How can you distinguish males from the female guinea fowl: photos and videos

In nature, there are several types of tizarok, but only ordinary gray man managed to domesticate. Since then, this bird lives in many people's homestead. If you are going to start, as they say in Italy, the Pharaonic chicken, then you will definitely be interested in our publication. As

look like guinea fowls, how to distinguish males from females, this is already right now.

Table of contents

  • 1 Effective methods for distinguishing between Tesorocks
    • 1.1 Head and beak
    • 1.2 Sex organs
    • 1.3 Earrings
    • 1.4 Voice
  • 2 Video «How to cry male guinea fowl»

Effective methods for differentiating

Tesarok If you have ever seen a small herd of these birds,then, probably, noticed that all creatures are very similar to each other. Here are several yards in the yard and try to understand where the female is, and where the male is. Surprisingly, for many, this issue is still very relevant when breeding birds. There is one interesting fact: unlike other domestic feathered females, it is harder, and sometimes a little more males. Sometimes the weight difference may exceed 20% of the total mass.

Well, what should I do if they are practically the same in size? How to distinguish? There are several distinct important characteristics that help determine the sex of the bird.

How can you distinguish males from the female guinea fowl: photos and videos

Head and beak

Tartar is a medium sized bird with a fairly good gray uniform and some decorations in the form of a fleshy nose on the neck and earrings at the bottom of the beak. The homeland of these birds is the island of Madagascar and some parts of Africa. For many farmers, only those who carry eggs are a distinguishing feature of the female and male caissons. Others are trying to find out and understand how to quickly recognize a gender.

The first and most important difference is the head. It is the structure of the head most accurately and quickly can understand the floor of the guinea fowl. So, for example, females have a much smaller and more accurate beak. In males it is thicker and larger in size. It always has a specific breed that is clearly visible. The comb on the head of the emperors is folded back, which makes it also visually larger.

It is important to note that the birds of different articles hold their heads in different ways. So, for example, in females, the position of the neck and head is always exactly vertical, and from the male head slightly forward.

How can you distinguish males from the female guinea fowl: photos and videos

Genital organs

It is believed that it is impossible to understand the sex before the 3rd month of the young. The exception is only volcanic white or cream breeds, in which males have a lighter coloration of feathers. But this is not quite so. Farmers who have been engaged in breeding and keeping this bird for a long time are already distinguished at the age of the day, where the Caesar, and where the Caesar. As? By external genitalia. This is the most accurate method in the case if all the chicks have the same color.

Males of pharaoh breed have a well-developed sexual organ in the form of a small tubercle. In order to determine the sex, you need to carefully and carefully take the chick, stroking the back to pull the tail and open the cloaca. From the inflow of blood in males, the tubercle will slightly advance forward, in females nothing will be visible. Of course, for such a method definition requires some professional skills, but it is easy to learn.

How can you distinguish males from the female guinea fowl: photos and videos

Remember that guinea fowls are very insidious birds, they are poorly tolerant of stress, so try to bother them less. Do not scare the birds with their desire to determine the sex, catch the birds cautiously and silently.

Earrings One of the notable tweezers of jewelry is earrings on a head under a beak. With it, you can also distinguish between the sex of birds. So, for example, in a man's half this decoration is more visible, fleshy, thicker. In chesarochche they are more gentle and neat. But this applies only to young individuals, as in old birds, they look like "male" earrings. They also become large and thick.

How can you distinguish males from the female guinea fowl: photos and videos Sex determination on earrings: left male, female right


As with many other birds, the prints give special sounds. Thus, observing the behavior of the feathers, one can determine their gender. For example, males give special sounds resembling fragmentary trills with some crap. Females do not crack, but they give a signal that resembles the sound of "u-a".

In addition, they walk more modestly, lowering their head and tail, while the males try to raise the head above the head, walk, lifting their tail high. Thus, the chessies show their superiority. You can still see the birds of various articles in more detail on photos and videos.

Video «How to Catch an Male Guinea Pig»

In this video you will be able to see the look of male and female guinea fowl, and also hear how they scream.