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Folding a mirrored ceiling in the bathroom

Bath is the place in the apartment where everything should be perfect. After all, this part of the house should be a temple of purity and comfort. Residents here bring themselves in order, take a bath, shower. Therefore, the atmosphere that prevails here should be appropriate. In addition, it should be borne in mind that the walls of the

will be exposed to water and vapor, so the material covered with them must be strong enough. That is, the interior in the bathroom should be both beautiful and practical. In order to achieve this, it is necessary not only to maintain a special purity and order in this part of the house, but also the decoration of the room itself should be at a height. The floor, walls, ceiling should shine in the direct and figurative sense. This will help the owners mirror the ceiling in the bathroom.

A very interesting solution to make a part of an apartment in which the inhabitants bring themselves in order, more beautiful, unusual and shining - a mirror ceiling in the bathroom.

This type of ceiling covering has been relatively recent, but is becoming more and more popular due to its unusual appearance and some functional advantages compared to conventional ceilings.

Materials for the manufacture of mirrored ceilings

The material for the production of mirrored ceilings seems to be obvious. But in fact it is not necessary that the top wall in the bath was made of glass. The material can serve any raw material that can reflect light. Often, specially treated aluminum panels, as well as tiles of any material, are covered with a special reflective film. These materials are not inferior to the mirror, but on properties and surpass it. Mainly in strength and care. After all, the mirror ceiling in the bathroom needs to be cleaned, so it's best not to be made of fragile and easily damaged materials. In addition, the ceiling in the bathroom, made of mirror glass, can be dangerous, because in the event of damage, it can fall and break into pieces.

Dimensions of

top wall panels The high-quality coating of light reflective materials looks coherent. However, in reality it consists of slabs. To make it easy for them to cover the upper wall in the bathroom, their size usually corresponds to the standard 30x60.This value allows you to easily cover the entire ceiling, requiring a minimum of work on alignment and tile joining. They are easy and tight, so that there are no cracks and inequalities. The surface will be smooth and even. Of course, there are exceptions, but it is this size that is considered standard.

Folding a mirrored ceiling in the bathroom

The advantages and disadvantages of this type of ceiling covering

So, it is worth considering why mirroring is becoming so popular. Of course, he has pluses, which can not boast other types of coatings.

First, the mirror ceiling has a special effect of visualizing the small size of the bathroom. This makes it more spacious. In addition, in the bathroom there is more light due to the fact that it is reflected from the mirror surface of the ceiling.

Secondly, the mirrored ceiling in the room, where residents bring themselves in order, can smooth all the inequalities that are on the wall. After all, it is pre-grounded and aligned.

Thirdly, the mirror ceiling is very easy to maintain. Its easy to wipe with a cloth, processed special means, or even just a dry cloth. It almost imperceptibly dust and plaque on it.

Like any other construction solution, the mirror ceiling has not only advantages, but also some disadvantages. The main thing is fragility. After all, neither glass nor aluminum panels are highly durable. However, this flaw can hardly be called critical, because the ceiling is rarely hit. But leaving it without mentioning is also impossible, because security is above all. Another imperfection of such a ceiling is high cost. But it is fully justified by its spectacular appearance.

The interior in the bathroom is extremely important not only in terms of practicality, but also aesthetics. After all, it is unlikely that someone will want to put themselves in order where there is no atmosphere that is before it. Mirror ceilings will help create this atmosphere: they make the room visually more spacious, light and clean. Therefore, everyone who comes to her will want to answer. And it will be easier for the hosts to maintain purity and order here.