Novopassit - instructions for use


  • Method of administration and doses
  • Indications for use
  • Contraindications
  • Side effects
  • Overdose
  • Interaction with other drugs
  • Cost of the drug
  • Reviews

Novopasit belongs to a group of sedative drugs that quickly affect the nervous system

, relieve nerve excitability and help withinsomnia

In addition, physicians prescribe these medications for headaches of tension, irritation of the gastrointestinal tract, during climacteric or menopause, with fatigue and irritability. It is considered one of the most effective drugs of its kind, does not cause addiction and quickly relieves the symptoms of most nerve disorders.

Novo-Pasit helps with headaches, if it is caused by increased nervous anxiety, psycho-emotional stress, stress, fatigue. It also works well against the pain of tension arising from long static stays in an impenetrable position, working with poorly-located computer monitors, small print or parts.

Takes a dizziness in the event that they are directly related to fear and anxiety, strong emotions, phobias and even panic attacks. The course of treatment with new-pasit helps to get rid of these unpleasant symptoms for a long time.

Unfortunately, this drug is not an analgesic or stimulant, it only calms the nervous system. He is able to help with increased pressure and associated discomfort only when it has risen because of psycho-emotional reasons.

Novopassit application instruction

Novopasit soothes and lulls, suppresses nervous excitement, relieves anxiety. Often he is prescribed for insomnia, but from headache he can help if he emerged on post fears, anxieties and stress.

Created on the basis of plant components, does not contain chemicals and compounds that adversely affect the health of the patient. The structure of novopasitsa includes such well-known herbal soothing as valerian, melissa, St. John's Wort and hops. Medicines are available in two forms: in the form of a solution for internal intake and in the form of a capsule coated tablets.

Syrupy solution has a brown color and a characteristic herbal odor. In the process of storage, a precipitate may form. Tablets have a double-convex form, gutted with a film sheath of a greenish tinge.

Method of administration and doses of

The product is taken orally, during or before food, at most three times a day, strictly in accordance with the instructions.

Indications for use

  • Fatigue and excessive tension, hypertonicity.
  • Unreasonable fears, anxiety states, memory disorders.
  • Sleep disturbance, mild insomnia.
  • Voltage headaches: feeling pushing a "helmet" around the head.
  • Migraine and cluster pains.
  • Diseases of the stomach and intestines.
  • Skin diseases: urticaria or eczema developing on the background of psychoemotional stress.

Novopassit application instruction
Soothing remedies



Novopasit can not be used in children under 12 years of age, as well as people suffering from hypersensitivity to plant and supplementary components of the drug. The same is a contraindication to myasthenia( even if it has an anamnesis).

Caution should be given to novopasitum in patients with acute and ulcerative diseases of the stomach and intestines, with liver disease, with alcoholism. Only by appointment of a doctor this preparation is allowed for the treatment of patients with injuries or diseases of the brain, as well as those who suffer from epileptic seizures.

During pregnancy, the drug can only be used according to the prescribing physician if the benefit to the mother exceeds the potential risk to the child. Especially cautious use of medications is needed in the first and last trimester of pregnancy.

If the drug is prescribed during lactation, the child should be stopped until the end of the course. It will be optimally recovered two weeks after the last medication.

Side effects of

In most cases, novopasit does not cause any side effects.

However, in some cases, if the components are intolerant or overdose, an allergic reaction may occur, drowsiness, dizziness, weakness, and pre-anxious state may occur. A frequent overdose companion is nausea and heartburn, as well as digestive disorders. There is a lack of attention.

If any of the symptoms listed above occur, stop taking the medication and seek specialist advice.

Overdose of

There is a feeling of drowsiness and emotional depression. There may be nausea and muscle weakness, severity in the stomach area.

In the event of heartburn, gastric lavage is required.

Interaction with other

drugs In order to establish the possibility of using other drugs during treatment with novapasitom, consult a physician.

The drug significantly increases the influence of alcohol on the central nervous system, therefore, it is better to refrain from drinking alcohol.

Medicines designed to relax the muscles, increase the side effects of uvebacillus, especially the effect of muscle weakness.

Plant substances reduce the effectiveness of hormonal contraception, as well as virtually neutralize drugs designed to reduce the risk of tissue rejection after transplantation. Reduces the effectiveness of drugs to treat diseases of the respiratory and circulatory system.

For people with sensitive or simply light skin it is necessary to reduce the sun's exposure to a minimum and to refuse to go to the solarium, as the components of the preparation increase the negative effect of UV on the skin, causing pigmentation and / or rapid burning.

In case of manifestation and exacerbation of side effects or other adverse reactions, it is necessary to consult a physician.

You should not sit behind the wheel or do other things that require high concentration.

Novopassit application instruction

Novopasit causes severe drowsiness and relaxation, so there is no need to drive a car during the course of treatment. Also, you should not drink alcohol and muscle relaxants - their effect is amplified many times. It is not necessary to sunbathe again - the patient will be very sensitive to ultraviolet radiation.

The cost of the preparation

The packaging of the drug Novopasit, the price of which varies from 130 to almost 700 rubles, can range from 10 to 60 tablets - the more pills in the package, the price is higher. The cost of the solution is 200 - 300 rubles per bottle.


"I got acquainted with drugs a couple of years ago when I entered the university. Terrible stress, experience. In general, my mother advised to drink novapassit in the form of syrup. Since then, before each session I drink this drug. Does not cause drowsiness, who would not say anything. I take in a bottle of 100 ml - I'm quite missing. It costs cheap, somewhere 150-160 rubles, is released without a prescription. "

" I've been drinking novassacy for a long time, still from school. Exercises, stresses, all things. Drink on the pill three times a day, the effect is simply impressive! No anxieties, no stress, all bad thoughts disappear somewhere. But there is a wonderful sense of calm and confidence. And he also works great on insomnia. The main thing is that it contains only natural herbs, no chemistry. I tried syrup, but I did not like it, bitter some kind of unpleasant. But the pills go to "cheers".All those suffering from unnecessary experiences I advise you to take this wonderful drug! "

" Personally, I did not help Novopasit. And to taste he is vile, and no use is. The effect of zero, tried to increase the dose - a sense of euphoria, which should not be, in a sedative! In short, no sense, just the money for the wind. It is better to treat the old good valerian. "