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Flat facial hair - causes, symptoms, treatment, photo

A hair follicle belongs to the group of keratoses, striking follicular mouths. The disease is relatively rare, and his autonomy remains controversial.

Hair follicles, expressed in manifestations of scaly alopecia on the head, and

non-tongue baldness in the area of ​​the armpits and pubes, was first described in detail in 1915.In honor of the first researchers, the disease is also called Lassier-Little's syndrome.

This syndrome, according to most modern researchers, is an atrophic form of red flat lichen, with lesions not skin, but mainly hair follicles.


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Causes of development of

Causes of the development of Lassuer-Littl syndrome to the presentmoment not installed. Acne is an hereditary disease, the mechanism of transmission is presumably autosomal dominant. A role in the development of this form is to be avoided, probably due to lack of vitamin A in the body.

Clinical picture of

In most patients with hairy lesions, the typical symptoms of red flat lichen are simultaneously - the appearance of acute papular rash on the body of the body in conjunction with the pseudopedalhair.

Flat hair follicles causes, symptoms, treatment, photos

Disease begins with itching, which most often occurs on the scalp and other parts.

An illness begins with the appearance of a feeling of itching and rashes that appear simultaneously on the scalp, limbs and trunk. At the hair follicles on the skin appear lichenoid elements. In some patients, at the first stage, the rash is formed only on the skin of the trunk, and signs of hair loss on the head with the formation of centers of scar alopecia may appear only after several years.

On the body, rashes on the hair follicles spread, usually on the skin of the hands and feet, localizing in the joints. Elements are small sharp knots of skin color. At the top of the elements are horny growths in the form of spines as in the spirometric keratoderma. Signs of inflammation in the area of ​​rupture and inflammation of the follicles are not observed.

If you carry a rash with your fingers, then you will feel a rough grater. Along with the advent of papules with spines on the skin of the body and extremities, there may be rash, characteristic of red lichen. This is a pink-purple papule with squeezing in the middle. When there is a rash on the hair follicles, there may be completely no subjective sensations, but some patients complain of severe itching.

In the hair follicles on the head, often on the back of the head, temples and neck, there are small bumps, rounded. As the disease develops, the bulk density increases and their number increases, but their growth is rather slow.

Grouped in confined areas of the hair loss center, they merge with the formation of rather large areas of baldness, with festonchatye edges. In some patients, within the limits of large foci depriving are small balds. As a result of their growth, the focal point of the lesion extends further, it can occupy almost the entire skin of the scalp.

In the areas of hair loss, the skin is stretched, has a smooth, shiny surface. The skin within the centers of the deprivation of atrophy, looks a bit squeezed in relation to healthy areas. More often than not, the skin has an unaltered color, but in some patients the color of the skin in the bald area changes to a pink-blue.

In the presence of itching in a patient with hair loss in areas of injury can be visible linear damage from scratches, covered with serous corneas. Often in large gaps you can see the islets of the growth of normal hair. On the periphery of the foci of hair loss often located knots are cone-shaped.

Hair follicles often spread to pubic hair, however, under armpits and pubescent foci of scar alopecia are not observed. Hair in these areas can be, some of them are thinned and jagged.

In some patients, along with the symptoms described above, signs that are characteristic of red deprivation with rash on the mucous membranes. Sometimes there is marked degeneration of nails. Changes from the internal organs were not detected.

Hair follicles last for long, with periodic exacerbations and stabilization periods.

Diagnostic Methods

Diagnosis of hair loss is a rather challenging task. Biochemical and general analyzes do not allow the identification of specific changes. Symptoms of the disease can be manifested selectively. Most often, in patients with hair loss, there are foci of alopecia and rash of lichtenoid type.

When conducting histological studies in the cells of hair loss, unevenly distributed hypergranulosis, infiltrate in the spirometric layer, dystrophic changes in basal cell cells.

Hair follicles should be distinguished from monelletx, follicular keratosis.

The main difference in hair loss from monitoretrix is ​​the lack of spindle-like hair dystrophy. Keratos Morrow-Brook differs from the manifestations of hair by eliminating the presence of diffuse peeling of the skin.

Treatment of

Until now, it has not been possible to create an effective treatment regimen for hair follicles, therefore the treatment of this disease presents considerable difficulties.

Mostly, patients with the treatment of this kind of flat lasha prescribe anti-malarial drugs( Plakvenil, Delagil).Additionally, the administration of vitamin A or Aveit is prescribed. Locally used ointments with corticosteroids. From methods of physiotherapy the most effective is photochemotherapy.

Additional Recommendations for

Patients When treating hair loss, it is recommended that the patient:

  • Follow diets that reduce the amount of sweets and increase the proportion of vegetables.
  • Carefully observe body hygiene.
  • Use for hair and body cleaners with a neutral acidity level.
  • Do not use flavored powders to wash clothes. It is better to use powders and conditioners, which are intended for washing children's things.

Folk Medicine

Flat hair follicles causes, symptoms, treatment, photos

You can use buckthorn oil to treat flat hair loss.

In addition to the doctor's appointment, you can use methods that are recommended to get rid of hair by removing folk healers. Here are some effective recipes.

Olive oil from shingles. This is a very simple but effective tool. You just need to moisten the cotton disc or folded a few times a bit of bandage oil and attach to the placement of a bald head on the head. It is necessary to keep such a compress for at least half an hour, and preferably 2-3 hours.

Sour juice for hair follicles treatment. A good effect is the use in the treatment of licks of acidic juices extruded from cranberries or cranberries. From the freshly prepared juice, make the compress put on the home for 10 minutes. If there are no juices, you can similarly use apple natural vinegar.

Herbal Mix Compressor. It is necessary to take 3 parts of flowers of cow and 1 part of crushed willow bark and herbs of celandine. Take the required amount of mixture and pour a little boiling water. After the mixture is slightly cooled, use a thick part of the decoction( steamed grass) for compresses to the sites of lesion in the hair follicles.

Ointment for the treatment of flat saltin, cooked on the basis of birch tar. Its composition - 100 grams of fresh dense cream and birch tar and two yolks. All this mix, put in a glass or plastic jar. Store the mixture in the refrigerator. Rub the prepared medium into the hearth of scabies at the scrotum twice a day.

Treatment of hair loss by cabbage and sour cream. Cheap and easy treatment for lice. You just have to take a leaf of fresh cabbage and grease it with sour cream. The resulting compress is applied to the flat lesions. After the sheet is dry, replace it with fresh.

To lubricate the foci of the hairy flat leg, you can use a mixture made with the infusion of the root of valerian and vegetable oil( one teaspoon of both) and iodine tincture( 1 drop).

Forecast and prevention of

Since the causes of hair follicles have not yet been identified, effective prevention has not been developed.

Forecast for a life with a hair loss deprive a good one. However, the disease itself lasts for decades, periodically exacerbating. How to determine definitely what the scythe has passed you will find out here.


Flat hair follicles causes, symptoms, treatment, photos Flat hair follicles causes, symptoms, treatment, photos Flat hair follicles causes, symptoms, treatment, photos Flat hair follicles causes, symptoms, treatment, photos Flat hair follicles causes, symptoms, treatment, photos