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Reviews HTC Desire 310

Reviews HTC Desire 310

Inexpensive HTC Desire 310 embodies the tradition and innovation. The smartphone has a design similar to that of its predecessors, but inside there is a completely different processor. Otherwise, the HTC Desire 310 can be called purely cosmetic.

Reviews HTC Desire 310. Olga, 30 years old. Comfortable, stylish and

is a very easy to use phone. I also liked the sound and quality of communication. The games do not seem to slow down, but they are probably not very smart. Of course, there is and what to upset: the battery is enough at the best of the day, there is no flash, the menu sometimes slows down, and sometimes there are stripes on the screen. I still have not enough memory, so I will buy a card. I still like him.

Reviews HTC Desire 310. Maria, 24 years old. Humorous HTC Desire 310!I fell in love with him at once, at first glance. And do not compare with an iPhone that is significantly more expensive. Why pay and why? Frankly, I do not use the HTC Desire 310 as a phone for communications and messages( for this there is a second dialer).He plays a different role for me - entertaining. On it I read books, I go to the Internet, watch movies, and sometimes I play games. With such a load, I can stand for two days without questions, which suits me well. I recommend!

Reviews HTC Desire 310. Grigory, 28 years old. I was not lucky with this device: I bought it yesterday, but today I can not use it anymore. The reason was in the defective screen, or rather in its middle, which does not respond to touch. The idle area was too big for me to accept this. Apparently the device got defective, I will now change to another. It's very annoying, because it was already on the rake of the HTC One S( then the board was burned out), and now again. In short, it is necessary to check the screen and its ability to work before purchase.

Reviews HTC Desire 310. Dmitry, 31 years old. In general, a good phone and leave a pleasant experience. Exactly not everyone likes the camera, but with enough light to take pictures well. Enjoyed working camera modes. Operative memory seems to be a little, but it's enough( half is free).The lid is securely fastened, at the same time it squeaks in places. First, tight buttons, which are then developed. An important point is that not all programs are transferred to a memory card. As for games, many toys go( personally checked).It's good that the display is something protected very solid, because otherwise it could scratch it when it took off the clock.

Reviews HTC Desire 310. Elijah, 23 years old. I used to go with iPhone 5 for as long as I did not steal it. I had to look at other models, since the hands were not more than 10,000. Samsung was immediately removed from the list of possible acquisitions through the ugly design. HTC noticed and bought! And since I'm a music fan, I really enjoy the sound every day! He certainly justified himself. Plus, I use my ears from the iPhone 5, everything is super. Although already ordered by others from Sony. After a total setup, it's working 2 days stably. She also liked the shell, here is the sea of ​​all kinds of settings for themselves. I often eat the internet and music, without any problems at all! The flac format supports and plays easily. Surprised by a good screen and a large number of programs. How much do I use until I stopped, besides, Iphone often liked to do it. My next goal will be HTC Butterfly S or a new and simpler iPhone.

Reviews HTC Desire 310

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