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Beautiful bathroom mats

Bath mats serve not only a nice addition, but also a practical subject. They provide security and protection against cold tiles. In addition, such room handicraft perfectly decorates the interior of the bathroom. It will add vivid colors, making

an emphasis on design. Today, a set of bath rugs in the market is diverse, and you can buy whatever you need. However, it's much more enjoyable for you to do it with your own hands.

By the way, you can not design and build a carpet on your own. This can be done by absolutely any person. You only need to carefully study the instructions for which you want to work, and follow each item. Remember, competent project, if you decide to create a rug, will allow you to avoid mistakes and mistakes in this unique subject.

Bathroom mats can be the objects of your creativity. To make one of the many options, you can simply look at interesting ideas on the Internet or think up by yourself. The second option, of course, is better, because it is your skill will be original.

Bath mat creates a special cosiness and atmosphere, so it's important to choose the right material and shape. There are many ways to create a rug for the bathroom. You will need only creative thinking and necessary tools. The main thing is that the material from which you want to make the mat is able to tolerate temperature differences and high humidity. In addition, one should pay attention to his hygiene( especially if the children live in the house).Practical covers are those that can be washed or cleaned in case of contamination.

A set of rugs for a bathroom and a toilet is quite convenient and beneficial to have. The same mats are of different types, and are mainly divided into artificial and non-artificial( natural).Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages, so check out the features of the material before buying.

Beautiful bathroom mats Mats can be made from the following materials:

  • bamboo;
  • tree;
  • moss( natural);
  • stopper( guilty);
  • pebble;
  • silicone;
  • rubber;
  • fabric materials.

And this is not the whole list. You can sew this track or simply attach individual elements to the base - fantasy is not limited. And each rug is beautiful in its own way. Below you will find detailed instructions on the homemade production of these peculiar ornaments in your bathroom.

A self-made bath towel for wine cellar

From all known bath mats, this is the easiest to manufacture. The look of this rug is original, exclusive and perfectly combined with many interiors. By the way, it looks modern, so it will pleasantly surprise your guests.

Beautiful bathroom mats

The advantage of this pad is that it is not necessary to cover it with varnish after finishing the work. The surface is blocked and so smooth. In addition, stepping on a similar mat for the bathroom, you will feel the unique comfort and massage of your feet.

So, for the production of a litter you need to stock up with the following materials:

  • wine plugs, 175 pieces and a few spare;
  • glue a hot gun;
  • cut off the desired size( water repellent material) of a neutral scale, designed for the base.

Now about tools. It is necessary to have the following:

  • board processing, preferably the one that is not bad, as you can spoil the knife when working;
  • than sharp;
  • rubber mat is self-repairing;
  • round cutter;
  • sandpaper is large.

The course of work.

  • Carefully cut the wine cords in half, using a knife. Further, if the slices were uneven, sand them with sandpaper.
  • Now flatten the guilty plugs flat down into a rectangle that will fit the real size of your rug. To do this, use a rubber mat, with a pre-applied mesh on it. With the help of an acute round cutter, cut the extra material around the perimeter of the rug.
  • Calculate, measure, and then cut the desired piece of the base.
  • Gently plumb the plugs onto this base pattern in the same way as you put them on the self-healing rug. First, stick the wine cork on the sides, this will allow you to avoid uneven edges of the base in case this cork does not fall as you would like it to be. Then gently glued the cork to the entire surface of the substrate.
  • Every time you stick a half-piece of the wine stopper to the surface of the base, press it tightly.
  • When the adhesive hardens, remove the excess immediately so that they do not interfere with your continued work.

    The work is complete, the bathroom mat is ready. On your own, you can do the same work on the back of the litter, with the necessary number of traffic jams. Believe me, the result will not make you wait a long time. Your simple, but at the same time, special mat will appreciate.

    Making rugs for other materials

    If you make a pebble mat, then create an eastern atmosphere in the bathroom. For a homemade mat from this material, you will not need much time, so you will be able to do it in just a few hours. Rejoice, he will be yours for many years.

    To make a pebble track, you will need:

    • any waterproof, elastic, non-slip material( linoleum or rubber rug);
    • pebbles are flat, you can bring it from the sea or order in a specialist store;
    • is a durable glue( universal) that will be able to attach pebbles to the base;
    • varnish for surface coatings.

    Get started by following a certain sequence of work:

  • First wash thoroughly and dry the foundation on which you will glue pebbles.
  • The next step is to stick the stone to the base surface. Attention! In order to prevent cracks or gaps between the stones, make a sketch in advance and work for it.
  • Glazed pebbles allow to dry overnight.
  • In the end, cover the surface of the finished rug with a varnish.
  • Beautiful bathroom mats


    Textile Rug One more successful solution for the bathroom is the textile rug. Many are faced with the problem of washing the mat because of the high humidity in the bathroom. Therefore, to prevent your feet from freezing on cold tiles, do your hands with an unusual "hairy" rug.

    The production of a textile mat requires the following materials to work: the

    • knit fabric does not matter what it is, new or old, most importantly, that the fabric is suitable for work;
    • dense fabric of the same color as knitted fabric( this will be the basis of the mat);
    • sewing machine;
    • scissors;
    • Scotch;
    • thread set.

    Bath mat - instruction manual:

  • Cut knitwear into narrow strips of 1.5 cm wide and lengths of 10 cm.
  • Sew the sliced ​​strips to the base fabric. Seam should be done every 3-4 cm.
  • You now have a fluffy bathroom item. The second option - to fix strips, stick them with tape( double-sided) to the surface of the base.
  • Beautiful bathroom mats

    Acrylic rugs

    The variety of rugs is great. All of them are beautiful and provide comfort to your bathroom. Advantages are in each of them, undoubtedly. So, for example, why do people prefer an acrylic carpet?
    First of all, this material is moisture resistant, that is, you will not have any additional problems with this accessory. Second, acrylic is an environmentally friendly material, manufacturers say. In addition, this mat is thermoplastic, does not burn under direct rays of the sun and will remain in a suitable state for many years.

    The main advantage of acrylic rugs is safety. They do not slip over the surface of the tiled lining and will not create any threat to your health. Due to its practicality, acrylic rugs do not care about cleaning them. You can wash such mats in the washing machine or simply clean with a detergent.

    There are also moss tracks. They are called children's, as they fully provide you with safety and hygiene. The mat of moss is soft and pleasant to the touch. The environmental cleanliness of similar products has also been confirmed. You can buy a set of these rugs, thereby creating an atmosphere of warmth and comfort in the bathroom and toilet.

    Beautiful bathroom mats

    Moss handicraft products are capable of absorbing moisture, which eliminates you from microbes( fungi and mold).However, these bedding should be washed frequently in order to maintain cleanliness in the bathroom.
    The most environmentally friendly are wooden mats( bamboo).Why? Their high hygienic nature is determined by natural material. No chemistry, natural raw wood will be the right decision in any bathroom. These natural decorations have a lot of useful qualities. They possess antibacterial properties, which is extremely necessary in similar premises. Wooden bedding for the room does not cause any statistical tension, they perfectly absorb moisture in themselves, not allowing its distribution in the room.

    Want to focus on bath design? Buy a pad with a photo print. A vivid, unusual drawing on the basis will give the bathroom an appropriate mood. Among other characteristic features, this track will not bring you inconvenience and trouble. A combination of convenience with style - all prevails on one carpet.

    Mats from plastic covers and pompoms

    Some mats are beautiful, some are practical and convenient. But there are mats that unite all these qualities together with creativity. An unusually and attractive will look like a plastic pad pad. Make it easy and you will not spend much money.

    For this product, you will need covers from plastic bottles with drinking water or any beverage. If you are a creative person, then surely you will assemble different covers and create them with their drawing or pattern. As for the massage effect that you feel when you walk on such a rug, then it is worthy of everyone's praise.

    Beautiful bathroom mats

    A carpet made of plastic covers is quite simple, it's just a few steps. You need to take a rubber pad, which you attach with these glue special glue with the bottom down. Suitable fixation with silicone adhesive is here, as it will securely secure the surface of the covers to the base.

    Here is the rug ready. You yourself can make any changes to the design of the rug, fantasy is boundless. The litter from the covers is easy to make and does not take time at all. But you will not be happy for more than one year.
    Out of pompons, the mat comes out surprisingly soft and comfortable. Any bathroom will be filled with calm and good mood, if there is such a children's mat. Probably every housewife knows how to make fluffy pompons from ordinary threads. These skills will be needed in the manufacture of this kind of rugs.

    Manufacturing scheme is as follows:

    • take cardboard rectangle( 8X3), wrap synthetic or woolen yarn on it( the skein should be thick);
    • thread, 20 cm in length, through a thick needle, carry it between a layer of wound threads and, accordingly, cardboard, tie on a strong knot;The
    • skein, which came out of the opposite side of the cardboard, is cut, the finished pomp is adjusted.

    Make the required amount of these products, then sew them to knitted or fabric-based.
    In addition, there are rugs woven, knitted, with felt. In the first two cases, you only need skill, knitting needles and tufts of threads. By the way, there are mats, which are connected with their hands, especially beautiful. After all, nothing is better than their own work.

    Felt mat is also lined with needlework. Particularly good, these rugs look in the children's bathrooms. Indeed, in non-standard coloring of such rugs there is some magic.