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How to make a corner sofa with your own hands?

How to make a corner sofa with your own hands?

The ability to create furniture with your own hands can give us many benefits. The finished object with individual dimensions can ideally fit into the room, and the correct choice of upholstery will be combined with the overall interior of the room. It is also important to note that making an

corner sofa with your own hands can be much cheaper than the cost of buying a finished version. Many home-made craftsmen who managed to fill their hand on the napkins and stools, easily collect their sofas, both angular and ordinary.

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  • General Tips
  • Required Materials
  • Toolkit Left Side Assembly
  • Right Aside
  • Forging Asbestos

Sofa Angle is very useful and convenient, as it saves a lot of free space in an assembled form. Also inside the sofa are all bedding, children's clothes, boxes with shoes, toys and much more. Do not forget about prestige, because the corner sofa looks much more solid than usual.

General Tips

How to make a corner sofa with your own hands?

First of all, you need to decide on the design of the furniture and where you put it in your apartment or home. Complex designs with oval tables and shelves are better not to consider at first. First, try to make the corner sofa with your own hands of some uncomplicated form.

First, make a detailed drawing of the sofa with a designation of all sizes and details. From expensive materials( large cross-section beams, laminated slabs, etc.) refuse, as well as you do not need labor-intensive studded connections, which are available only to professional carpenters.

People often try to simplify their task by fastening parts with ordinary nails. This is wrong, as they quickly grow loose and the sofa begins to creak and literally collapse. The best option is screws. Crashing once, especially coniferous material, these fasteners hold well for a long time.

How to make a corner sofa with your own hands?

Do not do the joinery and do not glue. But before you overstretch and connect the surfaces you need to make sure the correctness of the assembly. When the glue, be it an ordinary PVA or some other one, grabs, you will not be able to distinguish the parts. It will only need to break them and drill new ones.

It is believed that laminate slabs should be varnished in several layers to exclude formaldehyde separation into the air. In fact, this requirement is rarely followed. Partly this is due to the fact that the environmental friendliness of the material has become much better. Many masters are limited to ordinary moorings.

Details, sprayed on their own, need to be polished with a fine peel. The treated surface changes its properties and becomes stronger. In addition, working with a smooth tree is much safer, as well as further use of furniture.

Required Materials

For the assembly of the corner sofa, you will need the following materials:

  • sheets of 3 mm thick panel;
  • pine bar with cross section 50x30 mm;
  • plywood in thickness 5 and 15 mm;
  • sheets of chipboard 16 mm;
  • microlift kit;
  • 9 furniture legs;
  • foam thickness 2 and 4 cm;
  • thick upholstery fabric;
  • batting and sintepon;
  • foamed foam or hollow fiberglass crumb.

How to make a corner sofa with your own hands?

tool kit For your work you will need the following tools:

  • electric shaver and knife( you need to buy a stud to hand-saw so you can saw a tree at the right angle);
  • screwdriver;
  • drill;
  • construction stapler;
  • screws or screws, nails;
  • Sewing Machine;
  • joiner or PVA glue;
  • sharp knife.

How to make a corner sofa with your own hands?

Before compiling the corner sofa, you have to estimate how much dust and noise work from the electric jig saw. If you are forced to work in a tight city apartment, cutting is better ordered in the same organization, where you will buy chipboard. The masters will quickly reveal the material to your size, with maximum precision. At the same time, you will not be able to adjust the dimensions during the assembly of the sofa.

Before you make the corner sofa, weigh how much noise and dust from the work of the power tool. If you have to work in a tight city apartment, then cutting the boards better to order on the same base, where you will buy chipboard. Specialists will expand the material under the drawings with high accuracy and with a minimum of losses. True, adjustment of size in the course of the case will be impossible.

Assembly on the left side of the

To begin with, you must arrange the finished markings separately: armrests, frame, seat, back. Items are collected in the following order:

  • Armrests. They should be the same and should be joined with screws. Screw, moving from large parts to smaller ones.
  • The left side frame. First, prepare a few mirrored sidewalls, which are first fastened to longitudinal bars, and then racks. The last reinforce cross-ties.
  • Seats for the left part of the frame. It is necessary to collect the frame of the seat, without forgetting to measure its diagonals - the values ​​should be the same. After installing a finished frame into the frame, fix the plywood from above. After that you can apply the fiberboard to the back of the left side.
  • How to make a corner sofa with your own hands?

    Right part of

    After assembling the left side you can assume that the process of manufacturing the corner sofa is almost finished. It is necessary to compose parts on the right side, not forgetting that the bottom will act as a linen box. In a familiar way, attach to two identical lateral elements longitudinal, and then lateral bars.

    How to make a corner sofa with your own hands?

    After picking up the frame according to the drawing, sew the bottom with plywood. Tighten the back, fasten the chipboard to it. After that, the cut holes must cover the side openings. Wear the chipboard on the back of the furniture only if the sofa is in the middle of the room. After that, drill holes for mounting the microfiber. Bolts for mounting the lift mechanism use the M6h30 brand with furniture hats.


    First you need to remove the dimensions of all surfaces and cut them foam rubber. After cutting the part, you have to stick it to the place. Each subsequent detail will make it easier for you to adjust. For seats, foam thickness 100 mm

    How to make a corner sofa with your own hands?

    Suitable if you have not found a material of such thickness, gluten two 40-mm and one 20-millimeter. Use all trimming on patterns of matching geometric shapes and fit them. If you do everything neatly and in no hurry, you will receive a quality finished product to order, and in the future you will be able to earn money from it.

    Sofa upholstery

    To begin with, it is necessary to make patterns for all tight surfaces. To do this, cut patterns from newspapers or wallpaper, checking the size of the drawings. Under the patterns, we cut the fabric. If it's difficult for you, just put the material in the seat or back, noting the border with chalk. The fabric should be cut upwards. Allow the seams to leave at least a centimeter, and if the edges fall out, you can more.

    How to make a corner sofa with your own hands?

    Symmetrical depressions in the sheathing, called screeds, not only change the appearance of the sofa, but also hold the fabric, reducing the appearance of folds. Under these pre-worked holes in the slabs. For drawers use loops from a sturdy kapron cord, pre-sewn to the upholstery.

    To reduce the degree of abrasion of foam rubber between it and the sheathing stack agrotextile. After that, the upholstery fabric is stapler. You can collect all the elements in one whole.

    As a result of the work you will get a neat, comfortable and relatively inexpensive corner sofa, which will serve you faithfully and for a long time.

    Detailed video instruction for creating an angular sofa:

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