Hemorrhoid Treatment

How To Cope With Hemorrhoids

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How To Cope With Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a frequent disease, but patients are far from always approaching a doctor at first signs. Since the disease is very delicate, many prefer to fight it alone. It is worth noting that

if you pick up the correct technique and follow it steadily the result really can be very good!

First symptoms of hemorrhoids

How To Cope With Hemorrhoids

In the early stages of treatment at home with the help of folk medicine is quite admissible, but if hemorrhoids progress, you should contact a specialist. At the initial stages, a person feels discomfort in the anus, itching, feeling incomplete emptying. Then, after defecation in the fecal masses, there may be a small amount of blood or a few drops on toilet paper. Particular attention to the problem of hemorrhoids should be given to pregnant women, as the fetus grows and exerts pressure on all organs of the small pelvis. At this time, constipation may occur, which also contributes to the development of this ailment. If at an early stage to take effective measures, the disease can be handled very quickly.

Medicines can only be taken as prescribed by the doctor, since they have contraindications and are not suitable for everyone. When using them and deciding to take herbs, you should consult your doctor to prevent the side effects of herbs and medicines. The most popular are folk medicine that is used to combat hemorrhoids:

  • water and steam baths;
  • lotions;
  • candles;
  • ointment;
  • decoctions and infusions of medicinal herbs.

What to Treat Hemorrhoids at Home

Hot and cool baths with a variety of decoctions are quite effective in fighting the disease. Cool baths should be done no more than 5 minutes twice a day. They have a painkiller effect, and also help stop bleeding. If you are experiencing hemorrhoids, you can also use warm and hot seated baths.

Hot baths are made using onions and mummies - 3 handfuls of husk insist on boiling water, add mummies, cooled to an acceptable temperature and do seated treatments. The duration of such a bath - until the water is cooled down. The garlic bath is also exactly the same - for 5 liters of water, the head of chopped garlic is used. The duration of this procedure is 10-15 minutes.

Steam baths are considered to be effective in controlling hemorrhoids, in order to make them, it is necessary to have a suitable capacity and a wooden lid with a hole in the center about 5 cm in diameter. Several heads of onion are dipped in 2 liters of milk in an oven under a closed lid. Then pour into a container and cover with a wooden lid. Sow so that hot pairs fall into the affected area. For garlic baths you need a bucket and a brick - bricks rakaalyayut and put on it crushed garlic. When taking such a bath, you should wrap a blanket. At the end of the steam procedures, the anal hole is lubricated with vaseline.

Effective Hemorrhoids

How To Cope With Hemorrhoids

There are many ways to overcome hemorrhoids, but the most commonly used are:

  • Lifestyle - they are good at external hemorrhoids accompanied by bleeding. To make this procedure, a piece of soft tissue or bandage should be moistened in a decoction or juice of herbs and applied to a hemorrhoidal site. For these purposes, a decoction of camomile, sage, oak bark, onion juice, tar, sea buckthorn oil, honey is used.
  • Ointments also help to cope with an illness. There are several simple recipes - mummies, honey and propolis mixed with sunflower, olive, sea buckthorn or butter. This ointment is lubricated by hemorrhoids.
  • Candles - Self-made suppositories can be made from aloe leaves. From the leaves, remove the peel, freeze in a freezer, dip in honey and insert it into the rectum. Cure hemorrhoid helps potato candles - from the raw tubers carved elongated barrels and inserted into the anus. Use candles from propolis, frozen decoctions of medicinal herbs, and often as a candle used leaves of plantain.
  • Microclysters allow you to effectively cope with the disease at home - with the use of decoctions or oil solutions of herbs, the volume often does not exceed 50 ml. For these purposes suitable mummies, honey, propolis, celandine, sea buckthorn oil, fresh potato juice. The most effective these means for internal hemorrhoidal nodes.
  • A special place in the fight against hemorrhoids is taking inside the anti-hemorrhoidal teas and infusions. Such drinks stop the bleeding, relieve pain, help strengthen the walls of the vessels. Apply decoctions of porechyuchnoy grass of wood, strawberries, hazel, raspberries, carrots, roes of red roes and beets.
  • Contraindications to the use of one or another means may be the individual intolerance of the components. Therefore, trying to cure hemorrhoids in this way, the main thing - do not overdo it. It is best to discuss possible options with a specialist and pick the most suitable one from them.

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