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Pink licorice of Gibere: causes, treatment

Pink lily of the Gibere is a kind of dermatosis. Determine the presence of being deprived of a number of characteristic symptoms.


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Disease Characteristics Pink

is an acute dermatosis. It is characterized by a special flow that is accompanied by rashes. Sometimes lichen passes involuntarily, without treatment. The peculiarity is that the treatment lasts at least 6 weeks. It does not matter, it is treated with the help of medicines, recipes of folk medicine or goes independently. Recurrence occurs very rarely, since after the illness the stable immunity is produced. Most often occurs without pain and discomfort. In extreme cases, itching is observed.

As a rule, pink lichen appears in people aged 20 to 45 years. Children, adolescents and elderly people are extremely rare. The disease is characterized by seasonality of the course. The peak of the development of pink lichen falls in the spring and autumn.

Pink lichen is also called zygor's disease or rosy lozenges.


Illness Symptoms What is a pink osteoarthritis is still unknown. The reasons may be different. Most experts believe that the disease develops under the influence of the herpes virus type 7.Some experts argue that pink lichen appears after suffering from colds.

Is this a Disease? Experts do not give a clear answer to this question, since until the end the cause of the disease of Zhyber is not determined.

What are the symptoms of pink deprivation? Everything begins with the so-called "maternal spot".The beach is fairly large in size( 2-5 cm), has a pinkish-yellow hue, the skin is spotted on the spot. After a full exfoliation of scales around the spot remains a narrow red rim. In the center of the skin becomes brownish-yellow color. The areas around the spot have a pink tinge. Often pink lichen is compared with medallions, which is characterized by a pathognomonic trait. After 1-2 weeks around depriving there are several small points - "children".They also have a pink or yellowish-pink color.

The appearance of "children" is accompanied by itching. Approximately 50% of patients have a slight itch, 25% of the spots are heavily itchy, and the other 25% do not feel any discomfort.

In most patients, pink lichen development occurs in the sequence described. However, in some cases, maternal spots on the human body appear simultaneously in several places. In this case, after the appearance of "children," the whole body is covered with spots.

Pink licorice of Gibere: causes, treatment

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Mostly, the entire Gibberian disease appears on the trunk or proximal areas of the limbs. The nose and face of rash are extremely rare.

If the pink lichen is not treated, then it lasts no less than in 6 weeks. Sometimes the disease can last for several months or even several years. Recurrence occurs very rarely.

There are also atypical forms of Gibber's disease. These include diseases that occur without the formation of a maternal spot. Leek develops in this case on the face and neck. Also, atypical forms include irritated pink lichen, the cause of which is friction, pressure, excessive sweating. Such a disease is accompanied by severe itching, the appearance of numerous spots. Sometimes they look like bubbles or pustules.

3 Diagnosis and therapeutic measures

You can not diagnose yourself in any way. Pink licks are very similar in nature to secondary syphilis, other parapsoriaz, Lyme disease, smooth skin mycosis and a host of other diseases. Therefore, at the first signs of a skin disease should immediately consult a doctor.

In case of prolonged course of the disease, skin biopsy should be performed, which excludes the risk of developing parapsoriaz. Also conducted differential diagnosis, ie serological examination for syphilis, analysis of scrub from the site of injury, survey using Wood lamp.

How to treat ginger pink lichen? There is currently no special treatment for pink lichen, since the disease goes on its own. In rare cases, some recommendations for lifestyle changes are given. For primary rashes, friction and spray pressure should be avoided. Otherwise, there is a high likelihood of the development of an irritated lichen.

In the presence of a pink lichen, water procedures are not forbidden, including hot showers and baths. The only restriction is that you can not rub the affected area with a washcloth or sponge.

If a rash on the body is accompanied by a severe itching, then the doctor prescribes antihistamines, low-strength corticosteroids and prescription antispasmodic formulations. If during the observation of the course of the disease it has been found that the process of the disease of Erythromycin and Acyclovir is facilitated, then their further acceptance is prescribed.

Thus, for the treatment of pink lichen, the following measures are recommended:

  • Nutrition according to hypoallergenic diet;
  • Accepted antihistamines for itching;
  • Treatment of water-slurry suspensions( eg, Zindol) or corticosteroid ointments;
  • Exclude the use of cosmetic products for the body;
  • Eliminate synthetic and woolen clothes, tight uncomfortable clothes;
  • Reduce number of water procedures.

There may be complications with the pink lizard of Zhider? Consequences in the form of infection with various infections are possible only in the case of severe itching, combing of lesions or weak immunity. However, such complications arise extremely rarely.

Pink licorice of Gibere: causes, treatment

Relapses after a transmitted disease are extremely rare, as they produce strong immunity to re-development of the disease.

4 Popular recipes

There are popular folk remedies for pink lichen. As a rule, they are aimed only at reducing the symptoms of the disease, that is, to eliminate itching. It is recommended to treat affected areas of the body with vegetable oils to eliminate burning and itching. You can use sea buckthorn, bestial, peach oil. They have high regenerating properties.

For the treatment it is possible to use sour-milk products. To the affected area you should add a fresh cabbage leaf with yogurt, ryazhenka or cheese. All these products have a beneficial effect on the skin, improve regeneration, treat peeling, wounds and cracks.

Iodine alcohol solution is effective in treatment. If you treat the surface of the maternal spot at the initial stage, then there is a possibility of stopping further development of the disease, the appearance of small spots. If the alcohol solution of iodine causes severe burning, it is recommended to dilute it with water in a ratio of 1: 1.

A good folk recipe in the fight against lichen - an ointment of vaseline and dry calendula.2 tspplants should be mixed with 50 g of vaseline and left to stand for 3-4 days. A small amount of this product should be regularly smear stains.

You can use traditional medicine recipes only as an additional remedy. Before use it is advisable to consult a physician.