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Choose a linen dryer in the bathroom

Lingerie in the bathroom - a thing is very much needed, whether it is an apartment or a private home, when there is no possibility of drying on the street or balcony, for example, due to weather conditions. Choosing a good dryer in the bathroom is quite difficult, despite the simplicity of the task.

First you need to determine where the will be located. The wide assortment allows choosing dryers based on the size of the bathroom. Consequently, there are several types of fastening equipment for linen in the bath.

Choose a linen dryer in the bathroom

What kinds of dryers are and what are they different?

The ceiling dryer in the bathroom is mounted to the ceiling, and it is equipped with ropes, racks and a system for adjusting the distance between ropes and height. In order to fix the device, you do not need special skills or tools. Need some dowels or anchors and place on the ceiling, preferably closer to the wall. The ease of design, with good strength properties, provides aluminum or steel from which the dryer is used. Such designs can withstand up to 21 kilograms of linen.

The second, perhaps, most commonly used option is wall constructions. They are divided into ropes and are complex. The first option is mounted on the wall stationary above the bathroom or not. Flexible clothes dryers may seem like a better option for the bathroom, but they have a big disadvantage - the need for constant assembly and decomposition of the design. The installation of such a device consists in tight fastening of a drum on which ropes are wound and fastened to the opposite wall of hooks on which a rack with ropes is installed. To install the equipment, you need to drill only four holes in the tile, while taking into account the only horizontal plane. The

Stationary Dryer is a rectangular design and additional wings with ropes to accommodate more things. The feature of such a device is the possibility of installation in the bathroom, on the balcony, room or corridor, and the folded structure can be easily hidden under the bed, a closet or in a small barn, without cluttering the apartment space. After purchase, the floor clothes hanger can be used immediately because it does not need to be secured to the dowel.

Has found its wide application and a clothes dryer, which is installed above the bath. It consists of a set of tubes that are placed on the bath. Such dryers in the bathroom have one minus - it is extremely uncomfortable to keep the design, because it is uncountable and occupies quite a lot of space.

And what about non-standard rooms?

For very small bathrooms, the ideal option will be a console dryer for clothes, which is mounted only on one wall and pushes into the room at 0.5-1.2 m on the principle of accordion. And for large rooms, an electric dryer in the bathtub is good. Installation of this equipment is possible in any place of the bathroom, since it does not depend on centralized water supply, but is powered by electricity. Mineral or vegetable oil, which is filled with the design, is heated evenly, which allows you to quickly and efficiently dry the laundry. This kind of linen dryer is mounted on the wall.

How to choose the optimal dryer version?

A wide range of dryers in the bath in today's market will make any buyer confused. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points, which will greatly simplify the choice, as:

Choose a linen dryer in the bathroom

  • manufacturer - well-known companies take care of their image and supply high-quality dryers to the bathroom;
  • construction material - it should not be afraid of high humidity and temperature fluctuations and should provide the required strength. In this case, it is best to use painted steel, plastic, wood, etc.;
  • prefabricated / collapsible dryers in the bath. Proceeding from the area of ​​the house or apartment and the availability of free storage space, you can use stationary devices or complex ones.

It seems that there is nothing simpler than a dryer for linen, but the nuances of its purchase are plenty.