Hemorrhoid Treatment

Recommendations for the use of Suppository Natalsid

Modern pharmaceuticals can offer a large range of hemorrhoid drugs, including Natasild candles.

These candles are widely used to save people from hemorrhoids, and as indicated by the instructions and reviews, virtually no contraindications to the



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Composition and effects of

Recommendations for the use of Suppository Natalsid

Candles Natalsid and their main component of sodium alginate

Natalsid can be found in a single release form, and these rectal candles. Medications from hemorrhoids are available in Russia.

Natasild Candles include the active ingredient, such as sodium alginate, which is the basis for the hemorrhoids effect, as the instruction shows.

Auxiliary action in the preparation is played by solid fats, which are called vitepsol and suppository. Thanks to them, Natalsid candles hold the shape. Also, due to the action of these fats, the proper distribution of the main active ingredient in the suppository, as well as the preservation of its properties, takes place.

Therapeutic effect in the treatment of candidiasis hemorrhoids Nataltsid, as evidenced by the reviews, are due to the main active ingredient that comes from seaweed.

The main feature of sodium alginate is its ability to trigger separation processes, which explains the strong regenerative effect, as evidenced by reviews.

In addition to regenerating action, the drug is also able to relieve pain due to its analgesic action.

Important properties in the treatment of hemorrhoids Natalsid also has a hemostatic effect on the bumps, and is also able to improve local immunity, which helps prevent the development of infectious processes.

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Indications and Contraindications

Nasal Candles, like any drug, have a number of indications and contraindications that a person can acquaint with as a physician if prescribing a medication and an instruction.

Recommendations for the use of Suppository Natalsid Thus, the following factors may be attributed to contraindications:

  • patient age up to 14 years;
  • is an individual allergic reaction to the components of the drug.

As we can see, the list of contraindications is very limited, which allows the drug to be widely used. Negative responses to this medication are based largely on the fact that a person developed an allergic reaction when used.

The following conditions should be included in the indications for the use of the medicine:

  • , the development of the ankle fractures, especially if they are chronic in nature and are at the epithelial stage;
  • chronic hemorrhoids with frequent rectal bleeding;
  • proctosigmoiditis;
  • postoperative inflammatory reaction in the rectum.

Recommendations for the use of Suppository Natalsid

Natalsid is used to treat the anal fissure and proctosigmoid

Candles Natalsid, if used on indications and after consultation with a physician, have proven themselves well enough in the treatment of hemorrhoids.

In Pregnancy And Lactation

Have You Hemorrhoids?

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As mentioned above, this drug consists of natural components and, as a result, has a minimum of side effects.

Instruction says that the use of this drug is allowed not only at any period of pregnancy, but also during breastfeeding.

Recommendations for the use of Suppository Natalsid The treatment scheme for hemorrhoids in pregnant women is no different from the one that is prescribed for ordinary people. Suppositories are recommended to enter the anus two times a day - in the morning and evening, and after the procedure it is necessary to lie on your stomach for at least half an hour.

A characteristic feature of the use of this product in pregnancy and lactation is the fact that if the positive effect does not come or comes in insufficiently, then the doctor can without fear increase the number of suppository administration procedures per day.

It is worth remembering that the increase in dosage should be gradual, and the maximum allowed - 4 candles Natalsid per day.

Natasild candles are especially well-proven during breastfeeding. This is primarily due to the fact that the main substance giving therapeutic effects does not penetrate the mother's milk, and therefore does not pose a danger to the child.

Reviews of pregnant drugs in general are positive, as it is able to fight not only with the symptoms of the pathology, but also with its very cause, effectively eliminating it, if all the recommendations for treatment are observed.

How to use

The application manual usually accompanies Natasild Candles in treating hemorrhoids, but the doctor may give some other recommendations, especially when it comes to the treatment of pregnant women.

Usually used to treat hemorrhoids candles 1-2 times a day, mainly in the morning and evening. Naturally, before use it is necessary to empty the intestine either by a natural act of defecation, or with the help of a cleansing enema.

After bowel movements, it is also recommended to carry out thorough hygiene of the anal area, and only then use Natasild candles.

Recommendations for the use of Suppository Natalsid Before using a suppository it is recommended to lightly soak it with water, which will greatly facilitate its administration to the anus and make the procedure less unpleasant.

Patients who use Natasild Candles When hemorrhoid hemorrhoids is treated, it should be remembered that if the bleeding did not stop half an hour after the introduction of the suppository, this is an indication for an ambulance call.

In deciding to use this drug, the patient still has to consult a doctor beforehand, as well as clarify his diagnosis, as hemorrhoids symptoms are characteristic of some other rectal pathologies, in which the medicine will be ineffective.

It is important to remember that when an allergic reaction occurs in any form of drug use, it should be stopped immediately and seek medical advice when choosing an alternative.

Natalsid has several analogues that are similar in nature and have similar active ingredients. If the patient decides to use an analogue, and not an original drug, he also needs to talk to the doctor beforehand about his decision.