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Treat dermatitis in children: symptoms, species

Dermatitis in a child develops on the background of infection, toxic effects or allergies. This disease is manifested in infants in the form of redness and rash.


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dermatitis manifests itself as an organism's response to external stimuli. The disease is diagnosed in children from the first day of life and up to 4 years. The risk group includes:
  • children of allergic parents;
  • infants suffering from infectious diseases;
  • children born as a result of difficult childbirth.

Pediatricians have the following types of dermatitis in children:

  • seborrheic;
  • atopic;
  • pin;
  • diaphragm.

Treat dermatitis in children: symptoms, species

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As a result of seborrheic dermatitis, the skin of the scalp is inflamed. Causes of this form of disease are associated with the fungus Malassezia furfur. Seborrheic dermatitis in children can be manifested from the first days of life. If the disease is not treated, then a bacterial infection will be added to the current illness.

Before treating seborrheic dermatitis in children, it is advisable to consult a physician. Therapy is aimed at mechanical removal of gneisses. To clean the head use special means( Nizoral).Then apply the cream( Saporrel) to the affected areas of the head. With timely treatment, the symptoms of the disease disappear after 6-8 weeks. The duration of therapy depends on the attending physician.

Atopic dermatitis in children occurs with itching. The skin blushes and peels, bubbles appear. The cause of the illness is due to the congenital tendency of the immunity to allergy. In the blood of a sick child, an elevated concentration of immunoglobulins of type E( IgE) is detected.

Before we treat dermatitis in a child, it is recommended to undergo a complete examination. Different diagnostic methods will help to identify the current bowel disease. Most often, this disease is diagnosed in infants up to 6 months. There are cracks and bubbles on the face and neck that cause the child to feel itchy. Signs of atopic form in children aged 2-7 years:

  • red palms and feet;
  • lack of sleep.

Symptoms and treatment of this disease depend on the age of the baby. The disease therapy includes:

  • diet compliance;
  • wearing cotton clothes;
  • application of hypoallergenic household chemicals;
  • application of glucocorticosteroid ointments( Lokoid, Afloderm).

2 Use of medicines and ointments

Before using immunomodulators, it is advisable to consult a physician. Immunokind is prescribed for children with an unstable immune system. The action of this facility is aimed at:

  • proper immunity;
  • accelerate recovery with ARI and ARI;
  • to prevent relapse of atopic skin disease.

Treat dermatitis in children: symptoms, species

The effect of hormonal drugs is aimed at reducing inflammation and preventing the development of allergies in the area of ​​skin damage. Such drugs are prescribed for children with severe atopic dermatitis. Hormonal glucocorticoid ointment is applied to the problem skin on the recommendation of a doctor.

Elidel belongs to the anti-inflammatory agents of local therapies for atopic dermatitis. When applying this product on the skin there are no side effects. To reduce the level of histamine used antihistamines( Suprastin, Tavegil).Since their action is aimed at reducing the symptoms of the disease, antihistamines are taken no longer than 2 weeks.

Before using folk remedies from an atopic form of ailment, it is recommended to consult a pediatrician and a dermatologist. Babies can make baths( duration 15-20 minutes):

  • infusion on birch buds - 1 item.lkidneys take a glass of boiling water, the medium is infused for 3 hours and poured into a bath;
  • tree infusion - on 120 g of grass you need 1 liter of boiling water;
  • starch quickly relieves itching, 30-50 g of powder is required for the bath.

For the treatment of atopic dermatitis in a child, you can use folk remedies. They are applied to the problem skin.

In a juice of aloe, pumpkin or potato, moisten a tampon, applying it to a reddish skin.

At 1 item.lSt. John's wort is used 4th century.lmelted butter. The ointment is stored in the refrigerator for 1 day.

To lubricate the skin at night, prepare ointment of glycerin, starch and milk.

100 ml of flaxseed oil requires 1 tbsp.lchamomile flowersTampon is moistened in the medium and applied to the red skin for 3 hours.

If the atopic form of the disease is accompanied by an infectious process, then the baby is placed in the hospital.

3 Forms of the

Autism Foot nerve dermatitis is associated with inflammation of the skin in the genital area and the buttocks due to prolonged exposure to feces or urine. To the causes of the disease, dermatologists include:

  • use diapers of small or large size, which provokes the development of inflammatory process;
  • non-compliance with personal hygiene;
  • use of substandard personal hygiene products.

Treat dermatitis in children: symptoms, species

A child often cries and eats poorly. If the disease occurs with an infection, then on the skin of the baby appear pustules and an unpleasant smell. Before treating diauline dermatitis, it is recommended to pass the feces analysis to dysbiosis.

To reduce the risk of developing this form of ailment, diapers need to be used properly. Pediatricians are advised to buy quality diapers as they absorb moisture well. In this case, the surface remains dry, and the skin of the baby contacts the urine for a short period of time. Qualitative diapers provide normal acid-base balance of the skin.

The practice of diaper dermatitis is to adhere to the rules of personal hygiene and the reception of air baths. The last procedure is necessary for airing and drying of the skin of the perineum. Then the baby is bathed, and a moisturizer is applied to the dry skin( for example, Topicrem).It is possible to treat diaper dermatitis in children of this age with ointment with lanolinum. For the prevention of this type of disease it is recommended to change the diaper 1 time in 4-6 hours.

The contact dermatitis in children is presented as inflammation of the skin in the area of ​​exposure to any irritant( contact of skin with metal, due to friction of clothing).Symptoms of contact dermatitis in a child go on their own. The disease does not require special therapy. The main thing is to exclude the further effect of the stimulus on the skin.

To eliminate the symptoms of toxicodermic food allergy, it is recommended to adhere to a strict diet. If the disease is detected in the infant, the woman who feeds should exclude products that cause rash and skin inflammation( vegetables and fruits of red color) from their diet.

The diet of young children excludes products that cause rash from the menu. Since up to 5 years of formation of intestinal microflora, the risk of food allergy in children is reduced. The body absorbs all nutrients. It is impossible to treat dermatitis in a child only antiallergenic ointments. Any skin disease is manifested in the background of internal and external factors, while digestion is disturbed, immunity is reduced.

The main preventive measure of dermatitis in infants is long-term breastfeeding and mother's compliance with a nutritional diet. It is recommended to limit the use of cream and soap. With the age of the baby, the tendency to allergy and dermatitis decreases. When changing the skin on the legs, head, arms, buttocks it is recommended to seek medical help from a doctor.

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