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How to install a sink in a bathroom yourself?

Sink is a must-have bathroom accessory. The use of this device should be comfortable and comfortable for all family members, ranging from adults and ending with young children. An important aspect is saving space in the bathroom. Therefore, when installing the

sink, care should be taken to its height and size. By the way, it's not difficult to install this design with your own hands. In this article we will try to tell you in detail how to install a sink in the bathroom with your own hands. In more detail, consider connecting to the water supply system and the way in which the faucet is mounted on the sink.

How to install a sink in a bathroom yourself?

Form and dimensions of the sink

The plumbing market offers its customers a diverse range of models. Basically they differ in their forms, sizes, color palette, texture, fastening. In this variety of choosing the right option, harmoniously fits into the interior and the dimensions of the bath, it is quite difficult. In addition, in pursuit of aesthetic beauty, one should not forget about such a characteristic as functionality. It is necessary to consider whether the preferred option will be the height, width and depth of the individual sizes and the layout of the room.

Before going to the store you need:

  • to make bathroom measurements;
  • schematically display on an arbitrary picture the location and dimensions of the items located in the bathroom, except for the sink, on a specific scale.
  • Sink Width

    Experienced plumbers recommend to install a sink in the bathroom not less than 55-65 cm in width. When installing more miniature models, splashes of water will be provided on the walls and floor of the bathroom. A sink with a width of more than 65 cm is more suitable for spacious premises, otherwise a large part of the useful space will be "eaten".

    You are lucky if the bathroom dimensions allow you to install a double structure. This saves time on morning hygiene procedures for the whole family. But in this case it should be remembered that the comfortable sharing of the shell, the distance between the centers of washbasins should be greater than or equal to 90 cm.

    The depth of the bathroom sink

    The depth of the device is also important. The optimum size is 48-61 sm. In the store you can spend a small experiment and find out how much the design liked you. We need to get up close to the sink and pull the arm forward. The product should end in the middle of the palm or at the fingertips.

    When choosing the sizes, be especially careful and precise. After all, even 2 extra centimeters can make installation difficult, or it simply does not fit in the bathroom. If there is no information about the dimensions in the technical passport, the product should be measured independently.

    The height of the sink for the bathroom

    The height of the sink is the most difficult to pick up because of the different growth of family members. There is regulatory documentation that regulates the height of sanitary ware for children, adults and adolescents. Of course, these standards apply to the installation of plumbing in public places, but also for private premises, they can be used as useful recommendations, if in an apartment or a private house more than 2 bathrooms. The height of the wash basin for an adult is 80 cm, for a teenager - 70 cm, for a child - 60 sm.

    In a bathroom of ordinary living space, the opportunity to install a sink for each one is absent. Therefore, as a rule, the product is placed at a standard height - 80-85 cm from the floor to the side.

    You can choose the desired height of the sink yourself only when installing products that are mounted in the wall. The bracket rarely comes complete with a sink in the bath. As a rule, it must be purchased separately. Our tip: buy a bracket of scissors of the required length. It is impossible to adjust the height of a product standing on a pedestal or embedded in a cupboard. The height of this plumbing is determined by the manufacturer. Most often they are guided by the standard parameters - 80 sm.

    How to install a sink in a bathroom yourself?

    How to install a sink in the bathroom with your own hands: step-by-step guide


    • product itself is the product itself;
    • perforator, screwdriver, screwdriver, hammer;
    • construction tops;
    • set of drills, dowels, screws;
    • adhesive sealant;
    • ruler and marker;
    • wrenches;
    • mount.

    Installing a wall sink in your bathroom with a wall mount with your own hands.

  • First you need to determine the location where the product will be located and calculate its required height. Then, using a building slope at the installation level, we make a horizontal line with a marker or pencil.
  • Measure the thickness of the walls of the shell, which it will rely on the mount, and put this parameter down from the drawn line. Point the center of the back wall of the shell to the wall. Measure the distance from the center to the brackets. We attach the fasteners to the lower limit on the interval equal to the previous measurement, through the fastening grooves we make marks on the wall.
  • We do a drill in the wall on the points, install dowels, attach the brackets.
  • We install the washbasin on the brackets, again we place labels through the grooves on the back side.
  • We clean the product, do a drill, insert dowels.
  • We install the sink completely and secure it with the supplied mount.
  • We install the siphon and connect the sink to the sewage system, fill the gap between the product and the wall with adhesive sealant.
  • If the drywall is a wall material, there may be difficulties with mounting the shell to the wall.

    If the drywall is attached to a wall without a frame, the shell fixing procedure is normal. If the drywall is mounted on the lath, there are empty spaces between the wall ceilings and the lining. It is difficult to fit a plumbing to this wall with your own hands. The optimum option will be, when fastening the veneering of the void, put on wooden bars and install a double layer of lining. To these bars and there is a sink fixture. Even better, if you replace the drywall sheet in the places of fixing the washbasin glass-mats. Also suitable is a xylophilic analogue, which is called Chinese drywall.

    If the plasterboard design is already installed, you can use the following option( not always possible).With the help of an electromagnet attached to a durable thread, it is necessary to find the location of the metal parts of the lath and to fix the screws for mounting on them.

    Installing the bathroom sink on the pedestal or the tumbler with your own hands

    If you purchased the product on a pedestal or pedestal, the need to mark the height of the installation falls off. This parameter is dictated by the height of the stand. Installing a construction of this type is necessary in the following order.

    • It is necessary to install the product on a stand without accessories and to move it to the place of the planned installation;
    • Next it is necessary to note the pencil of the place for holes;
    • By pushing the design, we do a drill. It is necessary to clearly control the diameter and depth of the openings on their compliance with the diameter of the dowels.
    • We put dowels, we screw them in studs.

    The sink can also be mounted on the countertop. In this case, all installation work should be carried out after careful measurement of the size of the sink and the locker. In most cases, a sink washbasin kit comes with a template that allows you to mold and cut the hole for mounting. If the template is missing, you can do the following:

  • Decompose a piece of dense paper on an even surface,
  • Put the product on the cardboard bottom up and mark the outline with the marker. From the received lines it is necessary to retreat to a space equal to the size of the sides. Then you need to cut the pattern.
  • Thumbnail in the desktop should be done accurately and carefully. From the edge of the product you must leave an interval equal to 5 cm. Next, you should attach a pattern to the surface and outline it with a marker. There are several holes in the contour. If a rectangular tabletop, the drill can be done only in the corners. The edges of the holes should be cleaned with sandpaper and treated with waterproofing. You can attach a sink to a countertop with a silicone sealant glue, putting it on the sides of the product. After that, we install a faucet for sink and siphon, connect to the water supply system. All about choosing a sink with a pedestal look here.

    How to install a sink faucet and connect to the water supply system with your own hands?

    To install the sink faucet, you need:

    • assemble the sink mixer, exactly following the instructions for technical guidance;
    • put the sink mixer in a special hole;
    • fasten the construction on the shell of the shell;
    • make sure the device is symmetrical about the center of the sink.

    How to install a sink in a bathroom yourself?

    Connecting the sink to your sewage system:

    • Follow the instructions by following the instructions to carry out a siphon assembly;
    • Attach it to the drain, correctly positioning rubber pads;
    • Connect the siphon hose to the sewer pipe;

    Tip: Be sure to test the design for leakage. To do this, open the faucet by adjusting the water pressure from the strong to the weak. If drops of water appear, tighten the nuts firmly. In addition, you should choose quality faucets for the bathroom sink. The products of the proven manufacturer will last much longer and will bring less trouble during operation.