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Kylonian - causes, treatment, photo

KYLONOGYIA is a type of nail dystrophy. In this case, the nails become thin and become concave, resembling a spoon, shape. The tendency to colonialism can be inherited. In addition, this change in the shape of the nails may be the result of some common



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Causes of development of

The development of colonial syndrome can be exogenous as well as internal factors. Most often, spoon-shaped nails appear for the following reasons.

As a result of nail plate injuries. For example, in the rough manicure, you can put a nail plate serious injury, which will eventually be not only the bruise under the nail, but also the general deformation of the nail.

Kylonian reasons, treatment, photo

The development of colonialism may lead to the use of low-quality varnish.

When exposed to the nail of various chemicals. Kylonians can be the result of frequent interaction of nails with laundry or powders, the use of low-quality varnish or liquid for removal of varnish, which includes acetone. Deformation of the plate can lead to prolonged wear of false nails or permanent build-up.

Kylonian may be congenital. Spoon-shaped nail can be inherited. Sometimes temporary colonies are observed in newborns. This is due to the fact that the newly born babies nail plates are still very thin, so they are easily deformed. In this case, no treatment is required, as the child grows nails will become normal.

Killonoid can be a consequence of various infectious diseases. Often changes in the shape of the nail cause thyroid disease.

Anemia. One of the reasons that leads to a characteristic change in the shape of the nail is the low level of hemoglobin in the blood.

Clinical picture of

It is accepted to divide the two stages of the early and late colonial syllables. Initially, the nail plate becomes flat, with the largest depression centered. If at an early stage do not do any treatment, then the colonies will progress.

At the late stage of the colony, the edges of the nail begin to bend upward, in addition, changes appear in the tissues located under the nail. Often, hyperkeratosis is noted.

By itself, the Koylonian as well as the trachyoniosis, onychogryphosis does not cause particular physical suffering, however, this disease can bring a lot of moral torment, since the nails get ugly appearance.

Diagnostic Methods

Diagnosis of colon syndrome is simple, since the disease has a characteristic clinical picture. At an early stage of the disease, conduct an elementary water test.

It is necessary to place a drop of water to the center of the nail. If the plate has a normal, that is, a convex form, then the liquid simply disperses along the nail. In the event that the drop does not spill out, one can assume an early stage of the colonial syllable.

Like any other illness, colonies are better treated at an early stage. So, otherwise, in the pathological process, not only the nail plate, but also located below the tissue. This will worsen the patient's condition and complicate treatment.

Since kylochnii is, most often, a consequence of a disease, then during the diagnosis it is necessary to send the patient to the examination. If the patient has spoon-shaped nails, it is necessary to send it for consultation to such specialists as:

  • Endocrinologist. It is necessary to check the level of hormones and carry out a study of the thyroid gland, as the various pathologies of this organ are often the cause of the development of the colonist.
  • Hematologist. Changing the shape of the nails - this is one of the signs of anemia, so patients with colon is required to pass tests to check the level of hemoglobin in the blood.
  • In addition, it is necessary to take nail scraping to exclude infection with fungal infection.

    Treatment for

    It is only possible to find an adequate treatment for the colonies after the cause of the change in nails has been determined. If the kylonoid is provoked by some disease, then it is necessary to undergo a course of treatment appointed by the specialist.

    In the event that the colonies are caused by external influences, it is necessary to eliminate traumatic factors. If necessary contact with chemicals, it is necessary to protect the hands. Even ordinary homework should be done only in gloves. They should be refused only to those who suffer from latex allergy.

    Kylonian reasons, treatment, photo

    During treatment it is necessary to refuse false nails.

    Should stop using overhead nails, refuse to increase. At the time of treatment, you will have to stop using decorative varnishes.

    To treat colonic syndrome, local treatment is recommended, namely the application of occlusion bandages using a one percent solution of 5-fluorouracil in the urea cream or in ethylene-propylene glycol.

    The dosage of dasgs, the treatment regimen and the duration of courses for the treatment of colonies is selected by the dermatologist separately for each patient, taking into account the condition of his nails.

    In the event that the cause of the colonist is a fungal infection, a specific treatment course will be required. For example, a fungus can cause a nail disease such as white surface onychomycosis.

    In addition, patients with colon cancer is prescribed vitamin therapy. They need to pick up a mineral complex, which contains zinc, calcium, selenium, and silicon, as these substances contribute to strengthening and improving nails.

    Patients should be aware that it is not necessary to treat unsightly a disease such as colon cancer. When the first signs of changing the shape of the nails should contact the dermatologist, not allowing the transition of the colonist to a more difficult stage.

    Treatment by methods of folk healers

    In colonies, supporters of non-traditional medicine offer to take advantage of the healing power of plants.

    For internal use with colonial implants, the following is recommended.

    Field horsetail tea. A tea spoon of dry grass should be boiled with a glass of boiling water. In colonies, you need to drink two cups of this tea a day, this drink helps to strengthen the nails.

    Kylonian reasons, treatment, photo

    Egg shell is used to treat colonies.

    Colonial Medicine from Egg Shell. Eggshell should be washed well outside, and from inside it is necessary to remove the film, which is covered with a shell. After thorough drying, the shell should be ground in a coffee grinder to a powder condition. The received medications from the colonies take for two weeks half a teaspoon once a day with the addition of 15 drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

    If colon cancer is triggered by anemia, then along with taking medications, you can additionally drink a cocktail made from fresh juices. Need to take a glass of juice squeezed out of a grenade, and half a glass of juice, cooked with lemon, carrots and apples. All mix, adding 70 grams of honey to the "cocktail".Pour the contents into a closed bottle and keep in the refrigerator. Take 6 tablespoons per day, dividing this dose by three doses. WARNING!To prepare this drug, you can use juice, bought in the store, you need to cook a "cocktail" only from fresh fruit.

    Recipes of folk healers for external treatment at colonikii:

    Well nail strengthening with colonies oil baths with various additives. As a base you can take any cosmetic oil - almond, grape seed, you can use and simple vegetable oil, for example, olive or sunflower. Butter should be poured into a bowl and warmed slightly, it should be pleasantly warm. As an additive to an oil bath you can use vitamin A in ampoules. On 150 ml of oil you need to take 5 drops of vitamin and add to this composition three drops of iodine. Such a bath will be effective only with colonies, but also with onychoshisis, leukoniasis, onycholyses.

    If through the colonies the nail plate is heavily thinned, then it is possible to strengthen the nails with the help of a tray with the addition of gelatin. For the procedure you need to take a full teaspoon of gelatin in powder. Pour it a glass of cold water. After 30 minutes of insistence, it is necessary to warm the solution on a stove or in a microwave until complete dissolution of gelatin. After the liquid becomes warm, it lowers the fingers. Duration of the bath - 10 minutes, you need to do them in two days to the third.

    For colonies, nails can be used to strengthen nail plates. Need to mix beer( not canned) with an equal amount of natural apple juice. Warm up to a warm state. Use the pool compartment. After a shampoo your hands should be washed so that there is no smell of beer.

    Prevention and Prognosis

    Provided timely action is taken, the prognosis for colonies is favorable. However, it is not necessary to start the disease, since it is much more difficult to cure colonies later in life.

    Prevention of colon syndrome is the proper and regular care of the nails. It is necessary to do regular manicure, using gentle methods of treatment. It is necessary to exclude the gross impact on the nail plate when performing manicure. Do not use metal scoops to remove the cuticle, you should use special wooden sticks.

    In addition, small injuries must be avoided, contact nails with chemicals minimized to a minimum. All homework related to the use of paints, solvents, household chemicals, should be carried out in gloves.

    If your nails are thin first, you should take care of them, regularly use special nourishing creams, rubbing them in nail plates. But to abusive such procedures as building up or pasting false nails, it is not worth it.


    Kylonian reasons, treatment, photo Kylonian reasons, treatment, photo Kylonian reasons, treatment, photo Kylonian reasons, treatment, photo Kylonian reasons, treatment, photo Kylonian reasons, treatment, photo Kylonian reasons, treatment, photo