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White stool in a child or adult( diarrhea): reasons

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Young mothers discuss a lot of topics. Sometimes it raises questions about white stools in a child. The excitement of parents is clear, because it is the contents of the pot that allows the

to judge how comfortable the baby feels.

Table of Contents

  • 1 Color Dependence on Food
  • 2 Causes of
  • 3 When should I go to a doctor?

1 Color dependency on food

No cause the color of the stool in the baby will change. If the baby has a chair of white color, but feels good, he has a high temperature, no stomach ache, no complaints, no need to panic and drink him with medicines. Just wait a couple of days. Very often a white chair again becomes normal in itself.

Just parents need to think about whether they are feeding their children right.

There are many reasons why fecal matter can change color, but the main one is the presence of sterkobiline. It is he who gives the feces one or another of the shades.

Every age has its own peculiarities when panicking due to the appearance of a light chair is not worth it. In a baby, feces are always bright, or rather light yellow, with an acidic smell, indicating breastfeeding. Also, infants may sometimes have white diarrhea. This may be during the period of teething, and may depend on the mixtures that the baby feeds.

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White stool in a child or adult( diarrhea): reasons

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? In infants up to the year, in the absence of supplements( if they are breastfeeding), faeces are usually light yellow and rare. For babies, such defecation is considered the norm. But if they become almost colorless, you should report this to the pediatrician.

Excrements can change color for several reasons. If the baby is transferred to artificial feeding, the color of the feces changes. If the carapace is fed only with breast milk, then the reason for the emergence of a bright chair lies in the fact that the mother ate her eve.

In children, after a year, the color of feces may depend on the foods they eat. So, the use of beets makes feces red, meat products - dark brown, carrots - orange. The reception of fatty dairy products - home-made sour cream, milk, cream, cheese - will make fecal matter light yellow.

The same color will be empty if the baby eats a lot of sweets.

If after all the eaten baby normally feels well, he does not have a stomach ache and a normal temperature, do not worry, it is necessary to observe the feces within 2-3 days. After changing the menu, this symptom disappears.

White stool in a child or adult( diarrhea): reasons

When a young mother discovers her baby's white chair, her first thought is that it is hepatitis. It is these defecation that is the main symptom of this serious illness. But it must be remembered that in case of hepatitis, in addition to white feces, it is necessary to change the color and urine( to become dark-yellow or brown). Also, the child should have other signs: yellowing of the proteins of the eyes and skin, abdominal distension and pain, lack of appetite, high fever, nausea. If nothing exists, then the reason is something else. But it is better to be reinsured and to see a doctor, because hepatitis is a dangerous disease. If it is not detected on time, it becomes chronic. A man with hepatitis, dangerous to others, because the disease is contagious.

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2 Causes of the phenomenon


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Doctors Opinion. .. "

Doctors highlight several reasons why feces in babies can change the color and become white. In addition to the already mentioned hepatitis, there are several factors that affect the color of childhood excrement.

Rotavirus infection. It begins with the appearance of weakness, accompanied by abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, sweating, high fever, and possible diarrhea in the baby.

2 days after the onset of infection, the stool becomes white, an intoxication of the body occurs. Changing the color of stools is a protective reaction of the body. Sometimes it happens that feces become white after the disease. So the body reacts to the medicine that the child was treated.

Another cause of white feces may be bile stagnation. After all, brownish feces are due to the enzyme that excretes it with bile. With severe stagnation, the bile color of the feces becomes white. This happens when anatomical abnormalities are associated with the gall bladder - its distortion or bend, which is equally dangerous.

White stool in a child or adult( diarrhea): reasons

Peri-gingival of the gallbladder can occur when lifting the burdens of the child, with prolonged stress, a violation of the diet, cholecystitis.

Inflammation of the pancreas can cause feces to fade. In this case, there are severe acute pains in the left hypochondrium.

Too fatty foods can also be the reason for the abdomen of the gastrointestinal tract, which is expressed as light feces. The child's body can not absorb a large amount of fats, especially if the food is cooked on oil.

If the food contains a lot of calcium, fecal masses can also change the color and even the consistency. Therefore, proper nutrition should be given to the child's nutrition.

Some drugs may change the color of feces. Antibiotics that are injected intramuscularly, bleach feces. After prolonged use of antibiotics in children, dysbacteriosis may occur - a change in the microflora of the stomach and intestines with the predominance of pathogens. This is another reason for the formation of light faeces. This condition is manifested by constipation, diarrhea, the formation of light feces with mucus, loss of appetite, restless sleep, weight loss. When such symptoms can not be treated self-medication, you must contact the gastroenterologist.

Products such as Paracetamol, Laspal, Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Diclofenac cause changes in the color of the stool. If there is an adverse reaction to used drugs, you should inform your doctor in order to avoid complications from the liver and the gastrointestinal tract.

White stool in a child or adult( diarrhea): reasons

Bright diarrhea may also appear in the period when teeth are cut. Carapuz during this period cries out and sleeps poorly, temperature, he has swollen and reddened gums, reduced or absent appetite. In this case, you need to be patient and wait for the appearance of teeth.

To relieve the condition, it is necessary to give the child an analgesic. When teeth break through, diarrhea in the child stops and the chair becomes normal.

But most often, changes in the color of fecal masses and their consistency are the result of malnutrition.

3 When should I go to a doctor?


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Not always a chair becomes normal in itself.

If other symptoms are added to the white chair, then you should contact the physician for help.

White stool in a child or adult( diarrhea): reasons

These symptoms include:

  • A dark color of urine that may indicate hepatitis.
  • Diarrhea of ​​white color. Frequent( more than 10 times a day) and white diarrhea can cause dehydration of the body, and for children it is dangerous.
  • If analgesics do not help get rid of abdominal pain.
  • Together with diarrhea, nausea and vomiting present a great danger.
  • Body temperature 38 ° C and more.
  • Disappointment and weakness when the baby is lying and does not even want to move.
  • There is a constant desire to drink.
  • If you have the above symptoms, you should immediately contact the doctors who will provide the correct diagnosis and help the child.

    White chair can be not only for children but also for adults. The cause of a white stool in an adult is a violation of the flow of bile to the intestine. The cause of this violation can be hepatitis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis, biliary dyskinesia, gallbladder infiltration.

    With cholecystitis, besides light feces, disturbances in the abdominal region may be disturbed, especially after acute or oily. In addition, there may be nausea, vomiting, lack of appetite.

    The disease may appear as a complication after an illness - angina, flu or gastritis. Often, cholecystitis appears due to excessive capture of fried and overly greasy food in conjunction with a sedentary way of life, neglect of fruits and vegetables.

    When acne of Whipple's disease, which is more common in adult males, also shows a light diarrhea with blotches. This disease is extremely rare but manifests itself quite acutely. Along with diarrhea in such patients, an increase in lymph nodes, polyarthritis, anemia is diagnosed.