Description of breed and care for rabbits by giants

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  • Species breed
  • Species and methods of dilution
  • Maintenance and care
  • Reviews of rabbits
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Rabbits-giant are examples of large burdocking breeds. Such rocks can count dozens. Among all the diversity,

can highlight rabbits, rabbits that are successfully breeding in their farms.

Description of breed and care for rabbits by giants

Rabbit-giant is a kind of big rabble breed.

Any home pet needs proper care, care and attention. But, in order not to hurt your "ward", you must adhere to certain rules, the corresponding breeds of the animal.

Description of the breed

Large rabbit breeds of ram differ in fertility, longevity and good immunity, which protects them from various diseases. The content of such rabbits does not require much material costs, since they feed on small portions. The name "ram" comes from the features of the structure of the face of this rabbit.

Expressions of rabbits are suitable for living in a home, they easily find a common language with children of all ages, and it is worth noting that this breed is trained, which means that rabbits can be easily taught to order.

Description of breed and care for rabbits by giants

Rabbit breed "giant" become capable of pregnancy and fertilization in half a year, or even nine months.

This breed was brought out in the XIX century, when the emphasis was placed on the breeding of animals with different ears.

Various experiments led to the emergence of a new interesting breed of rabbit with hanging ears. Currently breeding this breed in many countries.

The exterior appearance of a pronounced rabbit demonstrates the greatness of its breed. This is an amazingly cute creature. The rabbit body is wide enough, strong, with squat landing. The trunk reaches approximately 70 cm in length. His head is very large, his nose is lowered down, his ears almost touching the ground. The length of the ears can reach 70 cm. An adult females gain weight up to 6 kg, and male - even more. Frosted breed rabbits may be of different colors:

  • gray;
  • variegated;
  • black;
  • yellow;
  • white;
  • reed.

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Species and methods of breeding

Description of breed and care for rabbits by giants

Particularly popular breeding rabbits do not use because of the slow growth and the need for these animals large "housing".

rabbits rabbits have several varieties. The breed's location and the appearance of the animal make it possible to distinguish seven main breeds:

  • French;
  • corduroy;
  • dwarf;
  • fleecy;
  • Dutch;
  • English;
  • Meyssen.

Of which only representatives of a variety of dwarf rams can be kept at home as a pet. This is a decorative breed of a rabbit, which is characterized by an interesting appearance and small sizes.

Representatives of the French variety are very affectionate, they are not afraid of human hands, able to remember their name. Rabbit-giants of the French breed are obtained by crossing individuals who have reached the age of six months.

To obtain healthy offspring, cross-breeding individuals are of the same breed, as when mixing different breeds, rabbits are born with an irregular shape of the ears that stick out in different directions, rather than descend to the floor, hanging as needed. Such offspring are considered "bad".

The process of crossing, bearing and birth of rabbits in this breed does not differ in any way. In one brood there are 5-9 rabbits. Newly baked rabbit mothers are highly cared for by their offspring, they feed their babies on their own.

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Maintenance and care

Description of breed and care for rabbits by giants

For the placement of cells in the yard or barn, it's important to keep in mind that rabbits are badly tolerant of draft, as well as elevated or reduced air humidity.

Care and care about the decorative rock is easy and easy. Like other rabbits, they are placed in cells of several individuals and contain up to three months of age. After that the males are separated from the females, the rabbit with the rabbit is also placed in a separate cage.

Meat specimens are grown for about 2-3 years. The food of fluffy foods is the simplest of feed: oats, millet, corn. Rabbits do not give up carrots or apples, with pleasure boasting cabbage. In the summer, the diet of rabbits is brightened with grass, and in winter they feed the animals with hay. The diet must necessarily include pure water, which should always be plentiful.

Keep animals in a warm room. Well suited for holding a shed. But you need to be sure that in the cold time in this room there will be no negative temperature. In the winter you can use a greenhouse. Placing in an icy cage in cold weather threatens rabbits with overcooling and frostbite of the ears that reach the edge of the earth. The overcooled young rabbit quickly gets sick and dies in such conditions.

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Content Reviews

Description of breed and care for rabbits by giants

rabbits According to rabbits, the life of a "French ram" is an average of 11 years.

Cartilages note the fact that the better the care of the rabbits, the longer they live. Decorative rocks are no exception. The better the nutrition in the absence of drafts and the presence of cell heating, the longer the life of the rabbit. The unpretentious nature of these animals makes them breeding simple and enjoyable activities. And proper care rewards the owner for the longevity of the pet.

According to the reviews of rabbits, the life of a French sheep is an average of 11 years. About as much as a cat lives at home. In addition to longevity, the rabbit can please the host with a consistent and gentle character.

Such a rabbit can be kept for a very long time, and it will not bring any kind of discomfort to the nurse. Cartilages explain high stress-specific specific ears. Long ears tightly cover the auditory passage, resulting in a worse animal hearing and not so much frightened by sharp and loud sounds. That is, the shape of the ears reduces the auditory threshold, making loud sounds not so terrible for the animal.

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Representatives of other breeds of rabbits-giants

There are many rabbits. And each of the rocks has its own characteristics.

Description of breed and care for rabbits by giants

Rabbit breeds "White giant" calmly carry the Russian climate, which allows you to talk about high viability and good fertility.

White Giant. The meat-and-skin breed is very fast gaining weight from its very birth. Rabbits easily carry the Russian climate, which suggests a high viability and good fertility. Animals reach a weight of 6 kg.

Spotted giant. On the body of the rabbit there are characteristic symmetrical spots. Adult rabbits reach 8-9 months, gaining up to this age of 5 kg. Individuals are inflammatory in nature. Specialized cells are required for placement to protect animals from various injuries. The rabbit's hair is short enough, but requires careful care.

Giant Angora. A fairly large breed, whose specimens reach a weight of 5 kg. The animal is taken out for the purpose of obtaining valuable fur. These rabbits are very calm, kind, peace-loving, which allows you to keep such a pet in your home without problems. The look of this rabbit, reminiscent of a fluffy glomer, attracts attention.

Giant chinchilla. This is a meat-and-skin breed. In rabbits, tasty meat and valuable skins. The weight of adults reaches 6 kg, as they quickly gain weight. Suitable for breeding, as it is absolutely unpretentious in nutrition. Rabbits are well tolerated by our climate.

Silver Rabbit. Rabbit weighing 5 kg with good adaptability to local conditions. It is characterized by increased speediness and excellent fleshiness. The fur of the animal is very beautiful and quality, and the meat is very tasty. Animals of this breed are very good home pets, distinguished by a good and gentle character.

English rabbit. Funny breed with long ears, deduced specifically for home maintenance. Weight of a rabbit - 5-6 kg. Needs special care, which is to closely monitor the ears. Rabbits are very weak, poorly tolerated by poor climatic conditions. There is almost no practical benefit to them, this is a pet sole for home maintenance.

White ButterflyThe animal has an elongated body shape, which, despite the power, is elegant. Weight of individuals - 5-6 kg Fur is beautiful, shiny, dense, pleasant to the touch. The fur industry has a high value.


Despite the fact that rabbits-giants have a significant weight, they are not particularly appreciated when it comes to obtaining quality meat. Giants need a lot of food and special care to prevent illness.