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Doors-invisible with their own hands: the price of homemade interior doors

Invisible doors are successfully used in any type of interior, in particular in offices and apartments in the style of minimalism.

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    • Constructive Solutions
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Simple Solutions

Doors invisible with their own hands: the price of homemade interior doors Design Solutions It's no secret that the technical excellence of modern materials and accessories allows you to create any engineering solutions. One such product, which can literally turn into childhood, is an invisible door. This is a flange mounted in a wall with a wall. When applied to the surface of the treatment, similar walls, interior passages literally disappear, and the use of hidden hands enhances the effect.

In addition to the fact that such doors return the atmosphere of childhood with hidden rooms, secret moves, and so on, they are able to solve quite specific tasks with space manipulation and not only.

Changing the layout in a small flat area. In this case, there is often a need for the formation of clearly defined thematic areas. Then the presence of the door can damage the picture, prevent the creation of space with the appropriate design. The invisible door solves this problem by concealing the interior passages, making the visual perception of a solid wall.

Proponents of minimalism will also find the invisible door a successful element for interior decoration. Such interior designs are mainly distinguished by the style. Usually smooth cloths made of different materials are used.

Doors invisible with their own hands: the price of homemade interior doors To create a bright and modern design of the room, even in an abstract style, invisible doors are very useful. Here in the first place the factor of their installation is obtained. The canvas is aligned with the wall, the box is completely hidden, the surface can be painted in any color or covered with any kind of trim. There are perfect opportunities to insert such an element, to make part of any abstract picture or neat geometric design of the wall zone.

Interior products of this kind are useful in offices. This is a very convenient way to change the space, get rid of the accumulation of entrances or hide the unexpected interior passages, pantries and other office premises.

There are other, more unexpected applications. It all depends on the imagination of the designer. On the canvas you can arrange shelves, hang pictures to completely hide the entrance to the wiper or create a separate work corner, completely isolated from the rest of the environment.

Constructive solution

Doors invisible with their own hands: the price of homemade interior doors

One of the

structural units If you look at the market offer, you can see that the price for ready-made engineering solutions is quite high. This is explained quite simply.

Modern serial invisibility is a metal construction. This is the easiest way to make a durable solution that meets any requirements. If we consider a short list of wishes for which users choose similar designs, it will look something like this:

  • the possibility of mounting a wall with a wall;
  • ideal closure, the design must be invisible on both sides;The
  • canvas must be of high durability so that it can be applied to any kind of treatment, for example, glued with a decorative stone;The
  • hardware is bound to be hidden and provide a sure long job even in the event of a strong change in the mass of the shutter.

Such rather rigid requirements form a picture of the market. The price is high, as solutions are used to provide a safety margin, reliability, and also guarantee long service:

  • bearing elements are made of metal, most often used light and durable aluminum profile;
  • elements of the box, which are responsible for the stiffness, are applied over the hole plane;The
  • door leaf is also formed according to the rules for the manufacture of steel products;it is taken into account that external processing can not be responsible for strength, as there can be any;The
  • uses accessories, in particular, loops of a hidden type, designed to control the valve of a much larger mass than actually weigh a finished fabric;
  • serial solutions are immediately designed for invisibility on both sides, so the concept of converted slats almost disappears, it replaces the metal corner.

All finished products are calculated on a certain thickness of the wall. Under the order you can make a construction of any thickness, respectively - the price increases. But for its money, the user receives a really high-quality solution.

Processing methods

Doors invisible with their own hands: the price of homemade interior doors

Painted and decorated in tone with the wall

For the design of the door leaf, use of any materials is available. Ready-made solutions are usually offered with finishing, adhesion-proof for further painting and application of glueing coatings. Among the serial models are the following materials:

  • veneer;
  • acrylate, thick, high-strength plastic, resistant to scratches and abrasion;
  • glass;
  • thin lining from wood or MDF, often pre-primed, intended for further painting or pasting with wallpaper.

In cases where glass and acrylate are used, there may be any colors, as well as light refraction effects. Coatings, intended for further processing, allow the application of decorative plaster.

Simple Solutions

Doors invisible with their own hands: the price of homemade interior doors The price of ready-made solutions raises the question of creating an invisible door with your own hands. Despite the complexity of the task, it is quite feasible under certain conditions.

Interior doors, invisible on one side. The finished construction can be easily modified by its own hands. It all depends on the thickness of the box and the location of the doors in it. In the case when the cloth in the closed state is level with the power box of the box, the amount of work is minimal. Need to replace the hinges on the hidden, which will require a bit of work with the cutter. After that, the installation of the box is carried out in such a way that from the required side the door is located level with the wall. Cases are not mounted.

Doors invisible with their own hands: the price of homemade interior doors When the canvas goes deeply into the box when closing, the volume of work done by his own hands increases. The easiest way to disassemble the box is to take a bit of patience and accuracy. After that, on a joiner's machine or with the help of a planer, an unnecessary thickness of the power bar is removed, so that the cloth at the closing position is level. This can be done with your own hands, with the presence of free space - even at home. After this the box is going to be, and the procedure is similar to the one described above.

If you do not want to reduce the thickness of the box, you can shift the canvas, but will have to increase the width of the transformed bars.

Doors invisible with their own hands: the price of homemade interior doors Invisibility on both sides. If you want to get a door invisible on both sides - the task will be trickier to order. On the way, there will be two obstacles at once:

  • the thickness of the canvas will never be equal to the thickness of the wall;The
  • door box is not metal, so a pristine bar is required, in addition, it must be strong enough.

To make a door that is invisible on both sides with your own hands, you will need to change the thickness of the door leaf. If the door is a frame structure and it is possible to recycle the frame, you can remove the lining, build a new foundation and paste the removed parts.

It is only necessary to make a perimeter deepening, in which a prickly bar will come in. After that the box and the canvas( after the replacement of the loops) can be mounted in the hole.

If the doors are not framed or inserts are used, the complexity of the works increases by an order of magnitude. In fact, it is a question of manufacturing a new door leaf. It is possible to do this with your own hands, but you need skills, equipment, materials.

Unvarnished products are a popular and handy solution. If you do not have enough funds, but want to get such an interior detail, one-way invisible design can be done with your own hands. In other cases it is better to use ready-made engineering solutions. They are easy to install and look just great.