Symptoms and treatment of ear tick in rabbits

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The fact that such an ear tick in rabbits is not known from the rumors of those who have an economy in the house. This

disease is common enough and is considered the most common. In order for the mite not to pass to other individuals, you need to know the features of this disease, which in medical literature is referred to as psoropathy.

Symptoms and treatment of ear tick in rabbits

The ear tick brings the horrible suffering of the rabbit in the form of itching and irritation.

Aesthetic anesthetics

Psorptoid pathogens are mites, they can be diverse. Often, these are parasites from the group Psoroptes cuniculi. From the names of these ticks, which usually live in the ears of animals, including rabbits, the name of the disease went away - psoroptosis. In the people this disease is called ear scabies. The tusks of this small group usually reach 0.6 mm, but the damage they inflict on animals is enormous. The location of ticks in the ears of rabbits, where there is no hair cover and goes through a lot of blood vessels. Many homeowners of their pupils, believing that there is nothing terrible in this, do not even try to treat. However, the mite is able to penetrate under the skin, thereby bringing the horrible suffering of the animal in the form of itching and irritation.

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Symptoms of the Disease

Symptoms and treatment of ear tick in rabbits

Stages of Demodicosis Development.

Symptoms of the disease are noticeable very easily. Rabbits begin to behave restlessly, shake their heads and ears. Scabies develop very quickly, and in the absence of proper treatment there are severe complications in the form of meningitis or otitis, which eventually leads to the death of the animal. Patient rabbits begin to scratch their ears with their paws, some species behave aggressively, others attack apathy, they can refuse food, females stop feeding offspring.

Ears of rabbits become swollen and increase in size, with multiple sores on the inside of the ear. They can be found on brown crust, in areas of redness, the skin is hot. To make a diagnosis, a scratch is made from the inside of the ear, after which the vet signs out the necessary treatment. But most often, the parasite can be seen and independently, for this auricle, mix with heated up to 40 ° C with vaseline and bring a magnifying glass to your hands, black dots - that's the ticks.

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Treatment methods for

For the treatment of this disease, organophosphorus acaricides are used, including chlorophos, cyodrin, neocidol. First you should clear the ear holes of animals from cork and scales. Do not scrub them in dry form, you need to soften them. This will require hydrogen peroxide.

Symptoms and treatment of ear tick in rabbits

Camphor oil is used in treating an ear tick in rabbits.

How is home treatment done?

In order to heal rabbits, it is not necessary to go to the vet, especially if there is no such opportunity. Soothing the rabbit of the ear, take turpentine and vegetable oil( these components are mixed in a proportion of 1: 2).Then, using a syringe without a needle, the composition is evenly distributed over the inner part of the ear. Kirk will finally soften, and the mites will die.

Another way is to apply kerosene and sunflower oil in equal amounts. Method of applying the same. In the early stages of the disease, when you see that the rabbit began to shake his head, you can handle the ears of camphor oil, if the disease is started, then this method of treatment will be ineffective.

When applying the mixture to handle the inner part of the ear, make sure that the liquid does not leak into the anus. After processing your pupils, disinfect the cage. To do this, you can process it with iodine solution. To do this, in a liter of water dissolve a tablespoon of iodine and wipe with this composition all surfaces and habitats of rabbits.

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Application of Medicines

Symptoms and treatment of ear tick in rabbits

Acaramethine is used to treat ear mites in rabbits.

They can be purchased at any veterinary pharmacy. These drugs are used to treat not only rabbits, but also for cats and dogs that also often suffer from ticks. Here you will need help from the veterinarian, since the drugs are used based on the desired dose, which the doctor can determine. These drugs include Ivermectin in the nicks, Selamectin for external use.

But aerosols can be used independently, they are sprayed into the ear, after which the destruction of parasites occurs. Commonly used drugs include Kidermaster, Psoroptol, Acrodex. How to use: shake the bottle several times, then push in the ear at a distance of 15-20 cm. Treat the inner surface of the skin. The procedure should be repeated after 8-12 days to fix the effect.

What are the types of drugs?

Psoroptol, Acaromeptin, Dicrezill are available in the form of sprays and foams. Applying them, follow the dosage given in the instructions, apply the instrument at a distance of at least 6 cm, with the use time should be minimal - about 2 seconds. Then there will be no harm to the animal. Treatment is carried out 3 times at intervals per week. This is required in order to replace the dead mites did not appear new individuals. A deca is a modern preparation, which, in addition to the mites, has a softening property for the skin of damaged ears, it includes propolis and wax.

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Preventive measures

To prevent further exposure to this type of disease, it is advisable 2 times a year, preferably in the spring and autumn, to treat the rabbit's habitats with anti-parasitic drugs. This is the cage of animals, the place where food is taken and all other surfaces.


If you have purchased new specimens, do not drop them directly into the cage until the rest, for 20-30 days rabbits must be quarantined, pre-treated with special medicines. Only after that they can be introduced into the cage to other animals.

Rabbits carrying offspring are treated 2 weeks before delivery, regardless of whether they are healthy or psorptic patients.

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Where do ticks come from?

Symptoms and treatment of ear tick in rabbits

The life cycle of the ear tick.

In order for a mite to hit the body of a rabbit, there are many ways, mostly this contact path. Here are the main ways of infecting psoropathy:

  • When a rabbit is placed in a cage with a healthy chance of infecting another, it is 100%, and the infection of the offspring occurs from the mother-rabbit.
  • It is possible that the owner himself can bring mites on clothes, if before, he communicated with infected animals, such as cats or dogs.
  • Ticks can be transmitted from cats or dogs when in contact with a rabbit.
  • If the rabbits were previously in the cage with Psoroptosis, then the ticks may remain in the crevices. After placing the new pupils in an empty cell, ticks will get on the new hosts.
  • In conclusion, it is worth noting that psoropathies arise regardless of the season and age of the animal. Infecting the ear canker is very easy, therefore very important prophylaxis of the disease.


    In addition to the preventive measures described above, you will often have a look at the ears of the rabbits: the ear tick will immediately show itself to be a characteristic skin irritation.