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Preparation of walls in the bathroom, selection of materials

Even more ancient Romans have transformed the culture of body washing into true art. They attached great importance to the design of the bath, in which people not only bathed, but also conducted heart-warming conversations. For example, in the baths of the Roman emperor Nero organized lush banquets, where

high-ranking ranks combine useful with pleasure. The tradition of bath decoration is up to date. Even the smallest rooms sparkle with nickel, colored tiles and snow-white tiles. In the European oligarchs, the bath has a more respectable look. All this thanks to expensive marble, chrome trim and numerous mirrors, which are located on the walls, ceilings and floor. But first and foremost, the design of the bathroom should fit into a good rest and comfort. Because in it a person spends a lot of time.

Preparation of walls in the bathroom, selection of materials

Repair in the bathroom with your own hands

Repair in the apartment or private home should begin with a bathroom and bath. This is known to all who are not the first time going to refresh or refresh their homes. After all, we often go to the bathroom: in the morning we go in to wash it, in the afternoon we refresh the body under the shower, and in the evening we relax in the bathroom after a busy day. Hence, the design of this small room needs to be given special attention. It should reflect the mood, emphasize the style and settle down to a pleasant rest. A lot of demands, and the desire to create a beautiful interior even more. Therefore, making repairs in the bathroom with your own hands is quite real.

So, where does repair start? Of course, with the purchase of materials that are used for ceilings, floors and walls. It is necessary to take into account the features of the microclimate of the bathroom. What is it different from other premises?

  • Enhanced humidity of the walls of the bathroom.
  • Low ventilation due to the small size of the room.
  • The presence of chemical compounds of detergents - soap, detergent and shampoos.
  • Presence of such items as shelves, basins and washing machine.
  • Propagation of bacteria due to high humidity.
  • To ensure that the bathroom is of good quality, care should be taken to select the materials. For example, water-based paint and paper wallpapers are not exactly suitable for processing this room.

    For walls in the bathroom it is necessary to buy tile, plastic and MDF panels, ceramic tile, waterproof paint and wallpaper.

    All these materials are ideal for decoration of a room with high humidity.

    Preparing walls for repairing

    First of all you need to do the alignment of the walls in the bathroom. How Must They Be Equal? If the owner plans to put a tiled tile, then the small defects of the walls of the bathroom are solved, as before they are covered with a thick layer of glue. And if the design involves wallpaper or painting, then the surface of the walls should be perfectly flat. After leveling the surface of the wall are waterproof and protected from all kinds of bacteria. In this case, various mixes with additives, plaster and special primer are used.

    Preparation of walls in the bathroom, selection of materials

    If there is an old tile on the walls of the bathroom, then you need to get rid of it. How quickly and competently to carry out this process? To begin with, repel with a hammer or chisel the entire smooth surface of the tile. Then on its surface is applied a special composition - soil-concrete. As a result, removing the old tile will be easy.

    A moisture-resistant drywall is perfect for facing the bathroom. This versatile material is great for a large room, as it can take up the centimeters of the room. Before laying a tile on the walls of the bathroom, it is necessary to treat the surface with a special antiseptic solution. This is necessary in order to protect the room from the appearance of mold and fungus. As for insulation materials, they should be placed inside and outside. Especially if the bath on the reverse side borders with the entrance or poorly heated space.

    New materials for wall cladding

    Every day, new and high-quality materials for bathtubs are appearing on the market. Among them - linoleum, self-adhesive film and agglomerate. Preparation for repair - it is responsible and pedantic. Therefore, before choosing a particular material you should consult with the seller, professional craftsman or rely on your own taste.

  • Film has a glutinous basis and resembles standard wallpapers with a pattern. It looks great in the interior of the bathroom and has moisture-resistant qualities.
  • Linoleum for walls is made of PVC with synthetic additives. It is easy to install, flexible and resistant to damage.
  • Agglomerate in its properties is similar to a tile. At high temperatures, it easily takes on any form.
  • Preparation of walls in the bathroom, selection of materials

    In order to give the bathroom aesthetic and stylish appearance, you need to choose a fashionable tile tile. Today there is a huge selection of this finishing material, which affects the overall design, comfort and mood of the room. A tile can be selected with a bright, monochrome, chameleon and even luxurious with crystals. The main thing is to correctly pick up the color scheme, which will push the interior of the bathroom. Thanks to the tile you can put wonderful ornaments, mosaics and even panels in the style of historical paintings. As a result, the bath is not only a place of hygiene, but also a room for inspiration of the soul.