Where to go to study after grade 11 youth: the most profitable profession

Last call, exams, graduation. .. A long-awaited certificate of full secondary education in the hands of a beginner adult life of a young man. It would seem that all the difficulties are already behind, but this is far from the case. One of the most interesting issues of each graduate is the right choice of the future

profession, and, accordingly, it is necessary to determine the choice of educational institution. It is important not just to do somewhere in order not to get immediately after school in the army, not to "hang out" without a business, but also to spend time with the truth. Namely, to get the necessary and interesting profession, which will then accompany the boy all his life. Today we will talk about where to go to study after grade 11 young man and what most profitable profession he can get.


1. How to make the right choice for
2. The main types of educational institutions where to go to study after grade 11
3. How to simplify the entry after graduation
4. Top the most sought after professions for boys
5. Instead of finding

How to make the rightchoice of

Unfortunately, not all graduates of schools clearly understand where they want to join and whom they want to be in this life. Sometimes the choice of the graduate affects the decisions of his relatives who want for their adult child only the best( incidentally, not always suitable for the child).For example, Dad dreamed of being a lawyer, mother - a dentist. And now they are trying to "send" in their footsteps a son who is attracted to IT-technologies.

In other cases, boys choose the future profession, they say, "for the company", so that it's not terrible to do, it's not boring to learn. But the one that likes one does not necessarily fit the young man himself. After studying for 3, 5, 7 years, having received a prestigious education, and having settled on work in the specialty, the young man suddenly realizes that all this time was spent in vain, and only because after grade 11, he failed to make the right choice.

In our country, the school ends at a young age and only units clearly see themselves in a particular activity. Most young people in the choice of their future profession rely on the material aspect, perhaps it is right, without money in the modern world, it is very difficult to live. Unfortunately, not everyone achieves further heights in a career, and there are many reasons for this. Where to go to study after grade 11 youth: the most profitable profession

In order to make the right decision at school, it is necessary to carry out some measures that will further help to determine the future profession.

  • Professional orientation is a fairly serious test, which is compulsory in many schools. Thanks to this survey, you can identify as accurately as possible the inclination to one or another type of activity. This method is very popular and allows many graduates to decide on the choice of future profession;
  • Ability and character - still in school, everyone has a favorite discipline that is very interesting. A high score on this subject does not always matter. If any, then this is a great chance to continue to realize all your abilities in the activities associated with this discipline;
  • Statistics - in our country, education is, of course, good, but if the profession is not in demand, then the job is unlikely to be found. Therefore, before the decision can go to the Internet and find out what professions are in demand at the moment and in five years.
  • Choice of the Faculty - If the choice of an interesting profession has already been done, you can talk with staff in this specialization, to find out what they received education for this work. Depending on the information received and to go to the appropriate institution;

From the correct profession, the further life of the graduate depends, most importantly, that work brings pleasure and material benefits.

The main types of educational institutions where to go after class 11

In our country there are three types of educational institutions for the specialty, and in what it depends on the graduate, as well as some points. To obtain higher education, a certificate of full completion of the school is required, that is, 11 classes. It does not require admission to secondary schools and specialist courses.

Benefits of Admission to the

In order to realize the dream of a prestigious high-paying job, the availability of higher education is obligatory. Of course, it is possible to get it and after the graduation of the SUZ, but then it will have to bark a long time granite of science. After graduating from secondary education, you will need to graduate from the university, which is at least seven years old students.

For young people, after graduating from school, there is no question of passing military service, no one will get away from it. However, if the higher institution has a military department, then after graduating from it, it is impossible to serve and at the same time get a military rank. Secondary schools can not provide this. Having a graduate degree in higher education, you can easily continue to study further and receive a degree or a second diploma.

Many serious companies even carry out casting on recruitment in their ranks, the candidate must first have higher education. Where to go to study after grade 11 youth: the most profitable profession

The Benefits and Disadvantages of Admission to Secondary Schools

Many colleges and colleges provide graduates with work after graduation, this is actually very convenient, especially for those who for financial reasons failed to obtain higher education.

You can simultaneously work and receive higher education on a correspondence form, practice will continue to be useful for more highly paid work. Meanwhile, most secondary schools have close contact with universities, and after the first one can enter the second immediately to the third or fourth year.

Usually in vocational schools or colleges, the resulting profession is highly sought after in the labor market. With higher education there are not very willing to go there, but the shortage of personnel is felt acutely, which is why after the graduation from secondary institutions graduates are employed.

The main disadvantages of secondary education include reluctance to continue to receive higher education. Many after employment do not want to learn further, because the profession is received, money is earned, this, unfortunately, happens to a half of graduates of colleges.

If the graduated CSE does not have the outputs to the required university, then the training will take at least eight years, and this is not very convenient in our modern world. Young people after graduation from college or college will have to first serve in the army, and only then decide the issue of employment or higher education.

One of the main drawbacks is, of course, the impossibility of obtaining a prestigious profession in a large company. Only one unit violates this stereotype, and most executives of solid organizations still prefer higher education.

The advantages and disadvantages of narrow-proficiency knowledge acquisition courses

The advantage of this type of training is the speed and accessibility. Getting the necessary knowledge from any particular profession can be literally a few months and at a cheap cost. Upon completion of such courses, there will be a certificate of their passing and awarding qualifications.

A disadvantage is considered narrowly oriented, if there is an opportunity to work not in the specialty with secondary and higher education, then when it receives a document on the completion of courses it is not. To work with such a diploma is really only a certain profession. Where to go to study after grade 11 youth: the most profitable profession

How to simplify the introduction after graduating from school

The delivery of EDI and the receipt of good results significantly simplifies admission to the university. The main thing is to immediately determine which items you need to take during the entrance, and get higher grades for them according to the results of EDI.

Participating in school at various competitions and competitions also increases the chance to get a place at the University.

TOP of the most sought after professions for boys

Strong sex in the choice of profession should be approached especially carefully, because in the future they should provide not only themselves but also their family. Below is a list of men's professions, which brings a good income.


The high status of the profession of physician obliges to be a competent specialist: to combine regular practice with self-education, research into new discoveries in the field of medicine. The willingness to assist in any situation is a distinguishing feature of the individual who has decided to devote himself to serving people. Effectiveness in diagnostics, quality treatment, salvation will be called the activity of a doctor's art. Having mastered the specialty of higher medical educational institutions, the entrant can master the profession of a doctor.

In order to receive a doctor's profession, young people must submit their documents to the medical colleges of the medical faculty.


Noble profession of surgeon, whose work is to save human life by surgical intervention. The profound theoretical basis of the medical university is multiplied by the hardness of character, fearlessness, strength of hands, systemic practice - these are the components of the success of the surge's professional path. The task is to accurately diagnose, analyze the causes of the disease, operational actions. The formation of a highly skilled surgeon takes years.

For the profession of surgeon, boys also need to apply to the medical colleges with the specialization "Surgery".

Where to go to study after grade 11 youth: the most profitable profession


Dentist - a specialty widely demanded by entrants of medical faculties. Having a range of specializations from the orthodontist to the therapist, the profession of dentist implements the entire range of tasks for the treatment of teeth. The mass profession does not make it less remunerated. On the contrary, high-level professionals are in demand. The path to craftsmanship is not simple: the strength of the deep knowledge of your business is achieved solely by the difficulty of mastering the program. The right to conduct dental activities is given after passing one-year course of internship.

To get a dentist's profession, young men need to submit papers to medical universities at dental faculties.


The presence of higher technical education, knowledge of modern technology, erudition in the organization of production - a guarantor of the success of professional development of the engineer. From a simple wizard who honestly performs its functionality, to the head of an enterprise - such a ladder of social growth of the engineer. Profession covers a large number of branches of the national economy. A responsible engineer is an irreplaceable employee at any enterprise. A more detailed classification of engineering specialization is available here.

For the profession of engineer guys should give preference to technical, polytechnic, and building materials. Where to go to study after grade 11 youth: the most profitable profession

Computer and Information Systems Manager

The specialty is highly sought after in the modern labor market and presents a number of requirements for a potential candidate: professionalism, knowledge of the latest advances in information technology. Functional duty - management of information systems, resources of computer programs by ensuring the continuity of the quality of equipment. The scope of the profession is to maintain a proper level of database reliability. Directions of the profession can be read more here.

In order to become a manager of a profession, you can enter any technical or economical university, colleges of international relations and others where trainers are trained.

IT Specialist

The intellectual work involved in the processing of a large amount of information is the field of professionalism of the IT specialist. The functionality of an ordinary office worker includes the elimination of software hardware failures, equipment of the enterprise. The creative side of the profession is the creation of authoring software, the art of design. Higher educational institutions, and secondary, and even specialized courses, can use modern technologies. The income level is directly proportional to professionalism.

Information Technology Specialist - this specialty is considered one of the most sought after, and besides, this profession will allow you to make good money. Any organization can not exist without software, therefore with the corresponding diploma to find work on this specialty will not work.

To qualify for this profession, you should do technical or economical Higher Education, International Relations, and others where the relevant specialists are trained. Where to go to study after grade 11 youth: the most profitable profession


The desire to make the environmental protection sense of all of its life motivates entrants to make a conscious choice in favor of the profession of ecologist. He attracts a specialty in scientific research, development of programs on ecology, prospect of journalistic activity. The Social Ministry assigns a mission to specialists in the field in the field of environmental disasters. The rules of activity of enterprises, facilities of plants, control of emissions of dangerous substances into the atmosphere - this is part of the function of environmentalists.
The ecological profile is presented in a number of universities of the country.


Accounting for the preferences of potential customers, the analysis of demand in the market of consumption, promotion of products of the enterprise - the range of professional interests of a specialist-marketer. The profession captures the research of competitors' products, the study of advertising campaigns of other manufacturers of the same product. A competent strategy of analytics allows you to build a winning PR company's products, making the goods competitive. Innovation and management, commercial affairs and sociology are those specialties that you can master as a marketer.

Marketing Manager - Nowadays, everything is based on trade, big companies pay good managers money, and for the employees themselves, this is a business case study in practice. Knowledge of all the subtleties in the field of sales in the future may allow the opening of their business.

To qualify as a marketer, boys should join economic universities or universities of international relations where trainers are trained. Where to go to study after grade 11 youth: the most profitable profession

Specialist PR

Specialist's activities include advertising, sociology, marketing, journalism. The key task of a PR specialist is to inform the consumer of the necessary information through the formation of thought. Working with information makes this profession multifunctional: copywriting, building strategic actions, journalistic investigation. Specialist PR is a profession that combines a number of other specialties in one employee. Scope of activity: commercial companies, state-level enterprises, agencies.

A large list of disciplines in the mastery of the profession is characteristic of the faculties of journalism.

Nanotechnology Specialist

The priority of the strategic development of advanced technologies has led to the demand of nanotechnology specialists in the labor market. The profession is inextricably linked with the scientific sphere of human life: the study of atomic level, molecular analysis, the development of new techniques for the study and release of nanomaterials. Workplaces of specialists in this area are provided by scientific institutes, enterprises, the specifics of which are nano-research.

In order to receive the corresponding profession, boys should also give preference to technical universities.


Graphics and Landscape, Transport and Industry, Furniture and Apparel. Artistic activities along with the technical represent the sphere of professional development of the designer. Becoming a demanding and paid designer will help an insurmountable desire to decorate the world, forming a sense of taste. The implementation of a specialist is possible within the framework of individual entrepreneurship and cooperation with the company. To think creatively, to perceive the world in framing - all of this is in demand today. Specialized faculties of higher educational institutions teach technical designers.

To get the profession of designer, young men must submit papers to design institutes, architectural, construction institutes, as well as to any institution with a technical bias.


Honored in the modern realities profession of a lawyer. Principles of legal relations are regulated by employees of the notary's offices, lawyers, consultants, lawyers, judges, representatives of the prosecutor's office, investigators.

While being in charge of law and order, these professionals do not allow ordinary civilians to become victims of legal actions. Lawyers are in demand by judicial authorities, educational institutions, law enforcement agencies.

The distinguishing feature of a representative of this specialty is the responsibility of a higher order. Managing only the desire to become a lawyer is not worth choosing a specialty, among which there is not a high number of qualified professionals.

Civil servants - this kind of work always attracts and respects others. To all this, the employee is on a country-side, has a good salary and a full social package. To work in such bodies is mandatory military service.

For the profession of lawyer, boys must submit papers to law schools.


The presence of the necessary consumer goods on the store counter, customer satisfaction is the area of ​​activity of the logistician. Task specialist: organization of delivery of a certain category of goods from supplier to buyer. The specifics of the activity is to use the minimum time and money.

The goal of logistics is to manage the entire chain of delivery without fail. Highly skilled logistics ensures success of the company, prevents losses. Analytical mind, leadership - features of potential logistics. Knowledge in the field of economics, management, marketing allows you to work as a logistician.

To get a logistics profession, guys should prefer economics universities.


The overpopulation of the standard languages ​​of the market promotes the growth of the demand for linguists with the knowledge of rare languages. The direction of the translator's work is reflected in the specifics of the process: the translation of technical documentation( professionalism), business, synchronous translation, interpretation of texts of fiction. You can learn a profession at different faculties, forming a language competence. Clear diction, communication skills, language skills are all prerequisites for doing translation work. Where to go to study after grade 11 youth: the most profitable profession

To receive a translator's profession, you must submit your papers to foreign languages ​​institutes, institutes and universities of international relations, and more.


A mysterious hailing diploma profession. Along with travel on duty in various parts of the world, the specialty is a hard work that imposes high demands on candidates. The profession makes the diplomat expand the horizons, comprehend other cultural values, learn to conduct a dialogue with representatives of different states. Important qualities are tact, benevolence, and the ability to hold back emotions.

Faculties of the world economy, politics, as well as international relations allow you to master this specialty. Where to go to study after grade 11 youth: the most profitable profession


A creative profession that combines knowledge in various fields: construction, art, management, innovation. The natural working condition of the architect is the construction of building codes in conjunction with creativity. The desire of society to diversify the appearance of reduced buildings makes the specialty meaningful. The originality of the constructed structures, their quality depends on the skill of the architect. Fundamentals of building design, urban development, safety engineering - the basis on which the work of an architect is based. Where to go to study after grade 11 youth: the most profitable profession

Instead of Conclusion

Unlike girls, the choice of boys' profession should be more far-sighted. To be successful in life, you need to know from the very beginning what you want and strive for your dream. Therefore, when choosing a future profession, it's important to focus not only on your personal interests, but also on its further demand.