Hemorrhoid Treatment

How to get rid of inflammation of hemorrhoids at home

Inflammation of a hemorrhoids - a very unpleasant pathology, which often has to struggle at home, as it is not always possible to consult a doctor. In this case, it is necessary to clearly identify the exacerbation of hemorrhoids and decide how quickly to remove it.

Table of Contents

  • 1 Causes of Exacerbation and its Signs
  • 2 How to Cope with
    • 2.1 Medicines
    • 2.2 Popular Methods of
  • 3 What to Avoid
  • 4 Food Recommendations

Causes of Exacerbation and its Signs

Hemorrhoids are usually accompanied by signs that are difficult to confuse with anything else, and which must definitely pay attention.

How to get rid of inflammation of hemorrhoids at home Manifestations are usually the following:

  • nodes become inflamed and can significantly increase in volumes;
  • cones begin to go beyond the anus, dropping out;
  • develops severe pain in the anus;
  • a person may suffer from itching and burning sensations that develop in the back passage through the inflammatory process;
  • during attempts to commit a bowel movement may be marked by the release of blood from the rectum due to trauma to hemorrhoids.

In the main, inflammation develops in the event that the patient does not begin treatment of the disease on time.

An inflammatory process that can cause minimal inconvenience, in the absence of treatment progresses, becoming a major problem for humans.

In addition to the lack of medical care, the cause of the formation of hemorrhoea infection may be the failure to follow medical recommendations. For example, a patient may neglect the rules of nutrition or personal hygiene, which will eventually lead to excessive irritation of the mucous membrane and its increased sensitivity.

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How to handle

You can relieve home-based attacks by relying on conservative therapy, as well as some folk remedies.


Withdraw at home the attack of hemorrhoids is possible with some medications.

To begin with, it is recommended to give an anesthetic effect in the role of:

  • Anusol;
  • Relief;
  • Anesthezol and others.

Find these medications that quickly relieve pain in your home, can be found at any pharmacy, and they are given away without a prescription, which greatly facilitates the task.

However, with caution it is necessary to consider the choice of drugs with anesthetic effect in the event that the inflammation of the hemorrhoids occurred in a pregnant woman. In this case, it is necessary to read the instructions carefully, but it is best to turn to the doctor for the purpose of the appropriate medication.

How to get rid of inflammation of hemorrhoids at home At home, you can also mitigate hemorrhoea inflammation with some systemic tablets in the form of tablets. These include:

  • Detroplex;
  • Glenol;
  • Ginkor Fort and others.

These agents have a tonic effect on the veins, but they can not completely remove the inflammation, so they can be used only as auxiliary means.

Popular ways

There are also a number of folk techniques that help remove inflammation at home.

For example, acute hemorrhoids are well removed at home with cold water or ice candles, which are injected into the rectum for a few seconds.

How to get rid of inflammation of hemorrhoids at home Under the influence of cold, narrowing of the blood vessels occurs, so that the flow of blood to the nodes decreases, and they themselves become less voluminous in size.

To get rid of acute hemorrhoids at home, you can also use garlic, which is used as a candle. Moreover, folk medicine recommends the use of candles as integral teeth, as well as gravy of garlic, mixed with butter.

Another way to remove inflammation is to use camomile broths as an enema. He has also proven himself as a great way to get rid of hemorrhoids in the worsening stage.

What to avoid

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If you need to stop inflammation of the hemorrhoids at home, it is worth remembering some important rules that will have to be followed:

  • massage during the exacerbation of the pathology is prohibited, especially if it is not done by a professional but as a self-treatment;
  • fell outside the anal anus nodes is strictly forbidden to try to correct it;
  • in the exacerbation of the pathology will have to consider much more carefully the diet and resort to techniques that normalize the stool and help to avoid constipation.

Also, patients should be aware that if they can not cure the disease at home, they still have to consult a doctor.

The disturbing bells to be guided are continuous pains, bleeding that can not be stopped, pinching or thrombosis of the hemorrhoids, and also raising the patient's temperature.

If a patient has any of these symptoms, you should stop treatment at home and seek medical advice.

Recommendations for nutrition

How to get rid of inflammation of hemorrhoids at home

When exacerbation of hemorrhoids is necessary to visit the office of the proctologist and get professional advice

An important element in getting rid of inflammation of the hemorrhoids is compliance with the diet, which will appoint a doctor. For example, patients will have to not only refuse alcohol and smoking, but also stop using fried, salty and overly sharp.

In the wake of a period of exacerbation, it will be necessary to include vegetables and fruits that help to normalize the stool, and if the patient suffers from constipation, then he will have to start taking laxatives.

It should be remembered that the laxative should be selected under the supervision of a physician!

Inflammation of a hemorrhoids - an unpleasant pathology with which it is possible, but it is extremely undesirable to struggle at home. If it is not possible to quickly eliminate exacerbations, it is not necessary to postpone a visit to a doctor for a long time, as this may lead to the development of complications.