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How to choose a stainless steel towel rail?

What is a towel warmer? These devices are a gadget for drying towels, clothing and in some cases even shoes. They are usually installed in bathrooms, using their intended purpose, as well as an additional heating battery. The choice when purchasing the

towels is great because they are manufactured in a wide range. Their device is different, because there are towel dryers, electric and combined. Of course, choosing water should care about the metal. In this case it should be stainless steel.

How to choose a stainless steel towel rail?

What should be considered when changing the old water towel warmers?

A similar device can last a long time, and therefore replace it, usually during major repairs and other transformations in the bathroom. Just a former device for towel drying somehow does not look against all the changes in the bathroom. That is why the new towels should match the design of your room. Though the task seems easy, however, installation of a new stainless steel towel instead of the old and rust-covered rust will not be so simple.

When executing it, a certain set of instructions and rules should be followed. The reason for this is that water towel warmers are connected to a common water supply system. It is a riser, which runs from the first floor of the multi-apartment building to the last. And since water during heating has the property to expand, at this time it comes from a riser into a towel rail without being able to stand in the riser, and during cooling it is cast back. It follows that the old towels played a very important role in preventing an unnecessary accident. Consequently, the new device should replace it to the fullest. That is why the question of replacing this device should be treated with extreme caution.

Why do you need to choose the water towel warmers?

The fact that they have several advantages over other variants of steel towel rails:

  • Not dependent on electricity;
  • Does not require inclusion or exclusion;
  • You do not need to participate in the task of providing heat at home.
  • In addition, water towel rails bear the enormous load that has been described above. In fact, they act as a "compensating loop" that protects the riser from accidents. Most of us treat steel towels as a device that can dry clothes and other fabrics. However, the benefits of it will be much bigger! After all, he performs other tasks. This device eliminates dampness, counteracts the onset of a fungus and even prevents the formation of condensation on the bathroom mirror and harmful bacteria.

    How to choose a stainless steel towel rail?

    Varieties of Design

    In the case of a towel dryer, water stainless steel will be the best material for fabrication. By this, you narrowed the huge assortment of these products by about a third, dropping other metals. Now it's a bit easier to choose a towel rack. However, even so, we are left with a lot of different manufacturers that offer us their products at different prices. How to determine? Many use a simple logical formula: the lower the price, the worse the product. Therefore, you can throw away all Russian producers. However, practice shows that such a solution is hasty.

    So what are our domestic companies offering? It should be noted that there is no particular diversity: all models of products are almost identical! Their device is distinguished only in three directions, by which goods are made in the form of letters "n", "m" and in the form of ladders. Not that it was a bad model - the ladder and at all enjoys huge demand. However, such diversity differs from the foreign assortment unprofitable. True, the low price slightly corrects the case, especially since it is not related to the poor quality of the product.

    The Finns offer a wider choice, as well as we are familiar with the cold climate. Of course, they know the truth in the heating devices, and therefore such devices, such as water towel dryers, they go to cheers. Italy is considered a good producer. The goods from this country are in great demand, because it already makes one its brand. But is it worth talking about the high cost of such a product?

    How to choose the right product?

    In the case of towel dryers, stainless steel is the main material for production, but it is only domestic manufacturers.

    If you firmly decided to buy an imported product, then focus on chrome-plated brass.

    How to choose a stainless steel towel rail?

    Be sure to talk with the seller. Require him a passport for the product you purchased. Do not forget to look at the warranty card too. The standard warranty period is 1-2 years. If the manufacturer suddenly points out the other figures, it is better to refuse the idea of ​​buying this stainless steel towel.

    Ask about the amount of air that contains your water supply. Of course, the product you purchased must match these figures. However, if you live in a private home, you can safely buy any tiled stainless steel towel. After all, in the water pipes of country houses, the pressure almost never exceeds the figure of 2-3 atmospheres. But this council applies only to this particular case. When staying in a multistory building, consider choosing a product much more seriously, because the pressure there is slightly higher and the device can break through. Just in case, ask the seller about any complaints about the product you have selected.

    It is very important that there are no joints on the pipe of the device. Quite often, when a pipe breaks down, barely gets a serious load. That is why it is necessary to look for continuous pipes, carefully looking at the goods along and across. After all, seams may be invisible.

    An air valve must be present on the supplied towel warmer. It is installed on the upper part of the design and serves to remove all that is inside the air. If this task does not fulfill them, it is quite possible that the construction will not be able to work in full force.

    So, knowing all the details, you can easily pick up a quality towel rack. The benefit of it will be unmistakable, but do not hurry with the installation process. In an apartment house you will have to deal with the system of general water supply, and therefore you will risk not only your property. It is best to invite a specialist for these works, which is capable of performing such a task quickly and qualitatively. More about the choice and manufacturer of towel rails look here.