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Spitz puppies, German spitz puppies with photos and videos

Spitz puppies, German spitz puppies with photos and videos

The tiny puppies of the German spitz can excite anyone by their appearance. However, having bought the first best baby, you risk getting a weak, sickly person or dog of another breed. In order to avoid possible problems and disappointments in the future, with the choice of the

puppies should be guided by some rules.


  • Thirst for profit against dog love
  • Dry, clean and nutritious food
  • Career, pet or family successor?
  • Boy or girl
  • Funny puppy naughty
  • A thorough review of
  • Age is important

The thirst for profit against the love of dogs

The first question you will encounter when deciding to get a Spitz puppy - where to buy it? Now you can find many such places: in pet stores, on the stars, on the Internet. Many advertisements in newspapers from intermediaries-dealers offering "the most beautiful and healthy puppies in the world."

Unfortunately, it's easy to get spectacular words from the ads and the colorful beliefs of the sellers. But it is difficult then to run on veterinarians, trying to cure a dog from a serious illness. It will be unhappy if a small furrow lion grows a big curly horn.

Spitz puppies, German spitz puppies with photos and videos

It's all about the fact that in doubtful places you can easily slip a sick puppy, not that breed or even a dishonest dude. Often, such "dog breeders" contain spits in poor conditions, do not eat, sell too small and unstable. In general, they do everything to spend on dog care as little money as possible, and get their sales as fast as possible. At the same time, they rarely agree to show the puppy's parents and the conditions for his retention.

You will pay for this "pleasure" a decent amount. Let's say at once, the German spitz can not cost 150-250 dollars - it's one hundred percent fraud. The price of a pedigree puppy with all the documents( puppy card, pedigree, vetapassport, stamp) varies from 500 to 2500 dollars.

It is better to spend time, to bypass clubs and nurseries, to visit German spitz exhibitions, to talk with the owners who can advise a good breeder. You know, a diligent breeder will be able to prove himself in the dog's world only through long, hard work, love and care for his dogs. And you have every chance to buy a healthy puppy that meets the breed standard.

Spitz puppies, German spitz puppies with photos and videos

Dry, clean and rich in food

Once you know the breeder, ask him to make an excursion for you. Ideally, he must show not only the puppys and their parents, but the whole kennel as a whole: the conditions for the maintenance of spits, stocks and the names of feeds. If the breeder feeds dogs with natural food, then the place where the products are stored, the terms of their suitability. If fresh and high-quality food is abundant, then the owner does not save on the health of the wards.

One more indicator of good attitude towards puppies is the cleanliness and dryness in the places where they live. In German spits there is no specific dog smell, so if they smell like them, then they are poorly cared for.

The owner of the kennel must, with the knowledge of the case, answer all your questions, show the official pedigree breeding permit for spits issued by the RKF( Russian Federation of Cynology).If he cooperates with foreign nurseries, then he must also conclude agreements with them.

Spitz puppies, German spitz puppies with photos and videos

When you look at the parents of puppys, you may come across that the bitch will look much worse than the photo "up" or the breeder's stories. His guilt is not, this is the case in the specifics of the breed. The closer the childbirth is, the more intense molt in the spitz bunch. As a result, the elegant "coat" disappears, giving the dog a rough look. With good nutrition, the wool should be restored within two to three months after childbirth.

Career, pet or family successor?

Before you buy a puppy, determine what you need him for. It will depend on its price. All puppys can be divided into three groups:

  • pet-class - dogs "for the soul", decoration of the house and the owner;
  • brid-class tribal producers;
  • show-class - puppets-careerists, future exhibitors and competitions.

The most expensive ones are the specimens of spitz. The minimum price for puppies of the show-class starts at $ 1,300 and may reach 2500 or more. Dogs are more expensive than dogs, because they can not only participate in exhibitions, but also give a good offspring. Spit puppies are purebred species of the breed, without disqualifying defects, with minimal defects.

Spitz puppies, German spitz puppies with photos and videos

For $ 850-1200, you can buy brush class spitz puppies. This group includes dogs with good enough health to participate in breeding. For exterior, they should be rated not lower than "very good".

Sometimes the bitch of the bridle class is more expensive than the show-class bitch. This happens if it comes from high-birth parents who have "excellent" grades and titles. Spas show breeds are rarely involved in breeding, as it is extremely difficult to combine pregnancy, childbirth, feeding and exhibition career.

Spitz puppies, German spitz puppies with photos and videos

When purchasing a bride-puppy, make sure his father has a title besides the high marks. His absence may indicate that the dog may have significant inherited defects. It is desirable that the bride-class spitz pupa belonged to the same factory line( circular bundle), that is, wore at the genetic level the characteristic features of the ancestors.

The cheapest - puppies of the pet-class, which can be purchased for 500-700 dollars. Despite their pedigree, they have defects and flaws that close the path to the exhibition career. In addition, the pupils of the pet-class do not have outstanding qualities that would allow them to participate in breeding. But if you need a pet, then why pay for it? Pet-puppies are capable of becoming loyal friends and lovely companions.

Spitz puppies, German spitz puppies with photos and videos

Prices of spitzs can vary in different directions, depending on the geographical location of the seller. Before the puppy's final choice, inform the breeder about the purpose of his purchase, and he will be able to advise you on an acceptable option.

Boy or Girl

Who is better - a dog or a bitch depends on your preferences and possibilities. If you do not have time for regular walks, then choose a girl. As a rule, females are cleaner and more accurate than the dogs, they do not hang up the vertical surfaces: beds, sofas, preferring them to the tray. In addition, the spitz bitch has a soft and compromising character, and is more easily subjected to education and training.

Spitz puppies, German spitz puppies with photos and videos

However, having bought a girl, once or twice a year, during a stomach, you will have to wipe stains from the floor and furniture or be plucked into special panties. And on walks, drive the dog only on the leash and make sure that dogs do not cling to her. Otherwise, you can skip a random bundle and encounter the following pregnancies, births and puppys. With the planned bundle the same troubles.

Cobel is a great choice for those who are planning their spitz exhibition career. Boys are more, more impressive girls, their wool is longer, fluffy, thicker. Thanks to such external data, dogs always look more impressive than the bitch.

Spitz puppies, German spitz puppies with photos and videos

But by choosing a boy, you have to deal with its domination, spend a lot of time upbringing and training, and guard against fights with big dogs, which spoks love to sting. In addition to everything, the dogs can escape after the current bitch or they are tagging in the apartment everything they can reach.

Funny puppy nasty

Now it's the turn of the litter survey. From afar, observe the behavior of spitz puppys. Children with a healthy psyche should have an active life: running, playing with each other, communicating with their mother, good appetite, regular toilet.

Spitz puppies, German spitz puppies with photos and videos

Hiding in the corner or behind the mother of the puppy is likely to be shy. Bites my brothers - aggressive. Flooded barking without reason - with mental deviations. If the baby is sitting in one place and does not pay attention to the world around, perhaps he is ill.

Focus on your favorite puppy. When walking, a small spit should not slip, drag on the paws, have a wired back or a hatched tail. It must have a smooth, elastic stroke, a free and elastic running, a solid sure-up stand with a straight back, a tail ring, raised up and lying on the back.

Be sure to wait when the puppy goes to the toilet. Liquid, badly smelling chair - a sign of worms or infectious diseases.

Come closer - the puppy should not be afraid of your appearance. On the contrary, get interested and run up to the unknown. A lively, brilliant and zealous look speaks of the normal development of the baby. Take spitz to your hands - it should not break out, bite, whine or bark. Only a healthy interest and active sniffing. Perhaps it's easy to bite or bite your fingers, as a way to play.

A thorough review of

A puppy must have a neat appearance, that is, fluffy, clean wool, thick undercoat, no curls or waves. It does not have a bad smell, like a wool. A small amount of fine white dandruff is acceptable, but large yellow particles can indicate the development of a fungus or the presence of worms.

Spitz puppies, German spitz puppies with photos and videos

Note that from four to five months spitz can begin to mow, and this will greatly spoil its exterior. But you can easily see the structure of the puppy's torso and find out if it meets the standard. In addition, the true color begins to appear, whereas it can be completely different to molting. By the year the colors and structure of the wool are finally formed, with the two - the head.

The skin of the baby tightly adheres to the body, without forming folds. Wounds, rash, inflammation, ulceration with pus, malaise, bald areas - signs of poor care or skin diseases.

Gently rub the puppy's torso, paw, tail, stomach, head, eyelid, or hairs or an uncreated breeder should not be. The animal is straight and elastic, its puffiness or stiffness speaks of problems with digestion or the work of worms. Take a look at the anus. It, like the wool around, should be clean. If the puppies have soft ear cartilage, then it lacks calcium.

Spitz puppies, German spitz puppies with photos and videos

In the ears and eyes of spitz do not have to be dirt or purulent discharge. Several clear droplets can flow from the cold and damp nose, but they are not rich in green or white fluids. Mucus in the mouth should have a pink color, white hue speaks of a sick heart or worms.

Count your fingers - you should not be profitable. The tooth system has a properly developed puppy with 12 strong white teeth. Assume only a scissor bite. However, German dwarf spies can have a direct bite.

Age is important

It is recommended to take a puppy from the breeder not earlier than two to three months when he already knows how to eat on his own. By this age, spikes are not prepared to abruptly change the situation, they have a weak immunity that threatens the emergence of mental disorders or diseases. In addition, it's hard to teach a little puppy nicknamed - the first and most important team in his life. The rules for choosing a name can be found in the article "Clicks for Pomeranian spits".

Spitz puppies, German spitz puppies with photos and videos

If you are planning an exhibition career for your pet, then the best age to buy is six to seven months. By this time, the spits end with the first molting and change of teeth, and you will be able to consider all possible blemishes.

As for the future size of a puppy, it's difficult to determine the exact kind of spatula from a small lump to 10-12 months: dwarf, small or medium. Of course, you can bet on the parents, but this is not a one hundred percent guarantee. In two tiny parents, a large puppy can be born, and in a big bitch - a dwarf. All the fault is interverted bundles and complex genetic plexuses. This issue is easier to solve if the spitz puppy is the result of a linear bundle, where growth is often inherited.

Spitz puppies, German spitz puppies with photos and videos

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