Constant headaches: causes, symptoms and treatment

In this article, we will talk about constant headache, what it is related to, what causes it is, how old it lasts, how old people are exposed to constant attacks, which treatment methods exist, and more.

Constant headaches: causes, symptoms and treatment

Headaches can be of a permanent or periodic nature of the

.In this case, the attack can be felt throughout the head or one of its parts, as well as unpleasant feelings can periodically move.


  • General Information
  • Medicines and Headache
  • Diagnosis and treatment
  • How to behave with constant headaches?
  • How is the attack going and what is the best done?
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General Information

The intensity of the attack can also change. The pain intensifies, then subsides. In any headache attack it is recommended to consult a doctor and undergo a medical examination.

According to statistics, about seventy percent of the population suffers from headache attacks. About eighty percent of them experience periodic headaches.

Basically this problem is encountered by the inhabitants of big cities, in which the life rhythm is very tense and among them a large percentage of office workers who spend a lot of time indoors by the computer.

Most often a headache indicates a malfunction in the work of a body or the entire system of the human body. With the manifestation of such painful sensations, everyone knows. An attack may occur every time in different ways and last for a certain period of time.

Most often it comes from overvoltage, over fatigue, due to depression - in ninety-five percent. Only five percent of headache attacks suggest serious health problems and disturbance of the functioning of the central nervous system. But frequent headache attacks make discomfort in the lives of any person.

There are certain limitations in the usual way of life. Man can not lead an active way of life, do sports, and at certain points even attend a job.

Constant headaches can, simply say, hinder a healthy life. In such a situation, a person finds the easiest way to get rid of attacks - begins to take painkillers from headache. Often this happens unsystematically and without consulting a doctor.

Tablets and any medicines are quite dangerous to your body, because they are based on chemicals. Any harmful substances have properties to accumulate in the body, after which they are deduced.

But if you take them permanently and uncontrollably, you can harm other organs. In the first place, the kidneys and liver can be affected. If you are experiencing headaches, you have to constantly review the day, or even have to change your occupation or work place.

Medicines and Headache

Constant headaches: causes, symptoms and treatment Pain Relief Pain has become the norm for any type of pain and without visiting a doctor. This approach to self-treatment has become widespread.

Every year around the world, a large number of complications and pathologies associated with the mischievous use of anesthetic drugs are recorded.

There are even cases of intoxication and subsequent hospitalization. Such an approach to taking medicines greatly reduces immunity, due to which the body remains unprotected and can easily be subjected to viral diseases.

At some point the addiction of the body to the received drugs for the relief of headache can be expected, it will be necessary to increase the dose of the drug.

Increasing dosing is very harmful to your body. Harmful substances will not be able to get out of the body, which will lead to their accumulation. Such a result of self-healing can cause irreparable damage to the body.

Frequent and persistent headache attacks can result in a loss of interest in life and everything that's happening around you. Life will be colored in dark tones and will be a constant expectation of pain start. In such a situation, a psychologist may need help. Do not avoid this or be ashamed.

Headache attacks will be frequent and prolonged, time-lapses without short-term attack. After that, attacks will occur every day, the pain will be felt constantly, and such feelings are very exhausting.

Doctors have found that a group of analgesics has a specific effect on the central nervous system, and their inhibition. There is a change in the activity of serotonin cells, they become less active. There are processes that violate the control of pain, and all because of the unsystematic ingestion of analgesics.

If you have started to feel headaches every day, you must necessarily visit a doctor and consult a neurologist. If you have these three symptoms - seek medical advice immediately:

  • headache is visited by you every day;
  • because of headache attacks has changed your mode of day and lifestyle as a whole;
  • you take analgesic pills every seven days.

Constant headaches may be different in their characteristics: the

  • attack begins sharply;
  • each time to run a different time period;
  • interruptions between attacks are very small;
  • pain sensation arises in the same area of ​​the head;The
  • attack starts in one area of ​​the head and gradually moves into another.

By such signs we can assume the nature of their origin and identify the root cause. The correct diagnosis, causes of an attack, guarantees the choice of an effective course of treatment.

Several types of headache are distinguished in modern medicine:

  • headache tension - due to spasm, fatigue, depression, incomprehensible anxiety( occasionally, it can be detected either systematically);
  • migraine attacks with aura and without( occur at a certain frequency or persecute each day);
  • headaches are associated with serious injuries or diseases of the brain( manifested during the course of the disease, after treatment usually occur, there are cases of relapse, but with proper preventive measures, this possibility is unlikely).

It is considered that if headaches appear less than fifteen times a month, they can be considered periodic.

Diagnosis and treatment of

How does the diagnosis of permanent headaches occur:

  • lasts from 30 minutes to a week;
  • pain has a pulsating nature;
  • may feel squeezing in the head area;
  • has a feeling of gravity, as if clogged in the grips;
  • interruptions between attacks are insignificant;
  • pain relief occurs during physical activity;
  • aggravates the general condition, disturbed the usual rhythm of life;The
  • pain effect can exacerbate external stimuli.

When these symptoms occur, you can talk about constant headaches of tension. Usually used methods of treatment with the use of psychotherapy, physiotherapy, massage, calming drugs and preventive measures.

It is believed that it is very difficult to establish precisely which area of ​​the head is the center of pain sensation. Usually, headache attacks are felt throughout the head. Such manifestations may indicate intoxication or pathological processes in the body.

How to behave with constant headaches?

  • should contact a doctor;
  • to undergo a complete medical examination;
  • is desirable to conduct a surveillance diary in which you will make notes of your feelings during an attack;
  • must tell the doctor about chronic diseases, allergies, injuries, if any( the limitation period does not matter);
  • must pass all analyzes( urine, blood).

In cases where a person is suffering from high pressure, constant headaches can be fixed in the occipital part of the head or affect the area of ​​the temples and the neck.

If arterial pressure is elevated, the process of squeezing the cells of the brain is increased and there is a constant headache, with side effects in the form of nausea and vomiting. Such phenomena can be even in the process of treating hypertension.

To relieve these pain, it is necessary to take drugs for lowering blood pressure, but only after appointment by a physician. Even with very frequent pain headaches, do not practice self-medication.

Constant headaches can occur when the tumors are formed on the organs of the central nervous system. Such cases do not occur frequently.

Pregnancy is always an object of increased attention and this is understandable. During this period, the body of a woman completely rebuilds her work, ensuring the development of the future child. Admission of medications during this period is undesirable and very limited, try to find a way without drugs, which will help you get rid of permanent headaches.

By means of manifestations of headaches one can judge the reasons for its appearance. The treatment of such manifestations is for a long period of time and is difficult to fully treat, but in any case it is necessary to undergo a course of treatment. You can choose a method of symptomatic treatment, which according to physicians is most effective.

How is the attack going and what is the best done?

If you are constantly tormented by headaches, try to determine the exact time of the onset of the attacks and remember their progress. Be serious about recommending a diary where you will describe your feelings.

Pay attention to which area the attack begins.

  • forehead;
  • neck;
  • whiskey;
  • crown;
  • at the same time on the whole head.

These signs can tell a doctor about what. Of all the suffering from headaches, they are constantly tested for about five percent. They can begin to manifest already in adolescence. During growing up, persistent headaches may stop, but their recovery can begin at any time. Some of them disappear forever.

Any diseases related to the brain need to be treated in specialist clinics and strictly observe all doctor prescriptions. In this case, preventive measures are an integral part of the course of treatment. You can apply them at any place convenient for you.

Prophylaxis of persistent headaches:

  • requires the correct day mode;
  • sleep must be at least eight hours;
  • daytime sleep( if possible);
  • outdoor walks;
  • proper nutrition;
  • use of herbs.

Each of these measures will bring positive results, but it is desirable to use them in a complex. Then the result will be durable and lasting, and if these rules are kept constantly, you can generally get rid of headaches or increase the period of remission.


Constant headaches: causes, symptoms and treatment Constant headaches can indicate that the body is experiencing difficulties in the work of some of its system or organ. Therefore, it is very important to find out the reason for their appearance.

Very often attacks can occur due to external stimuli and continue for a long period of time. If the stimulus is not eliminated, the attack may not stop at all.

Try to find out what is causing the stimulus, avoid collision with it and can fix the problem.

If headaches continue, be sure to contact your doctor and complete a medical examination. It is desirable to use medicines only at the appointment of a doctor and in a permissible dose.

Self-treatment can cause irreparable harm to your health, and medicines can disrupt your body. It is better to give a choice of treatment without medication, if it does not require a disease.

At high blood pressure it is necessary to take drugs that reduce it. Choose such a medication with your doctor and take on a specific pattern, headaches can disappear when normal blood pressure is reached.

In order to consolidate the result, give preference to a healthy lifestyle, eliminate alcohol, narcotic substances, and tobacco. More walking in the fresh air, singing at least eight hours a day, and constant headaches will stop stinging you.

If the cause of such manifestations is a complicated disease, then the drugs will only be able to withdraw the attack temporarily, and complete recovery will come after the course of treatment. Folk remedies can be good measures to prevent headache treatment.