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How to fool your cat wipe furniture - step by step instruction

How to fool your cat wipe the furniture step by step instruction Tie the corners of the furniture, the lack of pieces of wallpaper, pogryznye legs of the chairs - all this is familiar to the owners of cats who do not walk in the street and do not know their angle for the point of the claws. What to do and how to deal with this problem? Everything is very simple - accustom a cat to a cigarette!

Someone who read these lines will think that it's not easy to do it. Of course, some difficulties will arise, but because the cat is like a little child, she is not able to read thoughts and understand everything from the first time. Thus, the process of weaning from the point of the furniture elbows consists of several stages.

Buy or make a hook

This is the very first and most important stage. If there is no koktetochki, the cat just does not have to re-learn. Buttons are different, both individual devices, and in the house for a pet. There are also wall-papers. But, we've already talked about cigarettes, as well as how to do it on our own.

Introducing the new

toy After installing the cigarette, the cat needs to be introduced to her so that the animal is used to the new toy and began to grind the claw around her. You can just wait for some time in the hope of making a favorite this odd thing, but you can buy a special attracted spray, released at any pet store.

How to fool your cat wipe the furniture step by step instruction

Accustom to

This step will not take much time if the dating process went well. The cat will gradually become accustomed to the new toy next to his house, and periodically will grind claws. But periodically it does not suit the owners, so the time is right for the next stage.

Learn from furniture

This is the most complicated stage requiring the owners of patience and time. Once the cat once raised the claws on the chair or sofa, it means she noticed the territory, and will do it periodically and further. Some owners just beat an animal for this, trying to soften it from the point of the claws. But, frankly speaking, there will be little sense from this. Just a cat will scratch the furniture when nobody will be at home.

So, to clean the cat from furniture, it is necessary to spray furniture with lemon juice with water. The tracks will not leave such a mixture, but will discourage the cat from furniture.

How to fool your cat wipe the furniture step by step instruction

The fact is that the whole family of cats does not tolerate the smell of citrus. Do not waste by using citric acid instead of juice, because it will not benefit from it. To prepare the mixture, it is necessary to equip a bottle with a spray, 0.5 liters of water and one lemon. Lemon should be cut in half and squeeze as much juice as possible, straining it from the pulp and the seeds. Dilute the juice with water, pour into a bottle and sprinkle all the furniture, which at least once was attempted by the cat. Next - just wait. Probably, it will be necessary 2-3 times to carry out such an operation, in order to finally fix it in a cat of aversion to furniture.