Meiner what is it

In this article, I will tell you that it is an moderator, how to identify it, and also explain how to remove a wizard from your PC.If you notice that your computer is very loud and warm during downtime, not the most demanding games began to terribly slow down, and in the task manager,

, any process loads the system to the maximum - then it is possible that you have on the PC "settled"A program called" Mayer ".The definition

Meiner what is it


  • Contents 1 What is it Miner
  • 2. How to identify and find
  • Miner Miner 3 How to remove
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term « Miner »( Eng. Miner) - translates to English as"Miner", and the process "mining"( mining) is usually called the development of deposits of any kind of natural fossil. If we take our "digital" case, then such a "miner"( mayner) will have a program for using a mortgage - a solution to certain mathematical problems for which the remuneration in the form of several units of digital crypto-currency( bitcoins) is calculated.

Meiner what is it

Cryptographic currency Bitcoin

The process of landing is as follows. All existing translations in bitkoyany are written in the general transaction log and transmitted by the maemer, who must pick from one of the possible combinations one hash that is suitable for all new transactions, as well as a secret key( for the key code resolution, the mainee receives a reward of 25 bits).A lot of miners try to guess the hash at the same time and get a reward, but it turns out in most cases in the most "resource" miner. Once the cache has been guessed, the transaction block closes, and the miners begin to solve a new hash.

When renting a commonly used graphics card graphics card processor that is more suited for mainting tasks. At the same time, if there was enough home-made PC for earlier this, then for this process the power of the top-notch video card has started to be used, and now for specialization special devices( ASICs) have been created that are characterized by high speeds of calculation of hash and low energy power.

A video that this landing can be viewed on the video:

How to find and find the

Mayer One thing is, if you have a computer with a powerful video card, you decided to try to earn a couple tens( hundreds) rubles, and independently installed a program- MayerAnother thing is that you did not do anything, but noticed that your computer began to make a lot of noise and put out, the video card is very hot, during the idle resources of the PC consumed 80-100%, and even the most mediocre games suddenly began to severely slow down. These metrics indicate that this is exactly the Minder installed on your PC.Also, the wizard can be identified in the task manager for the processes btc.exe and miner.exe though, in most cases, the hacker hides under the name of some important system file.

Also, electricity consumption is a sign of the presence of a wizard on a computer. The computer consumes significantly more energy when it is mining, and the laptop battery is sitting literally in a few minutes.

Meiner what is it

The miner.exe process in the Task Manager

Usually, most maineer enters a computer as part of a virus that, in addition to its malicious work, installs a maemer in the system. The last one after installation immediately begins to make money for its owner, using the power of the infected user system. Now the user not only pays for the Internet traffic of the maze, but also for the increased consumption of electricity by the computer, as well as all the earned by the mayner bitcoin will go into the purse of the virtual criminal.

How to remove

Mayer To get started, check the list of programs installed on your computer( in the list for deleting or editing programs).If you see titles associated with the title or bitmap among the programs - delete the program data and restart the computer.

In most cases, antivirus programs do not notice mahner, since its functionality does not allow identifying the mahner as a virus. Nevertheless, there are programs that have proven good in the fight against malignant miners - it's Dr. Web CureIt! , SpyHunter, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. Choose one of these antivirus programs, perform a full analysis of the contents of your computer, in most cases antivirus will detect the wizard and remove it.

If these methods did not help, then try to delete the maemer yourself:

  • To do this in the task manager, see which process loads the computer to the maximum, right-click on it and select "Open file storage location".
  • The system will open the folder where the file is stored.
  • Now you need to complete this process in the Task Manager, and then delete that file in the previously opened directory.
  • Before removing, I advise you to search through the search engines, what is the process, and where the file of this process should be located.
  • If it's a system file and it's in its "home" directory, then most likely it's not a wizard.
  • You can also use the CCleaner functionality, which allows you to effectively remove unnecessary programs and processes, including their entries in the registry of the operating system.
  • Well, if you've done nothing at all, then you can advise a complete reinstallation of the operating system. Of course, this is an extreme step, but you can go for it in order to get rid of undesirable misery.


    What is a Meiner? In most cases, the Mayer enters the computer in complete with any malicious program, and begins to function without the user's participation. The resources of such a PC are sent for realization of the property, and the user begins to fix a significant slowdown and frequent freezing of his system. To remove a manuscript, it's enough to trace its location and remove it, as well as help with the functionality of the aforementioned antivirus programs. Well, those who want to try to earn some money can always download their own money launcher and start using its capabilities, while keeping in mind that the resources of your PC should be at a height. Although, the attempt is not torture.