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Stylish women's sweaters fall-winter 2017-2018 photo styles

Modern fashion, by the way, very favorably attached to women's things knit and does not get tired to think up new and new images. So the forthcoming winter season 2017-2018 will not do without stylish knitted novelties! So, what are the fashionable women's sweaters?

Stylish women Women's knitted

autumn-winter sweaters 2017-2018, a distinctive feature of which will be a bulky strap, are rapidly breaking into fashion podiums. For girls who prefer the stuff they need, they will have to accept the new trend and get used to gorgeous volumes.

Stylish women

Stylish news at first glance cause a sense of dimensionless things. Especially negligent, knitted items from fashion collections seem to be simply spoiled and stretched out after washing. Large and fairly rough viscous only enhance the effect of negligence. No less shocking products put pockets in the most unexpected places, large details and asymmetric collars. Sleeves are specially laid down, which makes the sloppy image laconic and especially attractive.

Stylish women

Trendy knitted autumn-winter sweaters 2017-2018 photo novelties

The sweater is one of the most sought after wardrobe items. Especially he often needs spring or autumn. It can be worn not only during walks or shopping, but also in many other situations. The main thing is to choose the right items from your wardrobe. Once a simple knitted jacket without a fastener in the 20's of the last century was worn by athletes-athletes, and Mademoiselle Chanel turned her into an elegant piece of wardrobe.

Stylish women So came the sweater that she combined with a skirt, trousers or tweed suit. Cardigan, as a matter of fact, and other things from wardrobe Chanel, looked great with costume jewelry. Now every woman wears a sweater. It suits everyone, regardless of age. The sweater has the status of things not only for active rest, but also became the subject of everyday wardrobe. Wherever you go, the place for a sweater in the necessary things is always there.

Stylish women

If you are not obliged to adhere to a strict dress code, then sweater + pants( skirt) is one of the best options in the business style. As a decor, you can add a scarf or costume jewelry. Coco Chanel liked to combine a sweater with a multi-layer bead. And you put on a necklace made of great gems, and your business image becomes elegant. Brooches, massive bracelets and necklaces are also relevant in the autumn-winter season 2017-2018, so do not forget to try them on a new sweater. A sweater or thin knit sweater can be decorated with an interesting addition - a small bolero. It remains a popular image that goes from season to season - a jumper over a shirt. A thin belt to a jumper can provide elegance.

Stylish women

New Year sweaters with deer 2018 photos new products

The most comfortable and pleasant attributes of winter themes are yarn articles. Such models relate to the most difficult execution. After all, the mandatory element of the New Year's sweater is the thematic picture - Christmas tree, snowman, Santa Claus or Santa Claus, snowflakes, skating rink, winter animals and birds and more. It is difficult to pin such images, especially in large-scale and multi-colored designs.

Stylish women A stylish solution for lovers in modern fashion were the pair of New Year sweaters. Such sets can be presented in the same fashion, and ensemble of women's dress and men's pullover. Models for festive image are different in winter pattern, beautiful finish, for example, embroidered with sequins, beads, paties and other.

Stylish women But the most popular are sweaters with New Year's prints. Trendy illustrations - Christmas tree and Christmas decorations, fairy-tale heroes of the New Year - Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, snowman. And still actual images of winter representatives of the wildlife: deer, snigir, squirrel, bunnies and others. The prints can be represented by embroidery, photo printing, knitted pattern. But the trend is clothing with bulky 3d images.

Stylish women

Beautiful women's open-shoulder sneakers 2017-2018 photo

A playful look that has this item of wardrobe is appreciated not only by the women themselves, but also by the men surrounding them. With a woman dressed in such a jacket, I want to get acquainted, communicate, I want to please her. The open shoulders provide some defenselessness, showing the fragility of the girl. This fragility is valued by all men. Therefore, without attention to the opposite sex, it remains very difficult. The free curtain does not interfere with movements, provides comfort and, at the same time, does not make the image vulgar. Wearing such a sweater can be anywhere - it will be appropriate everywhere.

Stylish women If you want to make a romantic feminine image, it is better to choose pastel shades and all the tones of white. The delicate shoe of a pastel shade looks particularly graceful, with open shoulders. An ideal choice for a romantic date in the winter. The originality and unusual way of helping to emphasize the bright colors of clothes and a jacket with prints - a geometric, abstract, interesting textural viscose. Wear these models better with jeans. The most relevant in this season are the following shades: turquoise, yellow, blue and orange. If you want to be fashionable, then choose a jacket for one of these colors.

Stylish women

What kind of fashion sweaters in winter 2018 photo fashion styles

Despite the large variety of gray, black and white models, this winter designers recommend to pay attention to the rich blue and carrot color. For more modest girls, chocolate and light pink will fit. Large flower patterns are no longer in fashion. At the peak of popularity now are leopard colors and geometry. Pay attention to the squares and rectangles, maybe they will become your pass to the world of fashionable girls in the coming winter.

Stylish women Women's sweaters became regulars on world shows that appear in virtually every new collection. In demand in the season 2018 sweaters of a large bundle, trimmed with fur inserts, again in fashion products with a V-shaped cut. At the peak of the fashion women's sweater is a free cut. Already, he has become a hit in sales, without limiting the movement and giving the image slight negligence. Looks visually on a larger size, thus, drawing the views of others.

Stylish women

Actual colors for women's sweaters fall-winter 2017-2018 photo

Long and short, fur, openwork and dense knit, patterned and single-colored - all these are fashionable women's sweaters for the autumn-winter season 2017-2018.It would seem that the usual clothes for the cold period, which warmes the girls from year to year. In fact, topical fashion trends have made their own adjustments to such familiar things. The rich color range will add an extra variety to the range of sweaters in the cold season. The fashionable tones of the coming autumn, which will emphasize the bright image of the girl, will be such shades as lilac violet, the color of spicy mustard, bright red, emerald green.

Stylish women In a classic range suitable for office and training, one can stay at the sweaters in gray, river blue or airy blue tones. With a warm gamma style fit brown palette: beige, woody gray-brown shades, the color of pink cedar and pottery clay. Extra colors in the color of clothing brings a trendy, luminous décor. These can be appliqués and stripes on a sweater, accessories: buttons, laces, buttons and zippers. Or simply brushed brooches, bows, selected contrasting accessories.

Stylish women

Whatever you say, a sweater is a very comfortable and practical thing. With uncomfortable weather, cold, slush and rain is a better option than it's just not to be found. It is doubly pleasant to realize that you wear not only comfortable and comfortable, but also an incredibly stylish thing. All this in the end will allow to achieve complete flawlessness, beauty, refinement and originality.

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