates;
  • proteins.

In order for rabbits to receive all the necessary nutrients, it is necessary to include in the diet of lightly faded green grass, hay, fodder, cereals and vegetables. As an add-on from time to time you can enter into blends of fish meal and fat, which allow you to fill the body of a rabbit in various trace elements. Water should be changed in rabbits every day, since its stagnation can lead to the development of indigestion.

What remarkable Russian ermine rabbits?

Rabbits need vegetables.

It is necessary to constantly monitor the purity of the enclosures. If necessary, you need to clean the cages and drinkers, treating them with special antiseptic means. To maintain the cleanliness of the skin from time to time, you can bathe them using special shampoos, but during the water procedures should be constantly monitored so that soap and water do not fall into the eyes and ears of the animal. After water procedures, the skin of the animal should be carefully scraped off with a special crest. Periodic water treatments allow the skin to be more well-groomed and shiny.

When approaching the time of the litter, the female should be sowed in a separate cage and for the first time contain the young and uterus separately from other adult rabbits. This is necessary in order to ensure that possible diseases with which the organism of adults can effectively cope, are not passed young, which is less resistant to them. As a rule, females have enough milk to use the young.

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Selection for breeding rabbits

Breeding of rabbits begins with the purchase of a certain number of individuals. You can buy both adult animals and young animals. It is worth considering that it is best to get males and females in different nurseries, in order to avoid closely related crossbreeding in the future.

When buying both adults and young animals, attention should be paid to the external state of the animals. Separately, you need to evaluate the ears that should stand upright and have no signs of defeat of the ear tick. Cleanliness of the ears is an extremely important point, so it is worth paying special attention to. In addition, the indicator of animal health is a brilliant skin.


You should not buy weak and skinny rabbits. If you are planning to buy adult animals, you do not need to take animals that have obvious signs of obesity, since overweight of adipose tissue negatively affects not only their general health, but also the ability to reproduce.