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What causes warts on the hands: causes

Small skin rashes are called warts. They often have dimensions in the range of several millimeters. From what appear warts? This question is difficult to call inactive, since, despite the full health safety of most of them, tumor-like formations of

can significantly degrade the appearance.


  • 1 Etiology of the disease
  • 2 Favorable factors
  • 3 Types of neoplasms
  • 4 Therapeutic measures

1 Etiology of the disease

Warts on the skin - a fairly common pathology in the modern world. According to various sources, they are found in almost every 10 inhabitants of the planet. And there are several kinds of ailment. They all arise as a result of skin lesions of the human papillomavirus, or HPV.

Usually a person is infected with a virus at the age of 3 to 5 years. But at such an early age, warts, as a rule, do not occur, which is explained by the ability of the child's immune system to withstand infection. Enlightenment appears a bit later when puberty begins. That is, the HPP sleeps in cells until a certain point, and when the immunity of the adolescents weakens, the virus has its own impact. The main places of defeat are hands and feet.

Why is this happening? To answer this question, you need to consider what is associated with the maturation of a small person. First of all with hormonal reorganization. It starts with active growth, the body needs an increased content of vitamins and nutrients. Against this backdrop, stress, school load, colds cause a sharp drop in immunity.

So far, the virus is instantly activated and affects either the body as a whole or an individual body. HPV, causes the appearance of rash, intensively grows in the dermis and epidermis - the upper layers of the skin.

From what appear warts on hands: reasons

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In an adult, rashes usually appear several months after infection. In this case, the vector of the HPV itself may not have any signs of the presence of the virus.

2 Favorable Factors

The causes of pathology in the feet or hands are quite common. Almost every modern person encounters them almost daily:

  • A blood vessel damage in the skin. Usually occurs when wearing tight shoes.
  • Long wearing rubber or poorly ventilated shoes, which leads to overheating of the legs.
  • High humidity level, is an enabling environment for the development of the pathogen. Often found in hyperhidrosis.
  • The appearance of fungus on the nails, indicating a decrease in the functionality of the immune system.
  • Excessive dryness of the skin, resulting in microtrauma. Cracks and skin defects become the gateway for infection in the body.
  • Injuries to the skin when doing sports. Researchers have noticed that often small tumor-like rashes occur on the site of a long morning. This reason is a frequent answer to the question of how warts appear on their hands.
  • The cooling of the limbs when refusing to wear gloves during the cold season. Blood flow in fingers is broken, which contributes to the development of infection.
  • Lack of vitamins and minerals. Inappropriate nutrition.
  • In today's world, people are affected by a large number of negative factors, including neurological overload and physical exhaustion. The following causes of the appearance of the following can cause the activation of the papilloma virus:

    • drugs that suppress immunity and have been taken for a long time;
    • chronic and infectious diseases, HIV;
    • frequent change of sexual partners;
    • non-compliance with personal hygiene.

    When the answer to the question of what warts appear, it is necessary to find out what types of pathology exist.

    3 Types of newborns

    In developed cities, people are more likely to be infected with HPV.Because microcracks on the skin, present in both adults and children, viruses penetrate the body:

    • when using common things( towels, slippers, etc.);
    • when visiting public places( pools, saunas, baths, etc.);
    • in direct contact with each other( in the case of formation of arms on the hands causes may be in the usual handshake with the carrier of the infection).

    But it should be noted that fear of infection is not worth it, since more than 90% of the planet's population are carriers of the human papillomavirus.

    The main thing here is not to take care of the infection, but not to reduce the immunity.

    For today, dermatologists distinguish several types of warts:

  • Ordinary. They look like small dense painless nodes of the correct round shape. Differ from a rough surface. Such rashes can appear on the hands and fingers, on the skin of the face and the scalp. Do not cause discomfort. With the same frequency are found both in children and adults.
  • Stainless. Appear only on the skin of the feet and usually accompanied by painful sensations, itching or burning. At close examination, one can see that the rash consists of many elongated papillae, surrounded by a crescent skin-like roll. Most likely, a person wears tight shoes or has problems with the metabolism of substances, which causes the plantar warts.
  • Flat or youthful. Looks like small nodules of bodily or yellowish color. They differ in round shape and smooth flat surface. Almost does not protrude above the level of the skin. As a rule, young people appear in the hands and face.
  • Spinal warts. Transmitted sexually, and due to their second name - venereal. If you have warts, you should contact a gynecologist, urologist or a specialist in sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Starečy. It usually occurs in the elderly and does not require treatment. Unlike other rashes, which are located on open areas of the body, apply exclusively under clothing. In rare cases, there are hands and face.
  • From what appear warts on hands: reasons

    Even if the wart does not cause discomfort, it is advisable to contact a specialist to determine its type. It should be remembered that many malignant diseases successfully mask under warts, which can significantly delay the diagnosis of pathology. In addition, under adverse conditions, the warts themselves are also capable of transforming into tumor neoplasms.

    4 Therapeutic measures

    We found out why warts appear on the arms or legs. Despite the fact that most education is uneasy and can lead to a complex inferiority in a person that is too sensitive to his appearance, far from all, they need to be removed. In some cases it is even dangerous.

    As noted by dermatologists, when considering the question of removal, the damage from the operation is first and foremost considered. If the risk of causing harm to the patient during treatment is higher than that of the warts on the body, the rashes remain unchanged.

    There are several main reasons why newborns are recommended:

    • if they interfere with and cause discomfort( when positioned on the sole or in the area of ​​the lips, eyes, etc.);
    • if the pain shows pain, education has changed the shape or color, bleeding;
    • if the size of the warts became too large;
    • if the number of entities grows rapidly;
    • if the rash is located in a prominent position.

    The only radical method of treating warts for today is their removal, which can be done using many modern techniques. But it is not necessary to decide on the treatment of rashes independently. It is imperative to consult with a dermatologist.