From a headache to a nursing mom: pills and folk remedies

Drugs and remedies for folk medicine can help with a headache for a nursing mother. In the period of breastfeeding, headache attacks are very common.

From a headache to a nursing mom: pills and folk remedies

They arise for various reasons, but in any case it is necessary to stop the attacks. In such an

position, one needs to be very careful about the choice of medications because all substances that enter the body of the mother affect the development of the child.


  • Causes of headache in young mothers
  • Permitted and forbidden drugs
  • Traditional folk medicine

Causes of headache in young mothers

It is very important to undergo a survey to find out the true cause of a headache. During lactation, you should take very seriously any painful manifestations and be sure to consult with your doctor, whom you are observing. In this situation, you can use folk medicine and various non-medicated ways to get rid of headaches.

The situation may be such that during this period migraine attacks can begin. It is necessary to pay attention to what provokes the beginning of the attack and how long it lasts. To do this, you can begin to record your feelings and tell them about your doctor. Such observations help in diagnostics.

There are several reasons for the appearance of a headache. In some cases, a reverse process is possible, if you are tormented by a headache before breastfeeding, then during this process these attacks may stop. But still more often happens differently.

The main causes of headache during lactation:

  • change in hormonal background;
  • Blood Pressure Increases;
  • overvoltage and overdrive;
  • Cold Disease;
  • viruses and infections;
  • injury;
  • migraine attack;
  • chronic diseases and allergies;
  • tumor formation and hematoma.

Pain sensations for each of the causes will vary. Perhaps the pain will begin in the temples or the neck. The attack can provoke certain stimuli:

  • bright light;
  • loud sound;
  • sharp smell.

By its characteristic symptoms, the doctor can presume the nature of these attacks and prescribe proper treatment.

The body of each person has its own specific features, and nursing women are a vivid example of that. During this period, the tastes may change dramatically, and the body will begin to claim previously unacceptable things. To serve as the cause of an attack on the headache can:

  • a large amount of used chocolate, citrus, cheese, various spices;
  • nicotine and alcohol are prohibited;
  • insufficient amount of fluid in the body, you must drink at least two liters of water per day;
  • excessive and unsystematic drug use;
  • frequent stress and uncomfortable ambient atmosphere;
  • insomnia or insufficient sleep hours per day;
  • has increased sensitivity to climate change and weather conditions.

But in any case you need to listen to your body and maybe in your particular case there will be an individual cause or a whole complex.

If the attacks started to visit you almost every day and the pain is strong enough, you can talk about their chronic nature and necessarily need an urgent visit to the hospital.

During feeding, you can not stick to a diet, after a successful birth and the right approach, you quickly restore the desired form. Feeling hunger is one of the causes of headache attacks, but your body will also experience additional stress from the lack of vitamins and minerals.

Permitted and Prohibited Medicines

Medicinal treatment in this case is quite limited. Use of a group of analgesics and anesthetists is not recommended. Such restrictions are due to the high toxicity of these drugs. Ingredients can accumulate in the body, cause disorders in the development of the child and adversely affect the body of the mother.

In general, in the period of lactation, the use of medicines, especially unsystematic and uncontrolled, is inadmissible.

It is necessary to reverse the attack, especially if the pain is strong enough. For this, it is possible to receive Paracetamol, in some cases it can be replaced with the preparations containing it - Panadol, Eperalgan, Calpopol, Acetaminophen.

However, it is desirable to take purely "Paracetomol", the dose should be no more than three grams per day, and at a time only grams. With this approach, physicians believe that the drug is harmless. But it is necessary to pay attention to the state of your blood pressure, if it is elevated, to avoid drugs containing caffeine. For example, it is contained in "Panadola Extra".With reduced pressure you can use it.

If this was not enough, you can stop your choice of Ibuprofen or any drugs that contain it. It is necessary to adhere to the allowable dose and take no more than three grams per day. But in the later stages of pregnancy, using it is not recommended.

Many people help with the drug "No-Shpa", but there are cases when the desired result does not come. The drug itself is considered to be the most safe during pregnancy. If you have the opportunity, check the composition of the drug, prefer the one containing less than the chemical elements. By appointment of a doctor it is possible to use "Actovegin", this preparation will allow to improve blood circulation.

In those cases where the pain is very strong and you can not get rid of it, you can drink half the pill, which usually helps to stop the attack. One-time use in small doses will not cause great harm, but will save you from painful headaches.

But using such methods is not always recommended. After this case, be sure to visit your doctor and consult with him about the possibility of taking other medicines.

Treatment of folk medicine

From a headache to a nursing mom: pills and folk remedies During lactation, the use of folk medicine can be very useful and useful for you. In the first place, you will protect yourself and your child from the effects of chemicals and will be able to get rid of attacks of headaches.

First you need to determine the nature of these pains, and if it is determined that it is dependent on overvoltage, you must rest, sleep and, as a rule, attacks are passing. In the period of feeding it is necessary to walk in the fresh air and try to avoid suffocating and burned rooms.

Sleep in the day requires at least seven to eight hours, prefer healthy eating, give up strong tea and coffee. All these simple rules will be able to help without the use of medicines. For this purpose, herbal tea or broth is very often used. There are many recipes and combinations. Most Popular:

  • Mint;
  • lemon;
  • motherboard;
  • chamomile;
  • polish;
  • rosemary.

It is necessary to mix crushed components in a certain proportion and pour boiling water. Honey is good for improving the taste. But just do not add it directly to a hot drink, it's best to use the product in its pure form and simply to drink.

Particular attention should be paid to the use of aromatic oils. They can be used for inhalation or rubbing into the temporal area. In this case, in some cases, use one butter, but you can try to make a mixture. Usually proportions are one to one. For this purpose the oil of lavender, mint, lemon, eucalyptus will fit.

A very good effect can be if you use self-massage of the head or compress in combination with aromatherapy. To do this, take a comfortable pose and gently massage your head with your fingertips. You need to start from the place where pain is most felt, then move to the temple area and forehead or vice versa.

It will take you five or ten minutes, after which you can rub the oil in the whiskey and lie down, if you get to sleep - get along. After awakening, the attack will retreat, and you will be able to do your own affairs.

A cool compress or warm bath will help you relax and improve your blood circulation. Therefore, try any of these methods and select the one that is most effective for you. When you visit a doctor do not forget to mention that you have started headache attacks and what folk remedies you get rid of them.

Headaches during breastfeeding are a common problem. Such manifestations necessarily need to be fought, but in order to make the right choice in the method and means, it is necessary to establish the cause and only then proceed to treatment.

Why can not you suffer a headache attack? Frequent headaches can be about health problems or the depression of a young mother. Huge fatigue, lack of sleep can lead to depletion of the body and to failure in the work of the central nervous system.

It takes twenty four hours a day to stay with a child, and not always it is just to eat and sleep, so you need to gain patience and confidence when communicating with it. Very often the nervous state of the mother can be transmitted to the child, and he will cry and behave restlessly without visible for the reasons.

Therefore, getting rid of pain attacks is simply necessary. You can use medicines or folk medicine for this. Choose to you, but use a means that may contain as little chemical as possible. By doing so you will protect your child from possible disorders in the development of his body.