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Jet cell for the removal of the uterus with your own hands: instruction

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German beekeeper Karl

Dzhenterom devised a simple way to bring the queen bee. He made a gentry cell. Difficult work is the conclusion of the uterus, it requires experience, and also requires a good vision, which is not always the beekeeper. When transferred to the larvae, they are damaged in large numbers, because of this cease to fully develop.

Jet cell for the removal of the uterus with your own hands: instruction

Jet Cells for


With its Own Handheld Honeycomb To make a device with your hands, you will need the following equipment:

  • Two-sided plastic box.
  • Hoods need to be removed to isolate the uterus.
  • Plastic gratings, which have a cell shape, are the beginning of cells.
  • A special design, which contains a large number of conical cups of plastic, will cause the paste to form.
  • Plastic nozzles so that you can fix the nozzles to the cleavable frame type.
  • Fixing Screws.
  • In the photo you can get acquainted with the kit of the jersey cell.

    Jet cell for the removal of the uterus with your own hands: instruction

    Details of the

    Jersey Cell The cellular jet type has its own working methodology, so the instructions for how to use it are always required.

    The box, which has a central partition, is a hinged cell body, its surface resembles a bee cell. It is important to take into account the sizes - on 117 117, has a square shape. Jet Cells have special partitions with a 4 mm hole, up to 90 pcs. The cells of the cells are formed at the expense of plastic plugs, which have concave ends. When the hole is filled, the plastic box should be covered with a lid made of polyethylene, it will be the bottom for the cell.

    Technology of Working with

  • Jingle Cells Once you have assembled the jet cell, you need to cut it in the frame, using two screws for this.
  • Frame and cellular honeycomb should be placed in the middle of the breeding nest.
  • Bees will wrap the honeycombs, then clean and prepare the cell.
  • After 24 hours, it is necessary to remove the frame to the other side, where it is open, to close with the insulating device, then the cork that was in the center is removed.
  • In a family, a beekeeper is looking for a head family, transplants into artificial cells, closes tightly from the top.
  • The frame sets back into the beehive where the family of bees is.
  • In a lid that serves as an insulator there should be a small hole that is an exit for workers.
  • A uterus, which is separated from others, begins to lay eggs in a jumper cell, and then can completely fill the cells. If the family has a strong head of the family for three hours to fill, after the frame to remove, remove the lid. Then rotate the frame.
  • It is taken into account that the head of the family can use a cellular jersey for a long time, then suddenly leave it.
  • When the beekeeper performs all the necessary actions, closes the beehive.
  • After 4 days, you can check the family of bees; it must feed the larvae that have been placed in the honeycomb cells. So you can learn detailed information when you need to move cells. If everything is done correctly, the beekeeper will be able to navigate at the age of the larvae. After removing the frame, hard-working bees are dumped from it. The frame needs to be moved to where it is warm. There you can get acquainted with the larvae in detail, learn how they develop. The photo shows how the work is carried out in detail.

    Jet cell for the removal of the uterus with your own hands: instruction

    The conclusion of the dummies using the joystick cell

    When the insulating cover is opened, care must be taken to select the plugs in which a large number of larvae do not hurry. After taking a cup of plastic and put on a stylus, a dish is formed.

    Must be output using the following rules:

    • It is necessary to collect the bowls in which the larvae, to insert plastic tubes, they are fixators of mother liquors.
    • In the incisive type of frame, it is necessary to drill a 18 mm hole.
    • On plates there are up to 10 mattocks.

    If a strong family has two more frames. When using the gencer type of cell, the livestock family is perceived by all the larvae. Bees are rebuilt mothers of original shapes and sizes. Such a conclusion of the uterus helps to obtain a large and full insect 210 mg. Insects take the uterus well, so it fully develops and lays eggs.

    Care for Jent Cells

    Jensen Cells, all stubs, plastic sticks, they can be used more than once. It's easy to clean cells. Beforehand they should be lubricated with sugar syrup, after placing a family of bees there. Within two hours you will notice how the cellular cell will be clean. So you can clean the bowls, the beekeeper must first take the match and remove old cocoons from them, disinfected, for this a cotton swab is taken and wetted in a special solution.

    Jet cell for the removal of the uterus with your own hands: instruction

    When processing, it is necessary to pay attention to the bottom, which are concave. Some beekeepers use genthers to make royal jelly.

    Pros of a Jenner Cell

  • The uterus always adjusts the eggs in the cassettes.
  • You can quickly, efficiently, without the slightest losses, transplant the required number of larvae.
  • The conclusion of the moth is highly productive to them.
  • Simultaneous output of young livers.
  • Easy to use for beginners, elderly people with vision problems.
  • It is important to take into account that the uterus develops for 10-13 days, these days it can not be disturbed so that it does not perish. It is forbidden at this time to open the hive. The conclusion of the uterus will be better if young larvae are used. The beekeeper must constantly maintain the optimum temperature and humidity when carrying the larva.

    If the conclusion of the moths is early in the spring, one should mention drones, they slowly develop, the sexual system does not mature so quickly. For this reason, the conclusion of the uterus should occur when the dwarf seedlings appear in the hive.

    Jet cell for the removal of the uterus with your own hands: instruction

    A dank with

    juice sticks A fusion of the uterus at a temperature of 21 degrees Celsius. If everything is done correctly, after 15 days, when the uterus will come out of the matrix, it will be fermentation. In the event that all this is not present, it is recommended to plant another uterus. Failure to do so can begin to actively develop trudovki, with them difficult to fight, requires a large amount of time. The beekeeper must constantly control the nucleus, the family bee, the laying hens, where the uterus was planted.

    Disadvantages of

  • Jingle Cells The package has a high value.
  • Can not be used for a large number of ducks. The cell has only 99 things, they can not always sow, so you often need an additional desk for the harnessing of cells.
  • Large beekeeping requires several honeycomb cells.
  • Works start much earlier than with a spatula. It is impossible to foresee work. When the beekeeper began to bring out the uterus, it is necessary to work according to the plan, it is impossible to pick up the weather.
  • Janther cells have their advantages and disadvantages, are most suitable for amateur beehives. The main advantage is that the larvae remain virtually the same. The moths are brought out peacefully, bees are normally perceived.